Spring 2018  Pier 1 Home Decor!

Spring 2018 Pier 1 Home Decor!

hi also today we are at Pier 1 and I was thought I would show you some things that they have here this little tables cute I really like that and it's rustic looking and let me see and this little chairs adorable – this table is one sell for $95 that's cute and I love this little chair don't use that that's very cute and then I've got these cute little lamps here I love all these are cute I gotta go kind of sideways for you but these are super super cute and that one's his family oh I have these one over here this one says kitchen oh they're so cute you guys and then here's some more the other day I still see some Christmas stuff up there 75% off – I'm gonna go check that out these are some really cute springy the core balls those are really cute let me see they are $15 and then they've got these cute little flowers worms and then these these are eight dollars and they have different colors those are really cute and then these are really springy – those are ten and my phone's go which are also cute I like these two I have some cute little sofas this little side table is so adorable the cute little birdie pillow I love this little sofa it's 8:50 I think I like the material and everything I wonder if they have it like in a bigger size so you can get like a bigger one in a small one this one it's just like a little love seat this clock is super adorable – I love those colors that matches a lot of the stuff that I do have and then they have this one too which is like a suede and it's 850 and then over here they have got this one right here which is super cute I love the throw pillows there – and then this one right here is 1000 $69 on sale and another cute little side table and then they have to have this one oh this one's really cute this one's 130 and it's oh that's cute you know I love Pier 1 it's one of my favorite stores and then this one is 200 that's pretty neat on the tops you know let's see what they've got her son oh that's a cute basket that's pretty large their pillows let's see what they have on the side here are some little tables these are 150 and then the bigger one the coffee table is 200 this chair is like 400 this is pretty cool that's really neat that's $400 these all pulled out I really like that that's neat I have the show the bookshelves to match those tables but I like this chair too that chair is really cute I love this it's 900 that big shelf back down I love that these are some really pretty wine cabinets they're like seven hundred and twenty dollars but they're really pretty and then they have all kinds of chairs these are stools at front or well those stools are over to the side sorry oh I like that one there that's pretty look somebody wrote in this one hi no I know all this stuff here is on sale 20% off these are really cute I've got some greens there and look at this Oh cute let's see here these are pretty neat actually I like this one back there those are my favorite ones right there see they have a whole bunch of different greens here you can choose from and the ones down here too and then you can just load them into your little holder here I like this stuff over here too this stuff is pretty it's cute but here's what the handles on there look like I like that oh and then here's this one – that's pretty neat that actually look good with this big basket there I absolutely love this bench it's like eight hundred dollars I love that that is so pretty I don't have room to put that anywhere but I absolutely love that when we move if we have a place where I might come back and get that that would look really cute by the entryway I like this – that's really cute I wanted to start doing a dark blues with my grace I'm gonna move from like a light blue to a dark blue I think and then they've got just some miscellaneous little tables and decor here here at these look at these coffee tables those are pretty neat they just put out some really pretty wreaths – these are gorgeous y'all these are like so pretty for the spring this one these are really cute this one's gorgeous so they also put their Valentine's Day decor out these are so cute and they also have like little longer mix too that are the same as the big ones there and they have a few pictures and then down here they have like just like a little bike in the little flower arrangement none of these right here and some decorative pillows some more linens these are really cute I have some cute little wine glasses down there and that platter is really pretty it's pretty big and then they've got some matching plates that's cute and some coasters too to go with that they're placemats Oh they've got months to match those too I like those oh there's some more pillows and then over here excuse the bull I've got that and just some little heart before some of that stuff this is a pretty table set up right here the way they have this and I like these right here on the backs that's pretty and then they've got one up here by the door to these this is really cute and really springy so that yeah that's so cute oh and that's what the chairs look like that go with it and the table there I really like that that's so cute okay you guys I am gonna get out of here and we'll go see what they have I think I was gonna go next toward the target I don't know if I'll do a video or not but we'll see what they have sorry this one's been so choppy but Pier 1 always plays their music so loud and they give me copyright issues well like subscribe and have a great day y'all thanks

13 thoughts on “Spring 2018 Pier 1 Home Decor!

  1. ….everything is so……Cute!!!! Pier One too pricey….Michaels with coupon, HomeSense, or Hobby Lobby are cheaper.

  2. Thanks for the video! I enjoy your filming style. Good pace and no shaky cam.

    "Hi No" gave me flashbacks to writing messages in my parent's blue velvet chair as a kid. TFS. 🙂

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