100 thoughts on “Solving a $10,000 Puzzle Box – Level 10 (One of a kind)

  1. Beyond excited to be able to share this with the community! Such a great Puzzle!! Hope you guys enjoy the video!! <3

  2. so youve paied 10k dollars to lose 8 hours of your life imagine if u had cancer :/ would u do both of those? :3 i suppose not anyways i only had that idea right now and propably if u didnt do that i would never know such a puzzle exists :3 thank u dudeyy

  3. I’m new to your channel!! And I’ve spent about 6 hours today alone on your content!! This one right here was way too cool bro!!

  4. I think it could be an amazing New Year gift for the whole family, if you put a small gift for each family member in each of these boxes =)

  5. This is the stupidest thing someone can invest $10000 dollars on, a retarted box made out of cheap wood that probably cost 25 dollars to make . People starve because they can’t afford to buy food and you getting a boner over a stupid box I would use as fire food

  6. lol a 10.000 dollar puzzle box!

    Obviously nowhere near worth that much and yes I know how much time and work can go into making it

  7. 10.000 $ xD… I mean… you don't mind, you make a lot of money with this video. But…idk. You have to do what you have to do, I suppose…

  8. Well you got a subscriber out of the $10,000 😉 I follow Craig on Instagram and Philip Morley on Instagram and he posted about the box. 👌👌

  9. If I were to ever inherit a fortune from someone I’d want them to make a mansion into a giant “the room” puzzle game-esque game, taking like days to complete but it would be worth it because there’s like hundreds of millions of dollars awaiting me

  10. Please don’t tell me you remember how to put that puzzle back together without watching the video ? Well I am watching you fast forward putting it back together congratulations man that’s great .

  11. Dude that was really cool. Was there with you all the way, except the few hours of spinning and scratching lol. Very cool man!! 😎

  12. I wish he was more animated of a presenter…as i was watching i was amped and like screaming everytime a new box came out…he was like "Bleh…a box…bleh." Just saying, wake the fuck up a bit.

  13. Very good video(s). Your content is really good chris. You and peter, running the you tube world. Continued well wishes.!!

  14. i wish to see designer technical sketches to see all mechanism behind design, that would be outstanding, letting me to understand the genius of designer wow!!!

  15. As a life long carpenter, I can appreciate the craftmanship and the beauty. But as a human being I cannot help but think of the countless starving children in this world that could have been fed for $10,000 USD. Us westerns live such a selfish life. All for a puzzle?. hmmmmm… no offence intended.

  16. As a wood worker and a silver smith and a puzzle lover, and box collector lol. I love this beautiful box. So nice and beautifully made. Lucky man Chris😉👌.. Oh that dark wood trim wenge is pronounced "Wen-ge" 😂

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