24 thoughts on “SO MUCH HOME DECOR & FURNITURE! || Jenna's Journey Ep. 35

  1. I think a few polka dots decals (Rose gold or gold) will make a cool wall background for your filming room.

  2. Your new kitchen looks so much like your old kitchen! I hope you get to purchase this new place – if you decide you'd love to live there for a long time, as you have put so much effort into your decor and it's looking fabulous! Perfect for you and Penny! I'll bet she's loving the yard!

  3. Jenna move to California and decorate my house please πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ I love your style!

  4. Jenna, just another quick suggestion from Holly (in Kentucky), when I was doing Styling and makeup for magazine covers, I did a vanity wall in my office and one in my filming studio, using the fashion layouts and magazine covers.

    Now I am working on a small one using photos I have taken.

  5. Omg I live right by the chapters and the IKEA pickup point you visited in this Vlog. I'm actually shocked right now. You were so close by, I wish I got the chance to meet you.

  6. Hi Jenna, I wanted to say Happy Birthday to Penny and congratulations to you on your new home – it is beautiful! UtOh. You just mentioned that you regular mail is yuk!!! I just put Penny's birthday, Glam girl denim jacket in the mail. It is so wonderful! Also wanted you to know that Kylie Jenner wore the Planning Roses hoodie for most of her new show.

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