Stencils: How to Stencil a Kitchen Border. Wall stencils by Cutting Edge Stencils. DIY decor ideas.

Stencils: How to Stencil a Kitchen Border. Wall stencils by Cutting Edge Stencils. DIY decor ideas.

hi I’m Janna and I’m Greg from Cutting
Edge Stencils today we’re gonna show you how to stencil a beautiful border in
this kitchen this Virginia Creeper stencil is so easy to use you can hardly
make a mistake this stencil spiced up this kitchen and gave it a real designer
look here’s what you’ll need your Cutting Edge Stencil a dense foam roller
with rounded ends a stencil brush latex or acrylic paints a large styrofoam
plate low-tack painters tape and paper towels first make sure your wall is
clean and dust free it’s best to stencil over a flat paint base coat position
your stencil on the wall where you want your design and secure it with a few
pieces of a low-tech blue painters tape now pour some of the paint that you’ve
selected onto your plate load your foam roller by rolling it over the paint a
few times press on the roller as you roll it over the paint so it absorbs the
paint evenly now blot off the excess paint on a folded paper towel by rolling
it back and forth a couple of times to prevent paint seepage under the stencil
now roll the stencil with your roller using light to medium pressure do not
press too hard or the paint might seep under the stencil also be careful not to
roll over the outside edges of the stencil removing of the stencil is the
most exciting part of the whole process remove the stencil slowly so the blue
tape doesn’t accidentally pull off any background paint now let’s move the
stencil over and do it again the previous print dries quickly so no need
to wait this stencil like many of our stencils locks in with itself
notice how the right side of this stencil has the same leaf shapes
repeated on the left side when we move our stencil over we look for those same
shapes and line up the stencil with the leaves you just painted this gives you a
seamless look and allows you to continue around the room usually after a couple
of prints you’ll need to reload your stencil roller with more paint avoid the
temptation of pressing too hard on the roller to squeeze out the last bit of
paint you make an undesirable paint seepage if you use excess pressure
repeat the process until the entire border is stencil
and note how clean and crisp the edges come out even without spray adhesive
this simple technique has really transformed this kitchen thanks to
cutting-edge stencils it’s beautiful made easy

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  1. @frmdeath2life: For this one the corner is really easy: just bend the stencil, tape it and roll right into the corner. Do one side at a time. We also have the special video on how to stencil corners.

  2. Thank you! 🙂 The best roller to use is dense foam roller with rounded edges. It's sold in hardware sores and we also offer it on our website. As for paint – any waterbased paint will work, latex, acrylics, also metallics… It's a fun decorating technique!

  3. What about stenciling over a dark base coat, with a light color stencil, does it look better if the base coat is lighter?

  4. Hi, yes you can stencil over dark basecoat too and it looks just as good. Often it looks very sophisticated! One point to consider: it's usually a little harder to achieve 100% coverage in one coat when going with light over dark unless you selected a very good quality paint which has a lot of pigment, such as Benjamin Moore Aura, or similar good quality paint. ~Janna

  5. Thank you very much Janna, for taking the time to answer my question.
    Also i am very happy with your products, i purchase recently.

    Thanks again.

  6. Hi Mohamed, you can just order online at cuttingedgestencils . com, and we'll ship it to Egypt! We ship internationally. ~Janna

  7. Hi Advika, thank you for your interest! We sell our stencils online and ship worldwide, including India! Just go to cuttingedgestencils . com and place your oder. Hope this helps!

  8. Olá, este não é um molde que é realmente um estêncil. É um projeto incorporado em uma folha de plástico. Você pode usar esse estêncil para pintar o desenho para sua parede e criar uma borda com ele. Você se torna o artista 🙂 Você pode encontrar este projeto em nosso site cuttingedgestencils . com

  9. how can i buy these stencils from pakistan?
    i am a bulding contractor i want to know who is dealer here in pakistan so that i can buy esily.
    answer plz…

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