Solomon’s Temple Explained

Solomon’s Temple Explained

Solomon’s temple stood in
Jerusalem for almost 400 years. It was the crown jewel of Jerusalem,
and the center of worship to the Lord. Almost half of the Old Testament writings took place during the time when
Solomon’s temple was still standing. Understanding the significance of its
location, history, and design can greatly add to one’s reverence
for one of the most holy places in the world. The city of Jerusalem is located in an area of three major valleys, the Hinnom, the central
or Tyropoeon, and the Kidron valley. The mountain range between the Central and
Kidron valley is called Mount Moriah. The peak of the mountain is a large protruding flat rock, which is now located under the Dome of the Rock. According to Genesis 22:2 Abraham was commanded
to sacrifice Isaac in the “region of Moriah” connecting the temple mount with this significant event. At the time of king David, the area of Jerusalem was controlled by the Jebusites, the city only occupying the
southern part of the central ridge. When David captured the city in about
1000 BC, he made Jerusalem his capital. David then moved the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem and began preparations for
building a permanent structure to replace the portable Tabernacle of Moses
that had been used for over 400 years. With the ancient city of Jerusalem being fairly
small, David purchased the threshing floor of Araunah the Jebusite so he could
expand the size of the city. Being higher than the city of David, the hilltop would make a beautiful
place to build the Temple of the Lord. Under the reign of David’s son, King Solomon
the Temple construction began. After seven years of construction, in about
960 BC, Solomon finished building the temple, most likely built over this same protruding
rock of mount Moriah. Solomon also built himself a new
palace just south of the temple and expanded the walls and the city
up towards the peak of mount Moriah. The Temple of Solomon was modeled
after the Tabernacle of Moses. Because of the many similarities between the Tabernacle and the Garden of Eden, many scholars believe that the Garden of Eden
was the prototype for the Tabernacle, and thus later temples. According to Jewish tradition, Eden was located
on a hill, with the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil at the center of the hill. The Bible teaches that when Adam and Eve transgressed and partook of the forbidden fruit, they were cast out towards the east. Cherubim and a flaming sword were
then placed at the east entrance to prevent them from partaking of the tree of life, as they would then live forever in their sin. In order to return back into the presence of God, Israel had to symbolically retrace
the steps of Adam and Eve, passing the cherubim and reentering
the garden in a westward direction. The Tabernacle was set up in
this same east to west progression, seeming to replicate the Garden of Eden. The Tabernacle was divided into three main courts, the outer court, the Holy Place, and the Holy of Holies. The outer court represented the fallen world, while the inner courts represented
a more sacred and holier way of life. In essence, as the high priest, who represented
all of Israel, progressed through the Tabernacle, or temple, he left the world to enter a more holy state, and then was enabled to reenter
the presence of the Lord, passing the angels or cherubim
who were embroidered on the veil. Solomon’s temple replicated
this same three level progression, doubling the floor plan size of the Tabernacle
sanctuary for the temple structure. As one approached the Temple of Solomon, the first thing noticed was the brazen altar of sacrifice. The altar was 20 cubits long and wide, and
10 cubits high, a cubit being the length from the elbow to the tip of the longest finger,
or about one and a half feet. On the four corners of the altar were four
horns, horns often repressing power. This is where the sacrificial animals were burned, representing the future sacrifice
of the Savior Jesus Christ. On the southeast side of the temple
was the molten or brazen sea, which rested on the backs of 12 oxen, three pointing in each of the cardinal directions. In ancient times, oxen represented strength, and the number 12 often
represented the 12 tribes of Israel. Water from the larger brazen sea was poured
