26 thoughts on “SuperHouseTV #1: Home Automation System Architecture 2012

  1. This is the most stupid thing I've ever seen. Run all new cables back to the switchboard?? Or multiple switchboards?! What a waste of time, effort and equipment. Just run 240 to the controller for the room, then run the cables of each light to the controller. Done.

  2. Good videos, well explained and very educational for those who knows nothing about home automation, even if they are old now.

  3. Your wasting money on those arduinos for light switches. Use 20 quid binary input module for your light switch and a controlling a relay in the panel. If you want to integrate linux, use bacnet4linux. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BACnet

  4. A very complicated way to turn a light on. Publish post subscribe etc The logic is simple if the switch is on then turn on light, So run a cable to the switch test if the switch is open or closed then open or close the relay to turn on the light.

  5. Hi there.. I know this video is already old.. but I find it very informative to us beginners out there… can you please give us some more information for those led lighted switches… part numbers or links? Thank you cheers!

  6. Can you do a video on working as best as one can with existing home wiring? Maybe with use of wifi enabled chips and sonof…etc somewhere in the line in the attic crawlspace?

  7. Nice work but i don't see any redundancy in the plan while everything is centralized.
    Don't you feel unsafe, when your central linux machine goes out?

  8. Node Red would be a very good software to use for this, it is visual and node based, and has an awesome looking web UI available

  9. Well, I think this whole MQTT nonsense is a poor design. You were closer to the better answer before if it was decentralized. I was a software architect that is now working at a different firm as a software analyst. It's a very bad concept. But am interested in some approaches but I don't want the computer to control the entire house. Outside things; ok.

  10. Did you get any of this inspected? Seriously, I am doing one of these systems and three sections of the US NFPA apply. I need a EE to stamp my plans and three separate inspectors and inspections. Nuts. What are you doing?

  11. Hopefully you never need/want to sell your house, I'm sure the custom built light switches, exotic wiring scheme and requirement of having a Linux server for the lights to work would be a turn off to 99% of buyers… Though if you found the right buyer you could get a premium….

  12. I have to know what your power bill is every month. All of those arduinos and tablets running non-stop have to add up, no?

  13. Awesome! I'm really excited about this channel! Maybe I'll be capable of making/planning my entire house circuit system! I do mechatronics. 😀
    I'll keep on watching! Really good!

  14. I just finished your entire SuperHouse series up until 16. Great videos, very educational and very well explained. I look forward to the ones to come! Cheers

  15. Hi Jon. Have you considered doing an update now that you've got the MQTT stuff in place? Or perhaps an instructional on getting the MQTT infrastructure in place for all your devices to pub/sub to. How to handle redundancy, etc.

  16. I've asked this question in another video of yours, but I would love to know whom to contact to have my desgins put on to a board. What software can I use on Ubuntu to design these boards?

  17. So glad I found your channel! I just wish you had a little more detail for the people starting, in your later videos. Like how to put the watchdog on that prototype board.

  18. What a great series. I watched them in reverse order so it was an interesting journey back in time. Really well explained and lots of good ideas. Definitely more motivated to move my home monitoring system forward!

  19. I'm only starting in computer and automation but why so much cables instead of running one serial bus (or 2 or 3 for different areas) around the house?
    And why using a big Arduino board for each of the button and not a simple serial enabled button?

  20. Instead of Apache, could you use Nginx? I know they both do the web serving aspect, I'm just wondering if there is a specific reason for it.

  21. You should put XMPP IoT in the server to handle anything in and out of the server, so you can do higher level federation, the propper way. It has all the Authentification, Authorization etc already done and tested. You can have pub-push on many nodes at once. And you can have mash, and not only tree.

    MQTT are good as long as you don't go out of your LAN, and are lower level.

    Search IoT XMPP for more information.

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