Space Mountain Lights On from People Mover – Disney World

Space Mountain Lights On from People Mover – Disney World

Welcome to TPMvids Disney Beat spotlight where
we take a look at a specific disney related ride, event or performance. If you’re new to the channel, hit that subscribe
button and click the bell icon to be notified when we upload a new video. We also have Instagram and Twitter- you can
find us @TPMvideos. On a recent ride on the PeopleMover at Magic
Kingdom, we were met with a little surprise. As we passed into the Space Mountain section
of the ride we noticed there was a lot more light than usual. Space Mountain was completely broken down,
and not operating at all. All the work lights were on so enjoy this
rare look at Space Mountain from the People Mover. It’s not every day you get to see this perspective,
so enjoy! Paging Mr Morrow, Mr. Tom Morrow. Please contact Mr. Johnson in the control
tower to confirm your flight to the Moon. Now before getting on the PeopleMover Space
Mountain had been down for a couple hours, so if you’re looking to get this view for
yourself, try to get on the people mover when you see Space Mountain isn’t operating and
you might have a chance. Now during the lift hill, it’s pretty weird
not hearing any of the coaster sounds. From screams, to coaster trains to music,
there’s so much more sound layered into this section during normal operation. Please contact Mr. Johnson in the control
tower to confirm your flight to the Moon. Paging Mr. Morrow. Mr. Tom Morrow. Please contact Mr. Johnson in the control
tower to confirm your flight to the Moon. Now with the lights on it isn’t as quiet
as you pass through the coaster section. Again you’ll hear some music, coaster trains
and screams and you even see some stars. This is what it usually sounds like. Whenever you get a lights on view of any Disney
ride thats usually dark, it’s fascinating to see what it really looks it. It just makes you appreciate the magic
that much more. So have you even been on the people mover
while the lights were on at Space Mountain. Or have you even broken down or got stuck
on a Disney ride? What was that experience like? I’d love to know! Leave a comment down below to start a conversion
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100 thoughts on “Space Mountain Lights On from People Mover – Disney World

  1. Same thing happened to us 2 years ago; I didn’t realize why the astronaut area was so bright until we rounded the corner to the show building. I feel like there were still cars on the track so maybe it had just happened? On the trip we just got back from I thought we were going to get walked off Dinosaur as it stopped and all the lights went on, but after 10 min, just started up again. Fun stuff.

  2. I’ve been on my fav Disney ride the Haunted Mansion in the graveyard when it’s broken down and stopped moving. Of course everything in there is always on loop, so it was fantastic to get a longer than usual stay in there to really appreciate all the amazing sights to take in!

  3. One time I was on Ariel’s sea adventure and
    We’re at the “apart of that world” and then I guess there was technical difficulties so we waited then the ride started moving again then when me and my dad got off my mom was on a separate clam shell and we found out she dropped her water bottle into the mechanics! Luckily it was sealed tightly! Great job, mom

  4. I been on Peter Pans flight with the lights on… it’s crazy amazing to see everything but also kinda creepy

  5. I saw Space Mountain with the lights on in '77. It was to be my first coaster. When I'm in Tomorrowland in 2020, it will be the first thing that I do!
    You asked what it was like. Well my six year old self was disappointed.

  6. Great vid thank you. I wish I had smart phone when we broke down on pirates 6 yes ago at Disneyland some fool caused a problem so the complete ride stopped all lights went on we were half way down the water drop the boat slowed to a creep and finished going to bottom and we sat for 20 min while waiting for small planks to be brought to boat for off hoarding we walked thru village and many other great views completely lit up and no music or movement then proceeded to a tunnel to an area of actual Disney underground we walked by a nasty group of dumpsters and an employee breakroom with glass around it the place was very hot smelly and all the sudden we popped out on new Orleans square bathrooms back into park. It was an Incredible experience for true Disney fans

  7. I got stuck on Indiana Jones (Disneyland) right at the moment when the boulder was supposed to drop. But it never came. So there we were in the jeep idling for about 2 minutes with Indy hanging above us.

