44 thoughts on “Swedish-inspired backyard cottage works as secluded oasis home

  1. Really nice cottege! I'm from sweden and i have to say the cottege remind me from north sweden and were i live smålnd, and the cottege we have here. But we have wood and not steel outside xD

  2. It's really a SHAME from STOCK
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  3. Like she invented windows and stuff, wow, what a load of snarky high-minded organic talk. Bla bla bla. What you did, was build cheap because Califorina is such a piss poor place to live, it was all you could afford. Why not just tell the truth?

  4. a lovely tribute to Scandinavian design and the typical Swedish red cottage! neat !! greetings from Sweden!

  5. I don't know anything about the cottages in Sweden but I do know that I absolutely love this one!! I've always been leafy of the Tiny houses because they were just waaay too small, but this size is absolutely perfect!! I could do this – no problem!!
    Great job & it's decorated so cute inside & the outside area is perfect too! If I ever get the chance to build my Tiny home – I'm showing them this!! 😍🏡💕👍⛅🌹🌞😍

  6. I like when you have stories of regular people with regular incomes, who have to work to actually afford building a small home. People in the bay area have to have lots of moeny just to own the land much less to build a home. There are people living in rvs working at tech companies there and workers living in garages and of course tons of homeless.

  7. Being closed in all 4 sides is neither Feng shui or Swedish. The ladder and loft don't work– it's not natural to be hunched over. Also, she said she was a minimalist. Did you see that clothes room (not closet).

  8. What did it cost you to build that whole home? I'm really I interested in doing something like that for my retirement

  9. I like the Joshua tree. I'm going to use the horizontal windows when I build my kitchen to display my vintage dishes

  10. In a warm climate like California, it doesn't seem a very good idea to install these metal panels, she's going to get pretty hot inside her home and on a rainy day, maybe it would be like living inside a drum.

  11. Totally agree about the purpose of windows, to include light, view where there is one, close focus to include outside spaces by an interior view, so you live on ALL your property. Like a gas expands to fill its container, claim the breathing room. Great ideas, once again Kirsten presents it well and almost invisible herself. I like that.

  12. Beautiful in every way BUT i would start looking for a replacement for that ladder up to the loft right now. Not safe for daily use at all. They are designed for an attic space, and using it once or twice a year, which is pretty decent odds. Everyday use is really rolling dice. Do not want to wind up in a wheelchair or the dream vanishes.

  13. Therapy tree 🌳 what concept👍🏼 and now I’m going to get rid of my stove and just go with the portable one yessss and the corrugated metal my goodness overall lovely design🎨

  14. I like the kitchen table and reclaimed cabinets, but best kitchen hack I´ve ever seen on this channel was to build drainer for dishes above the sink.

  15. I would be more impressed if this was done on a shoe string budget by someone who had very little money. What we have here is another example of rich people over indulging. Just saying

  16. I adore this! I did something sort of similar. It wasn't a separate structure, but it was an empty part of my building where I had a beauty salon and I had lived tiny before and finally decided I was tired of paying rent to pay someone else's mortgage and began planning. It was so perfect when I finished! I remember how everyone said I was crazy and couldn't understand why I would want to live in such a tiny space. When it was finished, all the nay sayers had to eat their words! Every single person was envious of my beautiful little home! It was wonderful to walk out of one door and into the next and be at work as well. I wish I still had it, but the neighborhood began to go downhill and I had 3 break-ins, even with an alarm system, so I decided to move. I now own a duplex but it's much larger and I love my home, however, it's just too big and I can't wait to retire with my husband and we are going to either buy another travel trailer or build out a cargo trailer to live in and travel. I don't want to spend my life cleaning house! I only wish the building codes were a relaxed here in Illinois like they are in California. I have a good sized back yard that I would build on now if I could. Thanks for sharing this awesome home with us! I get inspired from these homes!

  17. Su, are you single? Im single, living in Los Angeles. Would you like to have dinner? I can travel. You are the perfect match for me, being a minimalist is important to me. I used to live in Oakland and Sausalito in 2005-2008, love that town. I am 42 single , a little overweight, but working on it. I know this is kinda odd, but hey, how else am I gonna contact you? 😉

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