Sound Activated LED Strip Lights Behind TV – Minger DreamColor Bluetooth RGB LED TV Backlight

Sound Activated LED Strip Lights Behind TV – Minger DreamColor Bluetooth RGB LED TV Backlight

Today I have a really cool gadget for your
gaming or media room. This is a Minger LED strip light and it has
feature not found on most LED strips. Not only does it have this built-in controller
but it has an embedded microphone for sound activated lighting. This strip is powered through AC and is really
easy to set up. For wireless control, there’s an app called
iHomeNTLight available for iPhone and Android. When you first plug in the LED light strip
it turns on in sound mode but let’s get this connected to the app so you can see the full
features of this light strip. It’s actually really simple after sliding
through the instructions. Here tap on Go Now and the light strip is
already detected. Now tap on the name and then it asks you to
type in the name exact name of the light strip. Oh and I forgot to mention that this strip
connects through Bluetooth and not by WiFi so the range is not as flexible as on WiFi
models. And now, the lights can be fully controlled
through the phone. There are different sound modes that control
the sequencing of the LEDs and you can also control the brightness too! But I really bought this LED light strip light
for the back of my TV so here’s what it looks like attached to my 65 inch LG 4K HDTV. What you’re looking at here is the Energetic
sound mode which is my favorite. It’s multi-colored and looks great! The only thing with this light strip is that
the sequences start at one end of the strip and then moves out from there. So in my set up, often the right side of the
screen is sometimes not as lit up as much when it comes to the backlighting. And it�s way more apparent in other sound
modes where most of the light is on the left side of the screen. There�s also a static mode where you can
set it to a constant color which for me is a bit better for movie watching. And the one thing that bugs me about a lot
of LED light strips is that the white light is not actually white and the Minger LEDs
are definitely not fully white. It has a bit of a bluish purple color to it. The only multi-color light strip that has
true white that I own are the ones from Luminoodle. But for what the Minger lights have to offer,
I can tolerate the non-white. And these are great to add that wow factor
to any room in your house! I hope you really enjoyed this video and if
you did please give me a thumbs up and hit that subscribe button to stay up to date on
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5 thoughts on “Sound Activated LED Strip Lights Behind TV – Minger DreamColor Bluetooth RGB LED TV Backlight

  1. Loved the whole ending to the installation and setup.>>> It worked perfectly well and to my desired outcome.

  2. If you had two of these in opposite corners of a room, could you group them together in the app and set them to listen to one mic so they're reacting in the same way to music?

  3. It seems like NONE of the bias sets I have seen on Amazon have white light..most have 6500k which has that blue hue…but they're off..wonder why that is since white is the color most people want.
    Also what you mentioned about the music mode starting at the front is the main reason I skipped buying's not practical for a monitor or TV because of this.

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