SR Design Life Q+A: All about that vinyl floor

SR Design Life Q+A: All about that vinyl floor

Hey! I’m Sarah and this is Ask Me
Anything. I’m here to answer your questions! It’s always so interesting to
me to see what you guys are dialed into. What caught your eye? What do you want to know more about? And so many of you want to know all about the vinyl flooring!
Since when did anybody get super excited about
basement flooring? Well pretty much since never, until now! Right? So this vinyl
flooring what’s super amazing – hold on a second, you know what? I’m gonna go get a sample and I’m going to come right back! Just a second. This is the floor that I
put throughout the upper two floors – *Whispers* Shhhh that’s a bit of a giveaway. I shouldn’t have told you that! This is the floor – So this is the floor that
I’ve chosen to install in other areas of the house. It’s an engineered white oak
floor. Now, this is the vinyl I installed – in case you’re wondering yes it does
come in other colours. This is the color I used and here’s what’s cool about this
floor, what you can see is it has a foam backing on it, it’s kind of squishy and
this is how it goes together the pieces click together like this. So what’s super
cool about this? No glue, no nails, it literally clicks seamlessly in place and
lies flat, crazy! Okay the reason I’m pointing this out is because other vinyl
flooring is solid, like this. No backing, nothing, it’s just vinyl. If you use the
vinyl, which you may be able to find at a less expensive price point per square
foot, you need to make sure the floor is absolutely perfectly level and it’s
gonna need to be glued down, so you’re gonna pay more for the install. Here you
pay a little bit more for the floor, but less for the install and in case you’re
wondering what do you think about it Sarah, do you like it after the fact? I
love this floor! I originally thought about putting vinyl throughout the whole
house and Kate on my team said, “Do it! Put it through the whole house”. I chickened
out… I spent the money on wood, which costs
twice as much and quite frankly I think I would have been just as happy with
vinyl, so in case you’re thinking about it, do it. The other thing to point out
here is, let’s talk about the stairs because the stairs we opted for a paint
grade stair and you probably thought why would you get paint grade stairs? Because this is such a unique color, so what we wanted to do was get our painter to work
a little magic and he was able to make the color of the stairs match exactly to
the color of our vinyl. It didn’t cost much, we chose to paint the stringers – so
that’s the part on the side that holds each tread – those are painted in a solid
charcoal grey and then Steve our painter put a couple of different tones. You put
a little bit of stain and a little bit of paint and we feathered it all out so
we ended up with something that connects from an upper floor to a lower floor
with a third material which is our stairs and it all works seamlessly
together. So there’s a trick, save some money wherever you can and celebrate the
materials you’re using and then it all looks awesome!

8 thoughts on “SR Design Life Q+A: All about that vinyl floor

  1. I have the vinyl planks and love it we are now working on replacing the rest of our house. Beside easy install, I took a metal finger nail file and tried to see if I could damage it and all I was able to do was dent the surface. So I believe it is going to last a long time.

  2. Talk about serendipitous. Tomorrow we are installing vinyl flooring in our second bathroom. My husband saw your video and said he is now feeling confident. Thanks for the quick tip

  3. Dearest Sarah, someone already asked my question on "noise level" when using vinyl.😊…So I'm only commenting now to say hi…Hiiiii. (Side note) Would love to see some lovely makeover videos on YouTube. Oh please Sarah, please.🙏😆
    Love ya💖

  4. Tis information is great, thank you again for your tips. Any way to get the brand so I can look for it in the US?

  5. I used, I believe, this exact floor on a commercial project at work (in US). It's Shaw's Stratum vinyl plank and it comes in 5" or 7" width. I agree it looks and actually feels fantastic in person, even up close.

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