into ten bronze water basins on both sides of the temple, which could then be wheeled
around the outer court for various washing and cleaning rituals by the priests. Around the south, west and north
sides of the temple were three floors of chambers or storage rooms. The inside wall of the chambers was stepped, so as to create a ledge where the
timbers of the floors could rest. The storage rooms were accessed by a door
on the south side of the temple, with wooden ladders going up into each of the floors. At the front of the temple were two large
bronze pillars that flanked the porch. The pillar on the left was named Boaz and
the pillar on the right was named Jachin. The tops were decorated with lily flower petals
and pomegranates. Pomegranates were a sign of prosperity and
posterity, because of their many seeds, and were also found on the bottom hem
of the clothing of the high priest. The main temple doors were made
of two large bi-folding doors covered in gold with cherubim,
palm trees, and open flowers. The Bible describes the doorframe as being
a “fourth part of the wall” which most scholars believe means that
the door had four stepped frames. The interior doorway of the Holy of Holies was similar, except having five frames instead of four. The priests, who represented Israel, were
the only ones allowed into the inner temple. This means that Israel only could enter through
being represented by the priests. Once you entered the main doors
you entered the Holy Place, a large room, 40 cubits long,
20 cubits wide, and 30 cubits tall. The room was overlaid with gold, and decorated
with cherubim, palm trees, and open flowers, possibly alluded to the beauty of the Garden of Eden. The room was lit by the ten large menorahs, five on each side of the room,
that were constantly burning, and narrow windows on each side of
the top of the room. On the right side of the room was located
the table of showbread which had twelve large flat pita like loaves. The priests ate and then replaced the
showbread every Sabbath, similar to our weekly partaking of the
communion or sacramental bread. Breaking bread and sharing a meal with
someone in ancient times represented that you were at peace with them and was a sign of brotherhood, love and forgiveness. Directly in front of the Holy of Holies was
the altar of incense. The altar was similar to the altar of sacrifice
in that it had a square footprint, and also had four horns, one on each of the corners. However, on the altar of sacrifice was
burned the flesh of animals, while upon the altar of incense burned
a sweet combination of incenses. The incense burning before the veil of the temple represented the prayers of the saints
ascending to God before the veil. A reminder that before we can enter God’s
presence, our lives, prayers, and actions must become a sweet savor unto the Lord. Only the High Priest was able to
enter the Holy of Holies, and only on one day a year, the Day of Atonement. Before entering, the High Priest passed
through a beautifully embroidered veil woven from purple, red, blue, and white threads. The colors were the same as used in the ephod and breastplate of the clothing of
the high priest, minus the gold thread. Embroidered on the veil were cherubim, who symbolically guarded the dwelling place of God. As the High Priest passed through the veil
he had to pass these angels, who like in the Garden of Eden, guarded
the way back to the presence of Lord. Upon entering the Holy of Holies, you would find that the room is the
shape of a perfect cube, being 20 cubits wide, long and tall. The walls were likewise overlaid with gold
and decorated with cherubim, palm trees, and open flowers. Two large cherubim flanked the ark of the
covenant, which was in the center of the room, with their wings stretching from one side
of the room to the other. This room is where the presence
of the Lord would dwell and represented the final goal and destiny of all Israel. Solomon’s Temple was not only a
landmark for the city of Jerusalem, but more importantly,
the dwelling place of the Lord. The layout represented Israel’s progression back into God’s presence and was designed to teach Israel that it was only through the
infinite sacrifice of the sinless Messiah, that they could once again enjoy
the presence of the Lord. A sacrifice that would be performed on a cross
only a short distance from this holy mountain.

