Solar LED Lights in the garden for Accent Lighting and Security at Night

Solar LED Lights in the garden for Accent Lighting and Security at Night

Alright this is John Kohler with
Have an update to my garden here. What I’m doing today is I’m putting in some LED solar
lights. So I like the LED solar lights and what LED stands for is Light Emitting Diode.
So unlike a light bulb these actually use very little amount of energy to make actually.
So they’re the most efficient way of lighting. Hopefully everybody out there has florescent
lighting in their house which is a lot, basically saves more power than the incandescent lights
of yesteryear. But the LED lights are the new wave of the future. Now they’re not quite
coming out for the home screw in bulb types yet, they are available but they’re really
expensive. But for garden lighting and things like that, works really well.
These are the ones I’m going to try here. These actually are called solar deck and stair
lights, a set of two. I got these at Lowe’s but they also have ones at Home Depot and
stuff. What I did before I started to install these is I got four of them. So I up them
on this bed here at the ends and let’s see, so I put them here on the beds at the ends
and we tried them out for a while. I like how they look.
They have two LEDs in there and these are really trick because what it is is the solar
panel is actually inside this fixture. So you can kind of see there the solar panel’s
in there, so in the day time the solar panel charges up the battery which is in the back
and it’s just a standard AA battery and then you just push this to turn it on. Then basically
at night they turn on and in the day time they turn off. In the daytime they’re charging
and night they come on. So it gives a nice, basically path lighting
illumination. Now this isn’t super bright and it’s not going to blind you but it gives
some nice accent or decor lighting. So it’s really smart. I’m just putting them at the
end of each bed here. So have like a main walkway, it’s going to be light up, so it’s
going to look really cool. So that’s the solar lights that I’m installing today.
Let me show you some other different kinds of solar lights here and here’s one actually
right here. These are basically solar stick in lights that you could get and these are
really a garden accent because they’re not really too functional. They have a solar panel
on the top and we could unscrew this here for you and show you. Basically it has a,
that’s the LED right there and the little battery and if you cover the top it basically
it comes on at night, so you can see it kinds of lights up. But it’s really, really dim
and then we could take the hand away. But yeah, these are really just for accent
lighting, not going to be too functional and these ones were a dollar but sometimes they’re
as cheap as three dollars. But these definitely, if want some kind of lighting to do something
like the little path lights I got they’re more functional. These ones are just pretty
much for decoration. I got a couple to screw around with but they’re not really that cool.
Another reason why solar lighting is really cool is because you don’t have to run any
wires to it, unlike low voltage systems that you actually have to have a transformer plugged
into your house and that it actually sucks electricity from your house which actually
you’re paying for. The solar lighting runs from the sun, which is basically free energy.
You’re getting the sun, goes to this solar panel, the solar panel basically charges the
AA battery in most solar LED lights and then that battery runs the light at night and then
the next day basically the battery’s, basically a lot of it’s used up and then the sun hits
the solar panel again, charges up that battery and it could keep happening over and over
and over again. The other thing you want to notice is that you want to try to keep your
solar panels on the top clean. If they get dust or film on them they’re not going to
be as effective. So here’s another place in my yard where I
have some solar lighting. This is actually a more functional light and this is, this
right here is a solar security light. It’s right here, it has a LED panel so I don’t
even know, it has a whole bunch of LEDs on there. Actually it’s pretty bright.
It also runs on batteries in here and this has a motion sensor. So like the other one
just comes on at night and goes out in the daytime. This actually only comes on at night
if there’s motion and you can set this to how long you want it to come on and how much
motion there needs to be before it comes on. This is actually pretty bright, I could harvest
by doing this and definitely good for places you don’t want to run electricity or you want
to save electricity. I mean, this is attached to my house and I could have ran power to
out this and put a powered one but then I’d be using more power to light up my area.
This has a bigger solar panel right here, which basically in the daytime catches the
sun so we want this south facing to catch the sun and it basically charges the battery
so that the solar light comes on at night. So if you walk in front of my house actually
this thing is so sensitive that it’ll come on. I also have one that’s on the arbor where
there’s actually no electricity running to that, so that’s really cool too when I walk
in front of the arbor it lights up everything. So solar lighting’s really smart.
So here’s the last example of the solar lighting I’ll be showing today. This is actually a
solar spotlight, I kind of like this design because the top just basically catches the
sun, you could kind of rotate it around to the direction to catch the most sun. Then
basically this just comes on at night and then turns off in the day. So in the daytime
it’s charging up with the solar panel and at night it just comes on and admits a light.
This one actually has three LEDs in there. So generally the more LEDs the brighter it
is. But actually there are basically Luxon or other basically high intensity LEDs but
most of them haven’t been put into the gardening type stuff yet because they draw a lot more,
basically current or power. So these aren’t really that bright, they’re good to shine
up on a tree or do some accent lightening. But for the most part if you want some security
lighting go with that other one. It’s called, it’s a Zeppa XEPA is the brand name I believe.
They’re about sixty dollars and I got that one from Costco. They have other security
lightening that, from places like Harbor Freight and other places but they’re not very powerful
or long lasting. I’ve played around with some of those and
they just seem to burn out and the batteries go bad and stuff. Even these things are like
disposable. After a while they’ll just stop working. So usually what it is is the battery
basically just needs to get replaced. So hope you’ve learned a little bit about
solar lighting and solar LED lighting which is the most efficient lighting and powered
by the sun, so once you make the investment in the lighting appliance there you never
have to spend a penny on power again. So you could light your whole yard with solar. Alright,
so go solar and this is John Kohler with We’ll see you next time!

