Steal Ideas From This Bold & Colorful Main Floor

Steal Ideas From This Bold & Colorful Main Floor

we're here today at our clients house which was a new build it's a family of five they already had a contractor but after he was completed with his side of the project Kelly and Glen needed us to step in to help them with the interior finishes they left the location that they were in so they didn't want to pick up the family and move them somewhere else so they decided to stay here and build their dream home the homeowner had a huge part in terms of directing the overall aesthetic of the space there's a lot of vintage pieces in this home that we had restored and recovered and then some new additions that helped kind of bring the whole space to life when you enter the house you're greeted with a large front foyer and it's the formal entry where we did something fun with the flooring which was a chevron pattern porcelain tile and we actually mixed two different colors to create more of an interesting pattern we also did wainscoting on the surrounding walls as well as a blue grass cloth wallpaper which really brought in some color and some luxurious texture to the space at the front of the house is the sitting room and the clients have a big interest in music that posters on the wall are actually from concerts that the clients have been to themselves so they had them framed her favorite color is blue so we went all out with the boy oh basically yeah we went all out with the blue we wanted to make it dark and dramatic and cozy some of the instruments as well are her father's so it's a very sentimental room for them but it has some pizazz as well we actually added an applied molding to create more detail to the walls and again that's more of a traditional application that you would see but to make it a bit more modern and fun we applied a darker blue on the walls to give that dramatic more modern twist to the space for the dining room we wanted to create a statement room we added some wallpaper which was really dramatic that was kind of the starting point and from there we wanted to add a little bit of color because it is a very graphic wallpaper but it's only black and white so again we wanted to bring in the blue and we did that through the drapery as well as the upholstery for the dining chairs another detail that we added into the space was the round coffered ceiling which mimics the round dining table that sits below it and the last addition was the amazing brass light fixture it's a great sculptural piece and actually helps Center the space the serbian butler's pantry is between the kitchen and the dining room and it's really great when they're entertaining with large groups of family and friends and if the pantry is too messy then they just shut the door and it's out of sight out of mind the starting point of this kitchen was actually the 60-inch long range it came from France the range is a showstopper so we wanted to make sure that it was the main star of the kitchen and we had everything else work around it and was more of a supporting character in the space we ended up doing a robin's egg blue instead of your typical white it's a color that the client was drawn to because it had a little bit of a blue tint to it and again it created a more unique space than a typical white kitchen we wanted to line that up with some more modern elements the pendants above the island for example the stools at the kitchen counter which are custom all of those give it a little bit more of that transitional feel so it's not too traditional for the clients adjacent to that we've created a breakfast nook and it was really important for the clients that we had a banquette seating the client originally wanted to have two closed spaces one for the kitchen and one for the family room and we talked them out of it because we know how much they like to entertain and how much the family likes to be around each other that we offered another solution which would be a new wall with a factory-like window part that is clear so that you can still see within the family room from the kitchen and vice versa in the family room we created two separate seating areas so there's a larger area for the family and then there's a more cozy area by the windows that looks out onto the beautiful view the fireplace was a main focal point in the family room as well we use marble mixed with some brass and the brass detail that we added will add some nice patina over time on either side of the fireplace we also added some built-ins which have a mix of open and closed storage so space to tuck away the toys for the kids and then also open shelving so that the clients can store a lot of their sentimental pieces that they've collected over time we have a secondary seating area and that looks on to the view that they have from their backyard it's more cozy the adults can sit there and they also have a telescope there so late nights they can sit and gaze upon the Stars the mudroom is off to the side of the house and for continuity we continued the same tile that we used in the foyer the garage leads into this mudroom and there's also access to the basement so it's a hard working area there had to be proper storage and very functional there's two powder rooms on the ground floor one is for the kids that's off of the mudroom and then there's another one that's next to the front foyer that's for guests and that one is a bit more sophisticated and a bit more formal we've done paneling on the walls we've painted it in that dark blue color again to create more drama and we have a beautiful granite floating vanity as well which is quite beautiful beautiful so many times it's beautiful it's so beautiful we always get reminded when we work with clients like Kelly and Glen because it was such a fun process seeing things from start to finish is super rewarding especially when it's a project from the ground up seeing them now living in the space with the kids enjoying the areas that we've created it reminds us why we do what we do

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  1. πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½ladies, you did a magnificent job with this home. I love the blue color palette throughout the home with the pops of color. The robin’s egg paint color on the kitchen cabinets is divine. I really love the architectural element of the room divider between the kitchen and family room…unique and whimsical. Great job again ladies!

  2. Really unsensational use of grey and blue, totally minimized any sense of character. The designers should practice not speaking with a question mark at the end of their statements.

  3. It's actually the exact same formula as everything else: white + dark + brass + marble + wood.
    It just happens that this one has less white and more dark (blue).

  4. My bugbear again – TV over the fireplace. Not practical (TV placed too high for comfortable viewing) nor aesthetically pleasing. Would have been better if they could somehow move the fireplace nearer to the separate sitting area and make it a cozy nook.

  5. I like the window division, it gives the illusion of separation without losing the connection between people. Dark is a good touch of modernism when white gets us all tired. Well done

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