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  1. The Jews saw everybody else had temples and history books so they cleverly wrote a "history book" starring themselves and they said they had had a temple but, they lied. Holy, holier, nope.

  2. The high priest also wore a rope and bells around his waste in the case if he had done anything wrong in preparation of going into the Holy of Holies he would drop dead and would have had to been dragged out by the rope because the high priest was the only one allowed in the Holy of Holies

  3. haha
    solomon's temple was made by phoenichian technicians (and hebrew workers). not egyptian .
    so i think that in inner sanctum, no egyptic statues.

  4. how he is a Catholic church true the Salomon temple with statues of cows angel like Catholic Church the statues

  5. It is Gods Temple Solomon only built the temple from King Davids Materials and Gods plan.
    solomon ran the temple and kingdom into the ground because solomon was weak.
    ewish tradition or Gods chosen Hebrews ?
    Those cherubim look baal bylonian.

  6. We are brother and sisters. Some of you are commenting as though the house of Eber (Hebrews) or Judah (Jews) was holier than the rest of the world. But it is not. Moses murders an Egyptian after freeing his people and is cursed to live in the desert for 40 years. And much of the bible is referential. The oldest visual of a Cherub is Akkadian and looks similar to whats shown here.

  7. Honestly there is no real need for those water basins, just to wash the priest's feet? If however those water basins were early water clocks, where each successive basin counted days, hours and minutes and fractions thereof, this would make real sense if King Solomon was constructing the First Temple to be the hub for an empire that King Solomon was rapidly expanding. Surely the boat captains transporting vast amounts of grain and cedar would want to know the exact time for such things as;

    when the big new boats will be ready,

    when the next grain harvest will be,

    when will the sweet dates be ready to pick, and more.

    When the Bible explains how these basins looked, we can't help but envision gears slowly turning each other. The basins were water clocks. 🙂

  8. Tradition says the temple was on the mount. And what is the temple mount? Stones stacked upon stones. What did Jesus say? No Stone shall be unturned. Also temple mount is near identical dimensions to Roman forts, i.e. fort antonia

  9. Did the Israelites believe that the Temple was the literal house of God where he dwelled at all times or did they believe God to be everywhere and in everyone but the Temple being the symbolic home of God?

  10. It´s a GREAT RESPONSIBILITY TO "REPRESENT" anything HOLY related to God!! Using sphinxes or anything half animal, half human, with Egyptian style headwear and snakes, to represent a Cherubim constitutes are a GROSS misrepresentation of something so dear and sacred!! If you were to READ the Bible, you might get an idea of how to more accurately "imagine and represent a Cherubim as they are described in God´s Holy Word"

  11. It was therefore necessary that the patterns of things in the heavens should be purified with these; but the heavenly things themselves with better sacrifices than these. For Christ is not entered into the holy places made with hands, which are the figures of the true; but into heaven itself, now to appear in the presence of God for us: Hebrews 9, 23‭-‬24

  12. I don't understand why Christians should concern themselves with this issue. Acts @ "However, the Most High does not live in houses made by human hands. As the prophet says: 49‘Heaven is My throne and the earth is My footstool. What kind of house will you build for Me, says the Lord, or where will My place of repose be?"

  13. About this too many things were not writen for the seek of the jewish People and the People whom were to be convarts to understand through the oral law which the order nations Will never understand it even if you think you know yet is a lie all of this stories, lm happy this person made something like this for order nations to lean or think what is the real story of shlomo. I made a mistake one which l can say it part of him is me to know is me, only me l know which kind of shoes l had and what kind of friut l planted in my garden. Follow the jewish People and lean from them they are the only thing what my G-d cares About without them everyone dies, every eye watches Internet bad Angels or good Angels.this name is good for me on YouTube is my choice

  14. There are three hills from north to south, Mount Moriah, the highest, Mount Ophir, the original temple site and Mount Zion, a pointed peak. The Maccabees leveled Mount Zion after pig offerings were sacrificed and they stopped digging it when they reached bedrock. You could see this bedrock when you visit the Gihon springs, a pulse spring whose water was diverted to pool of shiloam at the time of Hezekiah. This was where Jesus healed a man who was waiting for the pulse of water to come. At the time of Solomon, the Gihon spring provides water directly to the Temple. Mount Ophir was the Temple site but today, a road cuts directly on it when tourists continually trodden it underfoot as prophesied. It is the Times of the Gentiles and it will be 66 times 40 years until December 11, 2023, that will be 777 Sabbaths from the rise of Obama on January 19, 2009 and the start of millennium reign of Christ Jesus. At the time of Jesus Ministry, the Temple was a square tower, jutting halfway, south of Fort Antonia, connected by two bridges for emergency passages to the Temple Complex in case of problems. Jesus prophesied that no stone will be left unturned to this tower and the Romans did this to the book. When they burned the Temple to recover the gold leafs covering the walls, the gold seeped unto the cracks between the stone tower and they need to disassemble it one by one to pick up the melted gold. They used to stone to build another city and fill up the ridge which is now the western wall. Mount Moriah is the Roman Fort housing a Roman legions of 5,000 soldiers plus its support personnel. In the midst of it is the Temple of Jupiter where the Dome of the rock stood. How can you thresh wheat on top of the highest hill. The strong wind cones down mount moriah into the flat ledge of Mount Ophir where Abraham sacrificed the lamb provided by the angel.

  15. A video on comedy with too few views is probably not funny, a religious/spiritual video with too many views is probably not true

  16. Hahaha solomons temple ahahah no like more a babylonian temole this architekture are not form judaism is in reality a babylonian architecture.

