Small Kitchen Makeover: Black & White Two-Tone Cabinets

45 thoughts on “Small Kitchen Makeover: Black & White Two-Tone Cabinets

  1. "do not interrupt me!"…that scary to me but funny cuz we know sisters behave like that all the time.

  2. I was enjoying this until the sister said don’t interrupt me😮🙄 totally put me off the whole video. Sister did a good job though

  3. I love everything about this kitchen—amazing thought went into every choice, and it all paid off!! “Don’t interrupt me!!” Sisters😂

  4. For a small space the designer did a great job updating the kitchen to make it feel open while keeping it functional with Ikea cabinetry.

  5. Would i be able to pull this off? I love the two tone with white upper, but my cabinet are espresso with mix brown countertops.
    My style is
    Rustic farmhouse/British colonial

  6. Loved it! Those are two well-preserved sisters. Can't believe she's been in the house 23 years! Nice update!

  7. They really made it work — with the black and white aesthetic. The black cabinetry provides a nice contrast with the white. (It would have been boring if it were all one color, IMHO). 🙂

  8. Subway tile became popular because it was supposedly "timeless," but white subway tile was never as popular as it is today. It's so overdone these days it's gonna look dated and be associated with this decade. Besides, I never really liked the look. Makes your walls look like a giant Pink Floyd poster. I wish we would see more creative use of materials instead of endlessly copying the same designs over and over again.

  9. I really like it :D, the two toned cabinets and the small bits of wood make it look comfy and sophisticated 🙂 I would not mind having a kitchen like this myself one day

  10. I'm surprised at the comments, I love the tiles choices. The floor tiles are nice and large with less grout, so easy to clean up messes in a kitchen. I also think the subway tiles are a good budget friendly choice as a splash back. I like the look of the Ikea kitchen also.

  11. I love the matte black cabinetry and the pantry.  That one shelf over the sink look so far apart from the room until it looks like an after thought as to what to do with the space.  I would have preferred a dramatic ceiling light over the table.  But those cabinets…swoon.

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