Subaru Forester LED Interior How To Install – 4th Gen 2012+

Subaru Forester LED Interior How To Install – 4th Gen 2012+

What’s happening everyone, my name is Phil with and today have a 2015 Subaru Forester we’ll be installing LED interior lights on. Now, this installation is compatible with year models 2012 and up and that’s considered the SJ chassis type. Now for our Japanese models, those would be considered the 2012 and up. And for our US and international models, that is considered the 2013 or 2014 model and up. Today we’re using a 5730 style premium LED conversion kit from And that comes with three interior trim tools you’ll see us use throughout the video. We have a pointed wedge tool, serrated knife tool,
and a fork shaped wedge tool. For today’s install, we are going to be converting our front overhead map lights, the rear dome light, the trunk light, the two courtesy lights, one on the driver’s side door and the passenger side door, as well as our license plate and back up reverse lights. Now for the license plate and the back up reverse lights, you will need a Philips head screwdriver as well as a 10 millimeter socket and socket wrench. Let’s go and get started. We’re looking now at the front overhead map lights. And as you can see,
we’ve already done one side here on the driver’s side We’ll show you how to replace here
on the passenger side. We’re gonna be using our fork shaped wedge tool here. You’re gonna come in from the side here and pop one out. And that should help you get the entire thing out. And you’ll see we have a 31 millimeter festoon type bulb, here, that we’re taking out. Now, you can use the same tool
and just kinda rake down and that’ll get the bulb out. And, you should then be able to get your your new 5730 type bulb in. Now this one is not polarity-specific so it should work in either orientation. Just make sure that that’s in. And the thing about LEDs is you wanna make sure that the board is pointed slightly toward direction you want the light to go in because it’s not on the directional. So, we know that works. The plate goes in just how it came out. You wanna make sure one side is in. And to prevent these sides from scratching, you take your tool, put it in, and you help guide it in. And that way it reduces the amount of pressure on the plastic here at the edge
and prevents scratching. And that side should be good to go. We’re looking now at the rear overhead dome light. That’s just a single festoon bulb type. Now the best way to remove this is again with your fork shaped wedge tool. And a lot of people come in from the top here, but sometimes you run the risk of removing not just the lens but also the entire housing. You don’t want that. So we’re gonna start here from the side. Or from the front. Get in between the lens cover panel and the switch and pull out. There we go. Come to the other side, do the same thing. And that panel comes out. We have our festoon type bulb that we’ll remove here. And replace with our new LED. There we go. Again, you wanna make sure that the board
is facing down towards the passenger compartment. And once you test the bulb to make sure it works, put your lens cover back on. Lens cover actually goes back on
backside here first. And then you push up here to lock it in place. And that’s it. We’re looking now at the trunk light here. And this one’s a pretty simple replacement. We’re using the flat end here of our serrated knife tool. Coming in from this side furthest from the switch and prying out. Like that. And on the backside here, you’ll notice you have a T10 style bulb. We’re just gonna use the pointed wedge here,
just from the back here, to help push the bulb out. It’s pretty simple. Replacing it with a new high-powered LED. And these are non polarity-specific meaning it’ll work this way or we flip it around,
it’ll work the other way as well. This one’s a really nice upgrade.
It’s a lot brighter than stock. Put the switch side in first. Then you just push this in, and you’re done. We’re looking here at the passenger side tail light. And you can see your back up reverse light is right here. We’re using a 10 millimeter socket and we have attached to a drill. You have two bolts: one here and one here. These both need to come out. That’s two. Now the best way to remove this panel is to use our crowbar shape tool here. You’re gonna run it around the perimeter of the tail light and that helps you to release a little bit of everything to get it to come out. Essentially this whole thing needs to go this way. So, once you have it loose a little bit, you can push and that one comes out. You have a connector here, use your thumb to push down. And that pops that out. And now you have access from the back. And right here, this one is your backup reverse light. Twist it counterclockwise to remove. That reveals the bulb. And we’re replacing it with our 10 LED 5730 style premium bulb. And that’s a really nice upgrade. This one comes right out. You wanna make sure your leads here are pointing out just a little bit. To make sure you get a good connection. You plug that back in. Now again, these are all polarity non-specific so you don’t have to worry about testing it. Plug that one back in. Plug your power back in. Now when this comes back together, you’ll notice you have a guiding pin down here that lines up down here. You have two pins here, and one here, that make sure everything is flush to the frame, or the body, of the vehicle. So you just wanna be very aware of those pieces