  17. You are incorrect about why David purchased the threshing floor. Please read II Samuel 24. It will explain about the threshing floor.  And read a KJV not a new version.

  18. Now I know where the two columns at Masonic Temples came from and where the aprons which the Freemasons wear originated. They are used to mock Solomon's Temple.

  19. Why in the holy bible says all of mosthigh bless is black the edomite which you are,not what a saviour is so call black the israelite

  20. The interior decoration of the temple was not as depicted here; there were palm trees followed by a head of a lion on one side and the head of a man on the second half, in bas-relief. There were certainly not any sphinxes inside the design of the temple. This is not rocket science, but the entire detailed description is found in the book of Ezekiel, starting with chapter 40.

  21. Wrong. The Temple was built in the City of David above the Ghihon spring not on the Roman fort Antonia/ Dome of the Rock. Half this information is wrong.

  22. I see what you are saying about the Cherubim looking Egyptian. . . I get it, but its not that far off. If you look at the Cherubim carving that one of Jeremiahs men started carving to show the way to where they just hid not only the Ark of the Covenant but all the wilderness tabernacle stuff too. . .And I have a secret for you all. The last time Jesus saw his disciples before he rose up, they wanted him to stay. Jesus said "Its best I go, if I do not the comforter will not come" He was talking about the Holy Spirit. . It was the Holy Spirit which manipulated and made all the cute dogs, and cats, when a baby animal is a baby the Holy Spirit is what made them love man, and want to be near mankind. . . Most of you never thought of it this way until now.

  23. I am unable to reconcile your depiction of the altar with the Lord's words in Exodus 20.26 "And you shall not go up by steps to my altar, that your nakedness be not exposed on it."

  24. A very well made film and presentation. Quality visual, and sound and your voice and narration are so pleasant!!! I love the Sphinx design as that is really what they are because the arc of the covenant is actually Egyptian. Moses was raised as an Egyptian High Priest and Royal and new about the secret and technologies from the Stars. There’s much older evidence of this the the more recent writings that naive people so blindly believe without doing their proper research and investigation. Everything was copied and with a more altered deceptive edit. Ancient Sumer, Egypt, India are much older than this corrupted versions we have been incepted with. If we want the absolute Truth We must go to the Source which none of the Abrahamic religions currently hold as they are merely fragments of the essence of the Origin that contains, sustains and destroys All that is, was and always will be. Big Bangs and Big Crunches Forever and Ever!!!

    Soon religion will be extinct and I so wait for this planet to be free and immune from this disease that has hijack our consciousness!!!

    Only then, we will truly be Free to Know and Be the Universe as it truly is!!!

    Thanks for your great effort in putting this together and sharing it with the world.

    May the Absolute Truth Rise Again
    Beyond Religion.
    Peace 🦋🌻

  25. It is the temple of Satan and Jesus called for the talmudist evil cult of blood to lose their alter of sacrifice.

  26. I think this is old information. Archeologists have found the City of David by the Gihon Springs where the tabernacle was really built. The temple mount was really for the soldiers.

  27. Hi frnd you are telling wrong,
    First off all, the profet Abraham's (peace upon him)Eldr son is Ismael (peace upon him) not Ishach (peace upon him). It is also historically proven. And sacrificed son was Ishmael near Meena vally at Makkah Saudi Arabia. And Solaman(peace uponhim) temple constructed, not only
    Human beings but Jinn also.

    If you wanted correct details
    read Holy Quran without any egos.

    AbdulSalam. Kodungallur

  28. Deuteronomy clearly states THOU SHALL NOT WORSHIP ANY IMAGE!

    Image is also defined as the external form of a man

    Yet you worship Jesus. You are an idol worship just like ancient Egyptians

  29. Ten Large menorahs constantly burning @ 7:00
    How ? was this as a result of man's actions or that of YHWH ?

    Weren't the 12 Oxen @ 4:51 graven images ?

  30. Where O where is the photo of Jerusalem without the domp of the rock front and center? Doesn't anyone know what that represents?? Isn't there plenty of other possible views? Why is it virtually all organizations presenting photos honor the perpetual murderous enemies??
    And! The clay on the iron feet of the statue image of Daniel 2 represents the exact same enemy- part of the end-time beast. Leviticus 23 applies. "In all your generations, in all your dwelling areas". Notice v 3.
    Genesis 2: 2.
    And Especially Deuteronomy 28.

