SR Design Life Q+A: Treasure Hunting

SR Design Life Q+A: Treasure Hunting

Here’s a great question! This is about
favourite places to look for antiques. One of my favourite things to do is hit some
of the big flea markets and one of my favourites is coming up soon. So you need
to put this in your calendar the – Christie Antique show is being held on
Saturday, May 25th at the Christie Conservation Area and it is a great show
and it’s always a great day! And one of my favourite things about going to a flea
market or an auction is, it’s the treasure hunt. It’s the fact that you
never know what you’re gonna find, so you got to get a friend, take a hat, take some
sunscreen, pack some snacks and pack some money and then just go out there and
have a good time and be inspired!

5 thoughts on “SR Design Life Q+A: Treasure Hunting

  1. I truly miss your shows on Foxtel here in Australia 🇦🇺 you’re my absolute favourite designer we need more lots more lol.

  2. You know that question, if you could meet one famous person living or dead who would it be?

    Mine hands down is always Sarah Richardson.

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