28 thoughts on “Solar LED Lights in the garden for Accent Lighting and Security at Night

  1. I have seen screw in type CFL's for $1.00 but never Screw in LEDs for $1.

  2. what an inspiration you are. greens rule. ty for starting this channel. i just haveta say, you are showing everyone what a man should be. waves~~

  3. I don't know what it's like in the US but here in Ireland most graveyards look like airport runways at night with all these little red solar lights on the graves. At night my father's grave looks like a missing tooth because I refuse to put decorations on a grave.
    Best Wishes, Brendan.

  4. Yes, in cases where the battery is the problem, you can replace it (with a rechargeable) battery and it will continue to work. Sometimes I have found the part that goes bad is the solar charging aspect, in which case, it will no longer work even if you change the battery.

  5. Screw in LED's into regular incadescent receptacle start at $19 to $25 for a 60 watt equivalent (uses 6 watts), and maybe $35 to $69 for a 100 watt equivalent (uses 13 watts, compared to a compact florescnet, cfl, at 23 to 27 watts). These use electricity not solar prices.

  6. Hi John. Can you show us what those small lights on the sides of your bed look like at night? I was thinking about getting the same thing and i'm curious. Do the lights on the north sides of your bed get enough sun to still light up? I was also thinking about getting solar lights as post caps for the 4×4 posts in the corners of the beds. What do you think of that idea?

  7. I got like 25 of those. It cost 99 cent each hahha am cheap lol but it like little led light around my house.

  8. Yeah those Solar path light i got no wire 99 cent hahahahaahhhaha those i have only like 4 expensive solar path light worth 25 each.

  9. It would have been great if you could add up a video of how these look at night, so we can see second hand how bright they are

  10. Just put them into the sun so not sure yet if it will work. Did not see on-off switch at all on the unit but will have to look again-where are they? Half of the lights came with tubes that do not fit the unit, so basically I paid double the price for the remaining 4, and still do not know if they will work. You get what you pay for.
    here is the link to it in case anyone is interested: amzn.to19BuiNn

  11. I've always had the 99 cents accent likes but i recently picked up 2 of those spot lights for 3.50 each, love them two now. I also just ordered solar string lighting in different type birds. Make sure you search around for prices because they're so different everywhere. I also ordered one Solar windmill. Will be getting the big babies on my RV sometime this year! I love SOLAR in general!! YAY!!

    Nice GARDEN!

  12. It's been 4 years since you posted this video. How much money have you spent to replace the batteries for your free solar energy? 

  13. So new to gardening and landscaping so thank you for explaining this! I keep finding myself at the store staring at several different types and not sure which ones to get only to leave empty handed! Didn't know that the more LED's it had the brighter it is. So helpful. Thanks again!

  14. hi john have you noticed that those cheaper ones go black after same time I had them at old place but never work well for me I am ,or may be going off grand full solar rent withpower nice but keep it cleen and in good condition getting a pit much and this I can have a garden with fruite trees so now should I do it or keep renting that's the ?

  15. Like other people have said, you should have shown us the lights at night. This whole video is fucking stupid. We know about lights and solar

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