SR Design Life Q+A: Get the Look: Rustic vs. Country

SR Design Life Q+A: Get the Look: Rustic vs. Country

Hey, I’m Sarah, and this is Ask Me
Anything! I’m here to answer your questions.
@pmac224lm says: Hi Sarah! How do you go rustic without looking too
country? Okay, here’s a good question! Rustic without looking too country, so I
think that there’s a difference. Rustic for me is about texture and rustic is
about casual. I think if we think about what we liked about rustic design or
modern country it’s that it feels relaxed, it doesn’t feel stuffy,
it doesn’t feel uptight. It feels casual, it feels welcoming, hopefully it’s this
idea of barefoot elegance some people like that idea
and for me rustic means honest textures and materials. So I’m sitting in one of
my favourite chairs and it has linen upholstery and it has this textured
stain finish on it that’s sort of just a whitewashed stain and rustic is the
twine wrap on the bamboo side table or the hide covered ottoman. Rustic for me
is about softness and country is more about a theme, so country I think, I think
country gets a bad rap, because people think about knickknacks and doilies and
you know apple dolls and things that are sort of frilly and cutesy. so I think
let’s differentiate between those two. And rustic can be refined, but I think
rustic is about casual, textural, comfortable and neutral. Everything about
it is really just easy living, so easy living it’s always a good idea!

2 thoughts on “SR Design Life Q+A: Get the Look: Rustic vs. Country

  1. I am scratching my head a little bit.. some of the interiors that she showed for "rustic" were I thought kind of modern traditional.. I think both rustic and country are more moods.. rustic is probably a subset of country… like country is a lot of wood; painted wood; dark colors, very stiff; rustic could be more in the details but I think they are kind of the same thing.. and honestly I think interior design is more about location now… you shouldn't be building anything country if you live in Connecticut; or New York City; save it for Wyoming..

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