as you do it. My recommendation: get this guiding pin here at the bottom down in first. Make sure these two line up, and then, last, make sure this one at top
slides into place here. That’s one, you’ve got the two on the side. There we go. Alright, now that that’s back in, two bolts go back in, you should be all set. Alright, let me put this in reverse and show you what it looks like. We’re looking now at the passenger side door courtesy light, or your puddle light. We’re using the flat end of our serrated knife tool here. You’ll notice that this side has the indentation which means the tool goes in this side and you pop that down. And that reveals your 194 168 style bulb. Again you can take a small tool and push this down, and it’ll pop out. There you go. And that one’s hot,
so just make sure you don’t pick it up immediately. Put the new LED in. There you go. And this one’s really nice upgrade at night. Pop that one back in. I’m gonna explain to you now how we remove or replace the license plate lights. And actually it’s a little bit of extra effort
here on the Forester. That’s because this entire panel here
needs to be removed to access the license plate bulbs. We’ve already done one, what needs to happen is these pillar panels right here need to come out. We need a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove a bolt here and remove the bolt here. And then we’re gonna also use the fork shaped wedge tool, get it into the sides here, wrap all the way around to help remove this panel. And then this thing will lean, or angle down, and we’ll be able to access
from this side. So, we’ll start that process. First, we’ll get these pillars released. There we go. There we go. Alright, and you’ll be able to see if you look right here, the bolt here that this entire piece kind of angles down on. We’re going to leave those in now. For now, we have a bolt here that needs to come out. And that’s a Phillips head. That’s one. We have one here near the handle. And there is a cover that you need to remove. There we go. And we’ll just put this back in so it stays there. There you go. And now you take your tool and we can start wrapping around and popping everything off. There you go. And that’s down. And now you have access to
your license plate light right here. And this one we’ve already made an LED. As you can see here. We’ll just come around to this side. You’ll see the license plate bulb here
needs to come out. And replace it with a new LED. Now these bulbs, specifically, are not or they are polarity-specific. So you wanna test this
before you go ahead and reinsert. I’m just gonna turn the headlights on which should activate the license plate lights as well. So I’ma do that now. Alright, that looks good. Go ahead and put those back in the housing. And now, you can lift this back up. And what you just need to make sure is that you pat everything down so all the clips go back into place. You get your two bolts: one here and one here. And then you put these pillar parts back on as well. So we’ll do all that now. And that’s the end of the installation. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at [email protected] or you can reach us online and submit a support ticket at Please like or subscribe if you enjoyed the video or enjoy the process for what we do. It really does help us out when we make the next one knowing that there’s people out there watching the videos. Have a good one!

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  1. Hello Phil, my Forester XT 2017 is coming in about 1 month time, and I intend to change out all the interior lights to LED white lights. I hope you can give me some advice on what are parts I will need. I saw your video, I think its easy and I like to try the change out on my own.
    I also like to change the fog light as well, can you help list out what are the choices I can pick from your web.
    Appreciate it a lot 🙂

  2. i got same subaru tat i like to change the light but i'm scared to do it me i know how much the light price and installation, look so easy for you to do it my email add is [email protected] ………..thank you

  3. Replaced my Forester's bulbs with white LEDs, and for the licnese plates, there is no need to pry out the interiors. You can do it from the housing outside. Mine is a '14 though, just not sure for the following ones. Good video though.

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  5. What item did you use to change out the reverse light bulbs? I have a 2018 FXT I am trying to change. Do your company offer LED Fog lights? I believe H11?

  6. Great video. I’m replacing a taillight assembly so I figured I’d start replacing all/ or most of my bulbs. You did a great job of thoroughly covering the procedures. Thank you for a very helpful video. – Mark in PA

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