Spade Takes on O.J. Simpson (feat. Norm Macdonald) – Lights Out with David Spade

Spade Takes on O.J. Simpson (feat. Norm Macdonald) – Lights Out with David Spade

A new study shows high school kids
who date are more depressed than kids who don’t. Glad I dodged that bullet. Yeah. Was not famous in high school. O.J. Simpson is weighing in on rape accusations
against Antonio Brown. He says Antonio is innocent until he’s found
robbing a hotel in Vegas. (laughter) That’s for you, Norm. (laughter) You can smile.
What’s going on? (laughter) Don’t need a stare down.
You wore a hat today? Matthew Broderick
and, uh, Sarah Jessica Parker are reuniting on Broadway. Uh, the play will be the first
time they’ve acted together outside of pretending
they’re a couple. -(laughter, groaning)
-No, this… No, this will be exciting
for them. R. Kelly has been denied
conjugal visits from his girlfriends. Kelly’s worried that
by the time he gets out, the girls will be actually
old enough to have sex with him. (laughter, groaning) He’s terrified about this. It keeps him up at night. Re… Researchers have created
a new algorithm that… You mean a conjugal visit,
like he pisses on ’em? (laughter) -I don’t… I don’t think
that’s what that means. -Oh. I think they have, uh, S-E-X. Yeah. -The rest of the class…
-But that is S-E-X. No. To who? That’s… All right. (laughter) I can’t… It’s-it’s too dirty
to get into. Researchers have created
a new algorithm that will tell employers
when workers are about to quit. How about an algorithm on which
quitter owns 50 guns? -(groaning, laughter)
-LEGGERO: Please. Yeah, throw that in my in-box. (applause) That’s a real thinker, Norm. -You know what I like
about that joke, David? -Yeah. It makes you laugh,
but it makes you think. It makes you think
you’re laughing. (laughter) (applause) -I’ll take all three. -Yeah,
not so easy, is it, Spade? (laughter, applause) All right,
scientists just released a study that women who carry extra
weight around their midsection are much more likely
to be at risk for heart disease, diabetes and unfollowing. Yeah. -(laughter, groaning)
-LEGGERO: Boo! -MACDONALD: Boo! -That one bothers you
more than the guns? -Boo! Ah, don’t try
to “boo” that one. I know what you’re doing, Norm. Bad story out of North Carolina. A man’s wife cut his penis off. Doctors spent hours
trying to save him, and weeks trying to figure out which bathroom
he has to use now.

83 thoughts on “Spade Takes on O.J. Simpson (feat. Norm Macdonald) – Lights Out with David Spade

  1. Is this on uk Comedy Central? How the H do I watch all of this……. I’ve been accused of being a bit of a normophile you know ?

  2. Just because someone "owns 50 guns" doesn't make them dangerous. I probably own about that many and the ONLY people who would even be in danger from my guns is someone trying to do me or my family serious bodily harm! I know it was a joke but jokes like that are why there is an assault on the 2nd. Mental health is the problem, not the number of guns!

  3. I like Spade but he shouldn't worry about how many guns someone has. If they want to kill you they will with anything. Spade also has plenty of $ personal security . Why does Leno need 500 cars ?

  4. Finally an actual talk show with people that actually work for a living. My god, Comedy Central you better put that dumb youtuber Gus back on or I’m starting to think you’re actually funny.

  5. Please make clips of this entire episode!!! Norm’s quote should be on several comedian’s tombstones.
    The world needs more NORM!

  6. It’s so refreshing to see actual comedy on Comedy Central. Let’s see more of this stuff and less “woke” female comics talking about their vaginas

  7. Push a 'gun' joke agenda, unsubscribed… this is just one area how networks are losing consumers – don't' assume all millions of gun owners are to blame for a small segment of society by a left-leaning segment of society's silence on mental illness; it isn't about gun control, it is about left-leaning society trying to normalize mental illness and a lack of institutions to house and treat them adequately. You only need to look no further than California's homeless population to see how the closing of institutions was a bad idea and how it now puts public safety at far greater danger thanks to the ADA to force businesses to coddle mental misfits with employment and their risk from them not taking their meds… again, it is not the guns that worry me, its the guy in the next cubical that worries me more.

  8. I never will not understand the people you went to high school with. YOU WERE HOT! You're still hot, but it's like and head explodes

  9. "It makes you laugh,it makes you think you are laughing" thank you Norm. Guns,are for the people,to protect against tyranny from corrupt government.

  10. Look up the the story Spade has told many times about his assistant trying to kill him and how the shotgun he keeps under his bed (as a result of growing up with a stepdad who introduced him and his brothers to guns) saved his life, realize it was a JOKE (probably not even written by Spade), and stop being so sensitive especially when you probably accuse the "other" side of the same thing all the time. Signed, an apolitical CWP holder and owner of multiple weapons. Spade rules, would love to see the extended cuts of the two hour tapings of the shows released.

  11. O j did NOT kill anybody!!!!! Mark Furman destroyed the police video of Mr. Simpson's home. Then he took one drop of oj's blood, mixed it with blood thinner, splashed that on the walls and made a new video. He even soaked a glove in it until it shrank. Furman is GUILTY and Simpson is NOT GUILTY.

  12. …and women with "extra weight" in their middle section are more likely to give birth to healthy babies. sure, Rockefeller funded "science" does not want that to happen! stop the f ing propaganda, Dennis.

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