SR Design Life Q+A: Designing for Groups

SR Design Life Q+A: Designing for Groups

Hey! I’m Sarah and this is Ask Me
Anything. I’m here to answer your questions! Should we do another one? Which one should I pick? hmm? That wouldn’t fell in the ground, I guess
I should take that one! That one really wants to get picked. Okay, oh @airstreamjoyce! Joyce do you have an Airstream? So I’m kind of jealous! “What do you find is
the biggest challenge in designing spaces for large groups?” If I’m designing
space for a large group, if the space is large, I don’t find it such a
challenge, but fitting a large group into a small space is the challenge and when
thinking about designing for a large group, I like to think about all the
different ways that the space might get used. So I – I always assume that sometimes
you want to have the long chat and sit really comfortably, sometimes you want to
watch a movie, sometimes you might just want to perch on a chair because you’re
only they’re having a little quick drink before you have dinner, some environments
need to feel a little bit more tailored and upright while others should feel
super slouchy and comfortable and kicked back. So, step number one for me is always
diving in and figuring out what does the space want to be? How does this space
want to be used? and what is the story we’re trying to tell? And it’s not about
just running out and starting to amass pieces of furniture. It’s about planning
and thinking and so what I want you to think about when you’re designing your
own rooms, is I want you to paint a picture – paint a picture in your mind of
what does it look like, how does it feel, what are the colours, is there a lot of
pattern or is it quietly neutral, is this a bold space, is it contemporary, is it
traditional, is it country, is it modern. What is it that you’re looking for out
of this space? And ask yourself those questions,
and if you don’t know the answer is quite yet, this is where social media
comes in. This is where Pinterest comes in, make yourself a Pinterest board and
dive in there and start pinning the photos of the spaces that appeal to you.
That you look at the photo and you think I
want to put myself in that room! That’s how you can help yourself develop those
tools and skills, so that when it comes to making choices you’ll know what
appeals to you because you should only fill your rooms with pieces that speak
to you and ultimately I want to want to sit in every piece of furniture in every
room that I design. Hope that helps!

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  1. I like that, “ I want to want to sit in every piece of furniture in every room that I design. “. That is good!

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