  8. I've been on Space Mountain at Disneyland with the lights on before and also broke down on Pinocchio

  9. I was at Disney's Magic Kingdom in April and they stopped the people mover and turned the lights on, however we were not in the correct position to see Space Mountain.

  10. Me and my kids were actually on this while this video being made. We got our footage from it broke down while on people mover too. Such a weird look when see the whole mountain of space with lights on

  11. Been on Splash Mountain twice when it broke down. Once at the peak, heading into the Mountain during an E Ticket Night back in 1999. We had our backs to Fantasyland and could not turn around due to the angle we were sitting. The last time we were on Splash Mountain in 2013 as a family, the ride broke down just as we were passing the Riverboat at the end of the ride. My youngest son (who was then 23) got out and was standing on the Riverboat side with the characters. We got a lot of great pictures. They escorted all the guests out and gave us a fast pass to use later, which we never got to use due to a dinner reservation. Splash is our favorite ride of all so we did not mind being stuck at all.

  12. Welcome to TPM Vids Disney beat where we talk about all things Disney. Today we’ll talk about how a ride came out of my butt

  13. I got stuck on the haunted mansion!!! It was crazy everything stoped but a few things and the lights stayed out so I couldn’t get a clear video of it

  14. I was on Space Mountain and as soon as we hit the lift hill the lights came on, and i have to say lights on Space Mountain is easily 10x scarier then lights out. You constantly think you're going to hit the track above you or next to you.

  15. One time I got stuck on the cars ride at Disneyland during the middle of the day during summer and it was really hot. We were there for half an hour. It sucked

  16. Last year I got stuck on the Haunted Manson right at the party where you hear the organ music and it got any at the 6 round

  17. "paging Mr.Morrow Mr. Tom Morrow please contact Mr. Johnson in the control tower to confirm your flight to the moon" favorite hidden reference in the people mover 😆

  18. Was this April 22? We were on line to Space Mountain when they shut it down and evacuated us from the queue. We booked it to People Mover to get to see it with the lights on! Bucket List item checked off!! 🙂

  19. Wow holy cow I've never realised that the space mountain coaster is that big. Probably because I've never seen it with the lights on lol

  20. When I was at Magic Kingdom last month, Space Mountain was closed for hours and I went on the People Mover didn’t expect to see the lights on. It was amazing!!!

  21. One time, my family got stuck on rock and roller coaster. We were stuck on a flat piece of track thankfully so no upside down. All the lights came on after a few minutes and it was incredibly cool.

  22. People mover is always our last ride before we leave for the night! It made my mom and i laugh when we saw space mountain's lights on

  23. I once got stuck on haunted mansion we sat for awhile the speaker spoke to us a few times saying it won’t be long and that they are sorry then the lights came on and another twenty minutes a member of staff walks round telling us to get out of our buggy’s and that we need to walk off the ride. It was brilliant.

  24. I got stuck on Splash Mountain maybe 5 feet from the top of the final drop. Our boat stopped right under the air vents so needless to say we were freezing our butts off for maybe 10 minutes. Lol

  25. I got stuck on Mr. Toad in Disneyland. It was in a scene with a fountain. I kept hearing a voice that sounded like Winnie the Pooh saying "I'm not really sure where I am either".

  26. That was cool, thanks ! I've ridden Space Mountain more that the People Mover an never payed that much attention to the People Mover. I was usually just glad to be sitting down.

  27. An interesting look, it's pretty big in there, I guess you could say that there's a lot of…. space, in the mountain.

  28. It happend to me a couple times, but the first time I was so amazed that I stood up and they had to E-stop the people move so I got to stare at it for even longer 😁👍 and seeing it with the lights on in person was like my life goal so I can dir happy now.