  31. Where in Scripture are
    seven laws of Noah
    commanded to anyone?
    Revelation 14: 9 – 10.
    Revelation 13: 8.

  32. There seems to be a lot of pagan style themes, cherubims, oxen, strange rituals etc. This was certainly not the religion of Moses, nor David and Solomon. The Israelites lost their original teachings and superimposed pagan theology and rituals into their new belief after return from Babylon. David and Solomon had nothing to do with these beliefs, rituals or imagery and statues. There was the prayers of bowing and prostrating to our Lord.

  33. First the way it was described how it was built was nice but the place was inaccurate. Also we are all God people why everyone is white like they the only ppl who exist bck then.

  34. Solomon started off well, and was probably one of the most earnest and most obedient man after God's heart in the bible.

    But as with all men, he fell into sin at the later part of his life and lusted after women. He had a total of 700 over wives who were idol worshippers. Even an idiot will know that this will displease God…

  35. According to the Jewish historian, Josephus, the 3 divisions of the temple were represented as follows: the outer court represented the sea; the inner court represented the earth and the most holy place represented heaven. This agrees with John's account in Revelation where the sea was the nations; the earth was the land given to Israel; and heaven was the sky. 'the sky rolled up like a scroll' would mean the burning of the most holy place and the smoke rolling up into the sky. 'There was no more SEA' would mean that their was no more distinction between the nation of Israel and the other nations. God and mankind were reconciled and there was no further need of 3rd party mediators: priests, prophets, messengers. We have Direct access to our father now and his name is written on our foreheads (the old covenant priest had god's name on his head in order to enter god's presence. We have it written in our minds and can approach him freely as did Adam in the beginning before he was 'cast out' of his father's presence. God does not dwell in manmade temples. God is spirit. In the old covenant man built a HOUSE for god's presence. In the new, god built man to HOUSE his presence and we are the NC temple where he dwells. Any attempt to rebuilt an old covenant temple is an abomination to god and antichrist. God and mankind were reconciled in the first century and there is no furthur need of external, temporal, earthly, ceremonial worship. 'True worshipers worship him in spirit and in truth.' Jn 4:23

  36. James the Just was said to have been able to enter the holy of holy at will. His knees were said to be like camel hide from all the praying he did. Buddha figured it out. It is all about examining how you work good and bad consciously but more importantly subconsciously. Prayer is a subconscious training that teaches the mind how those four things thought memory feelings and emotion work, and it trains the body's subconscious emotional reaction to be calm in the face of thought and memory the very thing that triggers the beast within us.

  37. this is all wrong those lions with wings are by the Pharaonic SPHINX AND NOT A JEWISH SYMBOL YOU PEOPLE NEED TO RECHECK YOUR INFO

  38. for the sake of God please correct your 3d graphics before posting, your making people confuse, Cherubim are not sphinxes

  39. Your location of the Temple is incorrect. The threshing floor was in the saddle part of the hill in the City of David by the Gihon Spring. The mount was the Roman fort and stood above the Temple. The rock underneath the dome of the rock is over twice the size of the holy of holies and not a threshing floor. Need to correct location of Temple and the Cheribum as they are both incorrect in location and what looked like.

  40. Solomon's Temple was replicated or renovated from a Zoroastrian Fire Temple.. It's historically impossible otherwise history has been rewritten.

  41. Don't just make it up as you go. If you want to know, go ask someone Jewish. We would be glad to help. But nothing in our temple represented your jesus.

  42. no wrong…this stone is not a threshing stone….the site is a few hundreds yards south of the wailing wall…Gods word says the temple was utterly destroyed…no stone left standing on another….Read gods word !!1

  43. Great information. Thank you for sticking to the facts, explaining the symbolism, and defining the meaning. Very much enjoyed not being told to believe or that I was wrong for not believing whatever is it that you do. Thank you 👍👍👍

  44. Allah send prophet suleiman pbuh we muslim believe tht prophet is the messenger of allah according to our islam teach us

  45. This is not belongs anyone. No Muslims Christine only for Jewish not Muslims please do not evil lied 🤥 God knows that it’s exactly belong to God almighty chosen nation,and we Christen Muslims can visit,but this is crustal clear this temple soon be Jewish Hand in Gods power

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