SR Design Life Q+A: Incorporating Antiques

SR Design Life Q+A: Incorporating Antiques

Hey! I’m Sarah and this is Ask Me
Anything. I’m here to answer your questions, okay
@clcnail says, “We’ve inherited many cherished family antiques, beautiful rugs,
upholstered sofas and chairs, crystal, china etc. All so special! Any suggestions
for how to begin incorporating these gems into a design scheme? Oh okay, how to
make heirlooms fit into your world! So, rule number one –
cherished pieces, family heirlooms, antiques, anything you’ve inherited is
amazing if it speaks to your design style and this is the key. I believe it
has to work for you, because if it doesn’t work for you if it doesn’t speak
to you and if it doesn’t symbolize how you view the ultimate vision of your
home, then it’s really not helping. So here’s how I incorporate it, I think an
antique rug can be a fabulous foundation and offer color inspiration when mixed
with more contemporary pieces like a sofa and a coffee table. You can create a
really wonderful combination of old meets new! I love to set my table with
vintage china and crystal that’s just who I am. I’ve been buying vintage China
and crystals since I was in my early 20s, I love setting an eclectic table, the key
is always about the mix. It’s about mixing the old with the new, because you
don’t necessarily want it to feel like you’re living in a period environment
and it’s about balancing. I would say if you’re looking at introducing vintage or
heirloom or sentimental pieces into your home, try and have it an equal mix 50%
old, 50% new and that’s how you can make it look like 100% you!

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  1. First again Ms. Sarah! Thank you for always sharing the knowledge that you have with us. It is appreciated and I for one always know that your suggestions always look and feel like heaven. Thank you so much once again Sarah! Respectfully, Susan from Ontario!! 💜💚🖤

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