  29. The finding Nemo/dory ride broke down when we were in the coldest area with a never ending catchy song playing

  30. Oh my goodness!! I was just there last week, Thursday and this was exactly my experience!! I was so astounded, I took pictures to send to my husband

  31. I was on the people mover once and the lights on space mountain were tuned on. I was so happy I started dancing in my seat and going nuts, it was amazing 😂

  32. Last time I went to Magic Kingdom the People Mover broke down and the lights were on just for People Mover tho, but we still could see part of the tracks, it was pretty cool since Space Mountain is my all time favorite Disney ride.

  33. I was there when they turned on the lights it was the most amazing thing i have ever seen!!!

  34. I’ve been on it with the lights on 5 times now it’s cool but don’t put ur hands up😵🙅🏼‍♂️

  35. When I was on big thunder mountain we were gonna start the ride but it broke down but no I didn’t see any lights on

  36. Iv'e never gotten stuck to the point of evacuation on any ride. But me and my cousin almost did on incredicoaster. It stopped on the ledge before the camera for about 5 minutes but then went. A few minutes after we got off it broke down.

  37. A few days ago, we went on Space Mountain with A few of the lights on surrounding it, but not all of them. It was SO cool! 😁 (This was on my Disney Bucket List) 🤗

  38. I have no fricking luck on Space Mountain at Disneyland. I literally never got to experience the whole ride. I’ve been on Space Mountain 2 times, 1st time, the ride stopped and we had to get off (the lights were on), 2nd time, we stopped (with the lights on again) and after a little while, we rode with the lights on. 😑

  39. It happened to me once, Harry Potter's ride suddenly stopped and all the lights were turned on. I was in a very uncomfortable position looking down for almost 20 minutes until it resumed… We had the chance to repeat the ride right away but we all were already dizzy…

  40. When I did the people mover it was raining and what happened was we thought that space mountain had a mechanical issue or something and we saw it with lights on and it was sooo cool but like 10 minutes later we went on it because it opened up,again it was amazing

  41. I have never been stuck on space mountain. But I have been stuck on one of the most uncommon rides to break down. I was stuck on dinosaur for 30 min. The even turned on the lights for most of it. Our car was stuck right we’re they take the photo of you under the Carnatoris. It was so weird and different to see and hear the ride with no sound and the lights on.

  42. When space Mountain has its lights on it looks more like a spiderweb of track than space ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  43. Oh stella my beautiful mountain! I love working at this attraction and probably one of my favorite parts is walking this track almost everyday to open it or reset after a breakdown. She's a sassy mountain but we love her.

  44. Also I'd like to add if there was any real true danger of having your hands up we would have signs posted everywhere. The only real true place that you can touch something is in the reentry tunnel(red tunnel). We have 7ft tall nba players ride this attraction with ease. So please don't be scared because disney wouldn't set themselves up for that kind of lawsuit

  45. I feel like I've ridden through Space Mountain on the People Mover with the lights on more than I have with the lights off. Weird.

  46. I rode on space mountain with the lights on once. It was with my school and we rode it once with the lights on and another with the lights off. We didn’t even have to break down to do it XD!!! So my first time riding space mountain was with the lights on. It was so cool. I knew that it was something special that didn’t get to happen everyday tho bc I watched your video on like too 5 Disney ride breakdowns or whatever it was called XD

  47. You can see this too if you get on at the VERY end of the day. After fireworks but before park close. Run and get in line for the people mover and you’ll technically be able to get on it after park hours if you’re in line in time however space mountain will already be shut down most likely because they don’t usually operate space mountain that late at night and are already shutting it down. It’s really cool I’ve seen it a few times. Right as we got to the open windows looking into the track the people mover stopped and we got to see the entire track from one spot for around a minute. Very cool experience and I recommend giving it a try

  48. I wonder why there are still Tours in the Area, if it's not working.
    Usual the Drive are stopped and People left the Train.

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