Super modern micro studio – Offbeat Spaces video

Super modern micro studio – Offbeat Spaces video

BILL: My name is Bill and
I’m an environmentalist. And we’re here in New York
City in the East Village. I moved into this space 10 years
ago, and it was in such bad condition. Plastic bags as insulation
in the walls. And the windows were
boarded up. The floor had basically
holes– you could see below it. I was recycling. I’m an environmentalist. And so I didn’t want to come
home to the same dirt that I was facing every day in
my life of cleaning up abandoned gardens. I had all these criteria,
though, so I wrote them down. I had to have recycled
materials. I had to somehow make the
apartment look bigger with depth of field and
lighting tricks. But then it also had to be
exactly opposite of the stuff I was doing in the daytime. It had to be you’d come in,
it was perfectly clean. When I first moved in here,
everybody in the East Village wore black, and they did
it for two reasons. To be cool, but also
because it was impossible to stay clean. These panels are Plexiglas, and
you can see that this is the early design. The lights are in the corner. I didn’t know what to do,
so I screwed it in. And I was experimenting
with it a lot. So then I come out
with this wall. Instead of having the kick from
underneath, I put the kick in the inside. I came up with a way to hang
them with fishing line, so there’s no screws. If you can get behind here–
it’s almost like tinfoil, but you see how it moves? And when it’s a windy day,
you’ll see all this crazy shimmering. Sometimes when you design stuff
from scratch, you’d have to really open up your
mind, and say, well, that’s not right. But boy, it looks great. I started asking people better
ways to do projects. The ceiling came out so good
that I just laid on the floor and I just stood up in
this kind of mirror, and thought, wow. The squares almost look like
very nice ceiling panels. So there’s early designs mixed
with later designs here. And there you are. Streamlined, everything
hidden– but yet everything’s here. This was something I got
from Pan Am when they went out of business. Wow, these are really beautiful
cabinets, and they have such history. Then I found this old-school
’50s piece, and this is how they used to do it inside the
wall, and I was trying to do some of that. In the bathroom, again,
is recycled material. Originally I didn’t know what
to do with the shower. I’m still working on it, but I
have the drain out here and a drain over here. So you don’t need a wall. Also, the floor is
a heated floor. This little thermostat
controls the floor. I saw this is in a casino, and
I was like, gotta have that. Again, the sink, you can see
straight through it. It makes the space
look bigger. One time I saw one of those
commercials where they made everything white. and
I was like, that’s how I’d want my apartment. Just the product. I know a lot of people come in
here, and they’re like, it’s this a spaceship? What is this? And I’m like, no. It’s perfect. It’s nothing It’s what I want. I don’t want anything. TRACY METRO: Like
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100 thoughts on “Super modern micro studio – Offbeat Spaces video

  1. I originally didn't like this very much but when listening to him talk about it, I realized while this may not be the kind of home I would want, it's certainly perfect for him.

  2. they make a product that is a plastic that has a mirror like finish that you use on stretcher bars and shrink with a blow dryer. they used to sell it at lowes and home depot but not sure if it is still carried by them.

  3. Wow this is totally my style.. I would just need a huge tv and my computer space and I'd be set!
    My question is… If I bought it all brand new, how much would it cost?

  4. Excellent use of space. Lack of color could be remedied easily in changing the materials of the kitchen cabinets, floors, and other surfaces.

  5. Howdy! He lives like George Jetson! I'd love to see more videos of people who have untra modern Jetson homes! Thanks

  6. How did he make that amazing ceiling? What material is that? I would love to renovate a basement with a ceiling like that

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  8. the ceiling makes the room feels like inside of a big oven… and it makes me dizzy. hmm just my opinion.

  9. I like the salvaged cabinets but overall this place is disquieting and makes the backs of my eyes hurt .

  10. Some of this could have been better, it's cool and new, but it could do with some creativity and spark. It looked kinda bland, I'd have brushed aluminum and leather a lot of places. When everything is white it doesn't really create depth, rather the opposite. Depth is really important for making small spaces seem bigger and less claustrophobic. Well done though, especially on the window. That's an awesome way for hiding it and still have a fully functional window.

  11. reminds me of the main room in the original alien movie, white walls, cold feeling, with good use of metal. not my style but well done

  12. "It's nothing". "I don't want anything". Well……. Except for the TV while I'm taking a dump. What a pretentious d-bag

  13. You're Al Gore bro…. The environmentalist progressive (but don't tall anyone about my uber house and private jet). Hate clowns like you

  14. "is this a spaceship"
    what kind of person would say that after climbing the stairs…a 2 year old maybe

  15. to each his own, but not my cup of tea… I like the kitchen base cabinets, but the rest has a really cold feeling, like a morgue

  16. See, you people got this all wrong… this isnt where he lives. This is just the place where he cuts up his victims.

  17. SPACEtv has a bad habit — they always slam the entrance door into the face of people watching their video !

  18. Look so bright, can't even close my eyes and sleep. Does he trying to adopt to live in the space-ship for future? I just don't understand how he can stay when winter, his home cool like a freezer and when summer, his home hot like a oven?

  19. Love the moving/living window/wall effect. The airplane cabinetry is delightfully charming. Just needs a bit of textile to give it a bit of "warmth," otherwise a very interesting space.

  20. it looks cool, spacious and futuristic, i mean its not everyone cup of tea, and genius wall cover ideas to hide cords.

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