Stafford’s Ancient High House inspires new interior design venture

Stafford’s Ancient High House inspires new interior design venture

I come from a long line of decorators, being into my family tree I’ve discovered that my family were decorators right back to the beginning of the nineteenth century And my father’s still alive, and my grandfather
they were all decorators one one way or another So I was brought up with the interest in period properties, my Father used to take me to period properties he was
a room steward and so was my Mother in National Trust property So that was in the blood. What’s popular at the moment in the design sector is the background story to things people
are buying things knowing where they come from they don’t just want it out of the
blue particular sector of the market and that adds value to it i thought well in my heritage side, my period side, I know that the Ancient High House in Stafford when they were renovating it they discovered layer upon layer of period
wallpaper and it’s had at at the end of the
eighteenth early nineteenth century which spot is spot on for my period an owner who was, we presume, showing up his new-found
wealth and he papered the house and he papered over the old timbers, because it’s a timber framed building obviously he wanted to do what was fashionable at the time and he papered over the window frames, the mullions, he did everything when they were renovating it the not only found the layer, the top layer but layers underneath so that was all removed and archived and it’s become well-known amongst wallpaper historians as a resource period for wallpaper and it’s in Stafford So with Staffordshire University it seemed
a perfect fit so for our first range of wallpapers
we’ve worked with the Ancient High House and the students and recent graduates who’ve been designers have had access to those resources in order to influence and inspire their designs.
I think the students are getting a full experience from pitching their designs to High House so they’re having to go through that process of working on something that they don’t whether their going to win, their designs going to win then they go through to having the experience. The first collection that we’ve developed we’ve worked with designers and wallpaper historians so designer are actually working and doing
designs in industry, they’ve also had the expertise from everyone from the university and they’re getting the output for their designs straightaway, sp we’re doing the marketing, the PR for them and we’re lucky enough to have won the wallpaper direct contract, which is great and also the students are getting their names on designs. If they go into industry their designs, they might lose their name, we want the designers to have their name on their design. It’s amazing, it’s such a massive opportunity. It’s just unreal to see it actually there on the wall. Everytime I look at it I just can remember the initial drawing phase, when I was actually sat there in the High House doing some drawings and now to see it on the wall is quite an achievement

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