1. I'm new to your channel. Love how upbeat you are. Your home looks beautiful. I also like The Pioneer woman's collection. I get great ideas from watching you. Would love to see the kitchen reveal.

  2. PLEASE do soon the kitchen reveal. Can't wait to see how it turned out. TFS take care and god bless u and ur family

  3. TY for sharing – I love that Rose canister, too, and I have cats πŸ˜‰ Looking forward to the work and reveal of the Darks 'hidden' back yard!

  4. Oh, my stars! How CUTE is that PW syrup dispenser? I agree: that would inspire me to be putting pancakes on the table more often, too. Loved this haul! Thanks for sharing. Best wishes, Kara

  5. I loved all your fine and yes I will be subscribing to your Channel so I can see other stuff thank you for sharing just saying

  6. I am soo excited!! I am moving back to Texas!! Will be in the DFW area, but happy to be coming back!!! ❀❀❀

  7. I've been liking all that galvanized stuff at Walmart too. That has to be the fanciest and cutest dog treat container ever.

  8. The container does not look like a Dog item, it's so chic! I'm OBSESSED with Kohl's and Lauren Conrad's collection, too! I started filming an updated jewelry collection and 99% of it was "I got this from Kohl's…and this from Kohl's….and this too." I can't wait to see the kitchen.

  9. I love the galvanized stuff at Walmart, too! I actually got both of the two tier trays, the round one and the rectangle one. I love that syrup container! I haven't seen that before.

  10. Great haul! I have 2 of those vases like the White you showed, I got a white and pink one and also the White tray, so I put flowers in my pink one and put it in the tray with a porcelain white bunny that I also got at target and a knick knack that was my mom's that she gave to me.. I also bought the tulip runner from target and put the tray on it.. It looks too cute! I wish I could show you! I actually got my inspiration from you! I never thought of tray decorating before, so a BIG Thank You!! Much love to you! 😊❀

  11. Hello. Have u finished your kitchen yet? Wanted too see the reveal and wasn't sure if I missed it. Great haul!

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