SR Design Life Q+A: How to entice clients with colour

SR Design Life Q+A: How to entice clients with colour

Barbara’s got a great question! She wants
to know how I entice my clients to punch it up with color. Well fortunately, most
of my clients are coming to me because they like color. I’m sort of known for my
love of color and pattern, but fundamentally, I think the easiest way to
embrace colour is in small doses and even if you use colouring in small doses, it
can still have a huge impact. So, think of it this way – I always encourage people to
use neutrals for all the big elements, so I always call them the fixed elements, so
these are the things you’re not likely going to replace anytime soon.
So think about the sofa anything that’s big-ticket, expensive and not easy to
change if whoopsie you no longer like hot pink. Think about starting off with a
really solid neutral foundation and then you can inject as much excitement with colour As much as you have the appetite for in
smaller doses and there’s lots of ways to do that. You’ve got lighting, think
about table lamps, you can get ceramic table lamps and all sorts of gorgeous
colours. Pillows, rugs, accents like drapery, artwork, wall color,
there are so many different places that you can inject color while still keeping
an overall neutral vibe! Don’t be frightened, embrace it. Colour is your friend! At least, it’s my friend!

2 thoughts on “SR Design Life Q+A: How to entice clients with colour

  1. I love color… as long as it's soft and muted! hahaha Give me white on white, cream on cream, loads of texture, the play of light and shadows, with soft accents of color! Back in the day with all your neutrals and touches of robin's egg blues and soft watery tones are my idea of fabulous!

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