SR Design Life Q+A: Furnishing your space

SR Design Life Q+A: Furnishing your space

Hey! I’m Sarah and this is Ask Me
Anything, I’m here to answer your questions!
Okay, @Katiedunfield says: Hi Sarah! How do you know how many pieces of furniture to
put in a room? And how do you know the scale is proportionate/appropriate? That’s a tough question to start with! Okay so, Katie when it comes to how many
pieces of furniture to put in a room I want you to start by thinking about, what
do you want the room to do? What is the purpose of this room and how many people
are you trying to fit in this room? You don’t need to overcrowd it, but I want
you to think about where do you want to sit and read a book? Where do you want to
watch TV in a movie? How many people are you trying to put on that sofa if you’re
watching TV or a movie? That’s really the guiding force for me, is to think about
who needs to use this room and how does it need to function. The next step is, I
always try and choose human scaled pieces. I know that sounds kind of crazy,
right? But, it’s amazing to me today, how many pieces of furniture are in the
market that are absolutely giant! I like the intersection of comfort and spacial
efficiency, so I’m always trying to get the most out of the least amount of
space and I always want a room that can actually fit the largest number of
pieces in because I’m kind of greedy. That way, I want to be able to kick back
in the sofa and watch a movie, but then I want to be able to be in a chair all by
myself and read a book. I want a games table, I want a coffee table, but you need
to think about your personal preferences first. So, start by making the list of all
the pieces that would make the room really work for you. You need to know if
you want an ottoman versus a coffee table, you need to know if you want a
love-seat versus a sofa and of course you then have to be aware of how much space
you have because you know what? We can’t have it all. We have to make choices, so
choose the pieces that work best for you!

4 thoughts on “SR Design Life Q+A: Furnishing your space

  1. Just start your own youtube show since HGTV wont put you back on US tv. obviously people want it. just call it it Richardson's house or something.

  2. I'm not fond of overscale furniture either. And people can be funny about sitting together on one piece of furniture — even if the sofa fits three, only two people will ever sit there together.

  3. You are the best designer on the tube! I have learned so much from your very interesting shows. Especially about tile, and recycling odd pieces. The results are always fabulous.

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