Stylish Studio Apartment Makeover – HGTV

Stylish Studio Apartment Makeover – HGTV

LAURIE MARCH: Meet Bethany,
a freelance photographer who lives and
works in her studio apartment in LA with her
beautiful but messy kitty Olivia. Her business has taken off,
she’s grown up a little, and she’s finding
this space just isn’t working for her anymore. The first thing I’m tackling is
where Bethany spends the most amount of time, her work space. This apartment had the good
fortune of an extra closet in the living space that was
previously framed in a bit to work like a desk. It’s got good bones, but
it needs an update to suit her modern office needs. The first upgrade was
easy, a fresh coat of paint in a raspberry color
brightens everything up. And it’s a great
backdrop for everything else that’s going in here. Next up, LED lighting. You’ve got to see
what you’re doing. Lighting is key in a workspace. Moving on to storage. Open shelves wrapped in
this amazing brass inspired contact paper make
this standard shelving look like a million bucks. The printer now has a home
tucked onto the second shelf and up out of the way. Pretty fabric wrapped boxes
hide the less attractive stuff she needs to store. And a pegboard wall keeps some
key items at her fingertips. With her landlord’s
permission we’re going to paint a wide
band of emerald green on the lower half of this
space to create a ton of drama and knock down all that
overly bright wall space. Always get permission
from your landlord before you paint your walls. If you’re painting walls,
consider a flat paint that’s easy to paint over when you
leave, knowing in advance and budgeting for
it that you’re going to have to repaint your walls if
that’s what your landlord says. Hey, do yourself a favor. Leave the doors
and the trim alone. This color is going
to set the tone for a more grown
up look, especially when we mix in a little brass. Part of what’s
stressing Bethany out is her lack of key
furniture pieces. There was a twin daybed
that we kicked to the curb to make room for a gorgeous
full sized brass bed, which is our inspiration for
all the metal tones that run through the space. With a better space
plan there’s actually room for a full bed in here. And Bethany’s daybed was never
actually that comfortable. Here’s to a better
night’s sleep. And who wants to sit on their
bed when guests come over? I’m adding a seating area
separate from the bed. This smaller sofa in a
classic shape and color works amazing as a neutral piece
to balance out all that color. For people who live in smaller
spaces, flexibility is key. So I’m pairing the sofa with
these curvy wood chairs that are easy to move around and
add a lightness to the space that upholstery couldn’t have. Every bit of space
here is precious, so that spot about her new sofa
is getting a set of shelves to display Bethany’s treasures
and a little bit of artwork. I love this trick. To create the feeling
of an entryway I’m using a cool vintage
dresser by the door. This was another one of
Bethany’s big purchases. She can drop her keys and
use this space to display some of her favorite things. And then there’s the kitchen. Right now, Olivia the
cat owns the place. I’m upcycling a media cabinet
to hide her litter box and give Olivia a cozy spot
where she’ll want to hang out. Complete with a cat grass
bar, cute cleanup tools, and a cushion on top
for a lazy afternoon naps, the cat, not Bethany. This corner is going to be way
more subtle and functional. Here’s another great renter tip. Dress what might be your
biggest eyesore in the space. Clean and cover the fridge
with removable wallpaper. And this wall is a
great spot to display some of Bethany’s own art. This standard white studio,
complete with a dated kitchen and lots of space planning
issues got a whole new look. A few simple DIY projects
combined with a fresh color palette of emerald
green and brass accents seriously ties all
these areas together.

72 thoughts on “Stylish Studio Apartment Makeover – HGTV

  1. I love the way you organize her house it looks so beautiful πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. How much was this? If this cost more than $1, then that girl must be rich? I want all of that and MORE, but I'm poor! How can I get all of that, plus a new bathroom, 10 new closets, a ton more furniture and a 500,000 square foot addition for, well, free? how?! Omgz.

  3. Nice, but I sure would have pulled that workspace out by the window. If she works at home, a closet is too depressing to be stuck in for hours a day. IMO

  4. hi, i loved your video. i hope you can check for similar video like you do in my channel.

    thanks for those help video!

  5. The apartment was great. Nice colors & good space planning. However, the kitty, Olivia, stole the show. What a sweetie!

  6. I live in the beautyful Pico Roberson area of Los Angeles – Borderline Beverly Hills/West Hollywood. I have an amazing studio makeover challenge for you if you and your hgtv team is up for it? I planned on staying here for 6 months and 2 years later I’m still here! I’m in the hair industry working for major celebs, movie studios and glam Hollywood events but my studio doesn’t NOT match my fab work life! I need a major makeover and would adore help from some serious space experts! I have a great following, some awesome ideas! My space and I just need a little TLC and would be sooooooo grateful for a helping hand in changing up my space!!! Can you please help???πŸ™πŸΌβ€οΈ

  7. I wonder if she got in trouble for that window AC….. Most places I've seen that look like her apartment in LA don't allow them

  8. Except that since it is her living space I would have switched the bed to the wall and kept her living room in the middle so when people do come over they can sit her living room area and she could have gotten a divider to close up the bed off into it's own cozy space.

  9. Great design. I would have flipped the bed and sofa area, that way she could have a bedroom nook that she could have closed off with some sheers. πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ˜Ž

  10. I personally would have put where the desk is, a murphy bed. I wouldn't like everybody who comes to my apartment, to see my bed, and nowadays, murphy beds they are gorgeous, and effortless to open. That way, I could have a bigger desk closer to the window, not feeling enclosed in an alcove. Working all day should be more pleasurable than looking at a wall as if punished.

  11. Unprofessional. How do you not even mention the square footage of the space? Or even the links to the products used? How you are suppose to inspire people and give "tips" and not disclose important information. How do you not even use more multi funtional two in one furniture pieces which is a must in a studio. Badly done video. So so in design.

  12. OMG color on the walls!!!! It's been so long since I've seen color used on walls. Did you cut a access hole for kitty to get in and out of the cabinet?

  13. I couldn't even see the "after" because of the next video boxes. It didn't help that the big reveal was a mere 4 seconds…. What a waist. πŸ™

  14. Designer needs to spend more time with cats. Cats need access to their litter box. The window cushion needs a removable cover that's easy to launder. Food dish and water dish need to be easier to access too. But not side by side.

  15. IDK why the landlord makes the tenant repaint when they leave. All apartments come with fresh painted walls for the new tenant. They were gonna have to paint regardless. This is such a racket!

  16. how terrible sound LEND LORD like you are in 19 century… we Euro people are so lucky ..moste own homes and without credit…you Americans are really unhappy free Health ..very short holidays days..eating the worst food in the world…and much more…i know..i live on both sides…


  18. Please help me to sell my furniture … share the website and work need help thanks !!

  19. I wish I could so something like this to my studio apartment! I have vents on the ground on the only place I can put a bed at and corners of the room aren’t really corners because the corners are sticking inward if that makes sense? it’s so annoying!

  20. That's a quite large and very nice studio apt. Overall, a pretty nice makeover, though I would have put the cat's litter box in the bathroom, NOT the kitchen.

  21. Hey HGTV add an extra 20 seconds before you put up your end cards–you're blocking the results-duhhh

  22. Why did HGTV block the video ending with huge ads for additional videos to watch? You ruined the summary of the transformation.

  23. So tired of promotions for the next options covering the final reveal of the current project. If your product is good we will likely watch the next without stuffing it in our face.

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