Substance Designer for VFX – Делаем черный или белый фон прозрачным без особых усилий.

Substance Designer for VFX – Делаем черный или белый фон прозрачным без особых усилий.

Hello everyone, this lesson will be about working with textures where I will show you how to quickly remove the background from any texture The idea to make a video appeared spontaneously due to my correspondence with a friend He is engaged in modeling and showed that he makes tree branches from his photo-scans. But he did it all in Photoshop That is, he did each operation on each texture manually. It is long and inconvenient so I will show you a better way. For example, I took 3 textures To make the background transparent, you only need 3 nodes The first node is “Color to mask” In this note, you need to set the value of Red and Blue to the maximum to get white Mask range also set to maximum And change Keying type Next, set the value of Mask softness depending on our texture Artifacts appear on 1 so the value needs to be made smaller Like this: Next, add the invert grayscale node To make the branches white and the background black. then add the bitmap value to the Blend node first input 2 Input should remain empty. It will be transparency. Add invert grayscale node to opacity. And that’s it, we removed the background! But not with all textures it works out the same. If you take this texture, the result will be different. The background came out very black. And here another way is already needed. for this texture The first thing to do is set the “Pre-Multiplied to Straight” node By the way, you need to make a black and white bitmap. Then you need to add a “Straight to Pre-Multiplied” node This node retains gray and white hues. After that, you need to copy the bitmap node Make it colored And add it all to Blend. You also need to add the first bitmap to transparency. As you can see the texture turned out transparent, but… It is not as bright as the original. Therefore, you need to add an HSL node and set Saturation a little more. There is another way using the Channel Mixer node! It makes the black background transparent and the white color black And add it all to Blend. The color has become dull this can be fixed using the “HSL” node The value of lightness must be set higher. But still the best way is “Pre-Multiplied to Straight” and vice versa so colors stay more vibrant And save it all to a folder. As you can see, the background has become completely transparent. Compare with the original I think it turned out quite high quality Thanks for watching. If you have any questions, ask in the comments. Bye! See you in the next videos=)

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