Sports News Not Covered Anywhere Else (feat. Bob Menery) – Lights Out with David Spade

Sports News Not Covered Anywhere Else (feat. Bob Menery) – Lights Out with David Spade

-Around the world with Lights Out Sports Update. Go! MENERY:
Bob Menery here. Welcome to the Lights Out
Sports Update, bringing you stunning examples
of athleticism from around the globe. We begin tonight in Tokyo,
a city still healing after getting its shit
kicked in by goddamn Godzilla. The competitive eating world
was rocked by this week’s 123rd annual
noodle sucking jamboree. Look at these winners
just power blasting through a metric (bleep) ton
of ramen. They’re really packing it in.
I mean, if you’re a starving kid
watching this, that’s got to be tough. I haven’t seen someone slurp this many noodles
in one sitting since my whore ex-wife
on our honeymoon. We go now to California in the pro-am
Hacky Sack circuit, a place with more dorks
per square inch than the Geek Squad. Well, this kid’s
putting out a display so graceful, so inspiring, the guy in the black T-shirt
can’t help but stare at his (bleep) phone
through the whole thing. He doesn’t keep a hot squirt
of piss about this bullshit his girlfriend’s kid
dragged him to. And look at that. Victory! This kid is truly
the greatest winner in a sport for losers. I hope this kid’s got rubbers, because he’s about to be
neck-deep in the poon lagoon. Now to… Jesus, what is that? Transylvania or something?
Who gives a (bleep). Let’s look at some morons
with swords. En garde! It’s time
for the Renaissance jamboree. Here’s a bunch of ding-dongs
working on overtime to protect their virginity. It’s these guys’ first time
using wood on something besides an anime body pillow. Don’t be fooled by the weapons
and skills on display, Spade. I’m confident these dudes
are a bunch of (bleep) pussies who would run for the hills
if real shit ever hit the fan. Next up, India,
Olympic gold medalists in giving people diarrhea
for 4,000 consecutive years. Now, we have a game of what the rest of the world
calls football and we here in America call
“change the (bleep) channel.” Apparently, they went
to the (bleep) literal bullpen. Jesus H. Buttholes.
What happened? This bull being
surprisingly calm, while these little shitlords
play keep-away -with a monster the size
of a goddamn Camaro. -(moo) -(horn honking) -The referee
is passing by on a motorcycle, since the game is apparently
being played on Fury Road. This looks like a remake
of Air Bud from a country that hasn’t
invented electricity yet. And, finally,
the beaches of Hawaii. Let’s watch a swarm of morons
say aloha to the wonderful world
of drowning. It’s the World Surfing
Championships, held this year
on scenic Dumb (bleep) Island. Here goes Chad
getting cut off by Chad. Oh, down goes Chad! And these Chads are dropping
like goddamn flies. Just a true spectacle
of mediocrity. That’s gonna wrap it up for tonight’s
Lights Out Sports Update. Back to you in the studio,

57 thoughts on “Sports News Not Covered Anywhere Else (feat. Bob Menery) – Lights Out with David Spade

  1. David spade is the top least unfunny comedian right behind kathy griffin or whatever they call it… him… her… fans of this show wouldn't know funny if it sat on their face

  2. Unfunny and kind of just a string of Bully speak, as if we aren’t getting enough examples of how to insult. agree with Conner it is unfunny and like grooming to make more Trumps… stop already!

  3. Not to nit pick—shit, I'll nit pick–that "dad" is taking pictures/video with a camera, he's not on his phone. Better quality control next time @bobmenery

  4. how the fuck did the people who wrote this not notice that guy is looking at a fuckin dslr camera? how often does one have a giant neck strap attached to their phone? o god or did they find out and keep it in anyway….

  5. HEY SPADE! Why not add Dennis Miller commentary to the sports clips? The more esoteric the reference, the better. Try it.

  6. The guy was not looking at his phone. (hackey sack segment) He was recording a video on his DSLR. The monitor can flip out so he can look down. You can see the strap of the camera

  7. I used to hate David Spade but this show is genuinely funny. I especially like the sports update segments. The guy doing it, who's name is "CHAD" I believe, actually sounds like a real sports announcer and is funny AF.

  8. You guys knew that wasn't Tokyo, right? What's the deal – afraid to make China jokes and think your viewers won't notice the diff between Asian countries? Kinda wimped out on that one.

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