SR Design Life Q+A: Keeping a clean house with a dog

SR Design Life Q+A: Keeping a clean house with a dog

hey I’m Sarah and this is ask me
anything. I’m here to answer your questions! Okay this is Theresa Heida or
Theresa Heida (Different Pronunciation) suggestions from living with the dog in
the house, keeping the house clean and protecting furniture. Okay my tip is a
non-shedding dog! Okay but not everybody has one of those so Daisy is a
soft-coated Wheaten Terrier and what’s amazing is she doesn’t shed so that
makes life a lot easier. Somebody else had a question about how we keep the dog
clean in the country and here’s the thing, so Daisy is we have a non-shedding
dog who is relatively small in size she’s like a mid-sized dog so she
doesn’t take over the whole house, but we also have a hot water tap outside and
this may seem kind of weird to some of you but this is the most brilliant idea
and Alex installs a hot water tap always outside you know why? Because if you
come in from a muddy walk in November you can easily give her a bath outside
without her getting too cold, but the key from me in our household is we’ve got a
non-shedding dog and I don’t let her up on the furniture. *Buzzer Sound* She does get on the
occasional bed, but I encourage her to not be on the furniture because I don’t
think that’s a good idea and if you do have a dog who gets on the furniture my
number one number one number one choice for you is get slipcovers, make sure that
all of the cushion covers on all of your furniture are removable and washable and
if you’ve wondered why I like white slipcovered furniture or white denim
furniture or twill furniture for so long for my entire career
it is literally because you can throw it in the washing machine, throw it in
the dryer, put it back on and it’s like you got a new sofa.
I am super practical at heart and I am all about wash and wear so make sure that
the seams inside your cushions are surged, which means that zig-zag stitch.
Try and get cushion covers that don’t have piping on them because sometimes
the piping shrinks when you wash it and if in doubt slip cover your furniture. The
whole thing can go into the washing machine like a pair of jeans and come out
fresh and clean!

11 thoughts on “SR Design Life Q+A: Keeping a clean house with a dog

  1. Ha! Our couch is covered with a twin sheet and THREE blankets for our tweenie (17 lbs) dachshund. They're burrowers, so they need a pile of blankies. He's a smooth coat, but it's amazing how many little eyelash sized hairs he sheds…you should see the dryer lint trap after you've laundered his blankies. 🙁

  2. We have slip covers for our furniture. They are washable. For the bed we have a cover for the end of the bed too. We foster for two breed specific rescues: Pugs and Leonbergers so we most definitely need those covers. We can have multiple animals at any given time. Love my pets more than the furniture but I still want the sofa and chairs protected. Slipcovers protect the sides as well from dogs that rub up against the sides of the sofas.

  3. Slip covers, and get a dog the same color as the furniture, or vice versa, whichever comes first. We have a yellow Lab, and off-white slipcovers. Also, we rinse his legs off after walks, and if it’s raining his tummy too. Sadly we don’t have hot water outside, but he’s a Lab and actually really likes cold.

  4. I love vacuums that have a pet attachment to quickly vacuum off pet hair off of any furniture, and stairs, and CARS!! 🙂

  5. Thank you Alex. Too many people bath their dog outside with the garden hose…very cruel! I’d like to bath them with the garden hose outside and see if they like it.

  6. We had a hot water tap installed outside and it is the best! We don't have dogs…we have kids! The tap is great for filling up their little kiddie pools so they can swim right away and they love putting the sprinkler on under the trampoline. It also helps with cleaning their feet/legs if they go play in the field behind our house which is full of dirt…we can let them get as dirty as they like and we just rinse them off before we send them upstairs for a shower.

  7. We have some leather furniture, where the dog is allowed. She isn’t supposed to come upstairs and the cats police her. They shed a lot, but kids need to learn how to vacuum anyway. Never to early to learn.

  8. Have to agree – our Wheaten named Finny is wonderful, and non-shedding 🙂 We also have hot water running outside, but truth be told, nothing makes her happier on a +30 degree summer day than being soaked with cold, cold water!

  9. Sarah, you are so right about getting a non shedding dog!! My hubby didn't listen to me and we downsized our home and now I vacuum everyday 🙁 i should make him vacuum …:).

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