SR Design Life Q+A: Choosing kitchen cabinet colours

SR Design Life Q+A: Choosing kitchen cabinet colours

Kitchen renovation question: In terms of a white – I don’t know how much of a warm white we’d call this, but I’ve always felt you could never go wrong with white on white. I – Glidden ICI dulux It is one of my favourite whites. Another white you might choose is Chantilly Lace by Benjamine Moore, its a really nice colour as well and for your greys, I’m going to tell you something, grey can be super tricky, so the key to getting the right grey is, you must sample! Please, please, please promise me that you’re going to do some samples. Grey’s tend to be either very blue, very green, or very brown so – or purple, so it makes grey tricky, and finding the right grey may take a few attempts. But, I would say, it’s always important to look at a colour that is deep and rich, like what you’re looking for in all sorts of different times of day and types of day. So, this morning, it is grey and it is overcast, so I can guarantee you that that colour will look entirely different right now, than it will if the sun comes out and it’s gorgeous later on! So do me a favour and take the time to get the samples, even if you just get some little pots of paint and paint them on a piece of cardboard, or you could get little sample boards at the hardware store, or at a Dollar Store. Go to a Dollar Store and you can get little artist canvases and you can get a sample pot of paint and paint it on. And you may think, “Oh my gosh, that’s a waste of money!” But, let me tell you, it is not a waste of money. This is a major investment you are going to make and you want to make sure that you get that colour perfect! Good luck! It sounds like it’s going to be absolutely gorgeous!

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  1. My Husband is a kitchen & bath designer and he agrees with you, gray is the most challenging color to decide on because all the different shades in the color.

  2. I agree with you my suggestion to go along with. Yours is to go to the dollar store buy several sheets of white poster board. Cut in 1/2 or1/3 and paint edge to edge no white showing tape two of same color in 2 places near window
    2 of the other color in 2 places diff area. Spend 100 if you must to be sure if colors day nite and sunny cloudy!!!!!
    I think perfect idea just for walls
    Or siding !!!!!!

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