Sweet home 3D – Glass wall

Sweet home 3D – Glass wall

In this video, I’m going to show you how to create a house with glass walls I have already created the house, I left the future glass wall blank. I don’t want this wall to be glass top to bottom. I want to have a foot of wall at the bottom. To accomplish this I’m going to use the baseboard feature. Add the base board to both, outside and the inside. For the outside baseboard, I’m going to choose the same texture I used on the outside wall of the house. You can use Inkscape to create glass texture but, it’s a lot easier to go to Google Images and search for transparent glass texture. Find the texture you want and download it. Next, we are going to apply this texture to the wall. Double click on the wall to modify it. Now, I’m going to create round beams to cover the seams in the glass. The beam is in two parts and it will be difficult to move around. I’m going to select both parts and export it as OBJ Now that you have wall OBJ saved, Now you can delete the beam. and go to import furniture Now the beam is in one peace, and much easier to move. The glass wall isn’t transparent. But, after you create a photo You will be able to see the glass wall. I don’t want to have to create a photo every time I want to see my transparent glass wall. To make this wall transparent all the time, we need to select the wall and export it as OBJ. You can now delete the existing wall, and replace it with the wall OBJ. Go to import furniture. And Import the wall. As you can see, the wall has glass in it. Repeat the same process for the upstairs wall. I hope you found this video useful. If you like my video please give it a thumbs up, or leave a comment with any suggestions or questions.

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  1. Hi there I'm so confused with this bcoz i'm a noob. can I use my House picture as a template to put on the design I like . I mean the actual photo?

  2. je n'ai pas compris comment votre mur devient transparent si vous pouvez m'expliquer
    i didn"t unederstand how your wall become transparent berfore make it an object , can nous plizzz explane me
    thank you

  3. 1 Abrimos un modelo de casa amoblada en 3d. 2 Abrimos otra vez el programa Sweet Home 3d Nuevo Vacio. 3 Copiamos un solo mueble al Nuevo Sweet Home 3d. 4 En la vista virtual Botón Derecho del mouse EXPORTAR A OBJ. 5. En el nuevo Sweet Home 3d en el menú Importar Mobiliario. NOTA: ASI PODREMOS SEPARAR OBJETOS EN 3D PARA UTILIZARLOS CON UNA IMPRESORA 3D, O PROPIAMENTE LOS OBJETOS EN 3D QUE TIENEN UN PRECIO EN INTERNET, AUTOS, MUEBLES ETC.

  4. También hemos de utilizar el inmobiliario de las casas que tiene en la pagina web, como las computadoras consumen demasiada memoria hemos de reducir la vista virtual al máximo que no se vea y pode mover los muebles a un archivo nuevo de sweet home 3d, asi obtendremos al máximo uso de muebles en 3d, despues de terminar lo planos maximizar la vista virtual. LISTO.

  5. I followed all the steps and used the same texture as you did in the video as well as used the same dimensions you used for the glass but I couldn't get a glass wall. What should I do?

  6. One Problem Is Occuring When I Try To Import Furniture. When I Tried It The Message On Computer Screen Is Update Your Directx/Opengl Drivers Of Your Computer Please Give Me Suggetion As Quick As Possible.

  7. It works perfectly! Just choose a good texture and in PNG format. I have tried with JPG and doesn't works for me. Dont forget to resample the glass texture or you would get a nice tile design. Tnx for the apport.
    ¡Funciona perfectamente! Simplemente elija una buena textura y en formato PNG. Lo he intentado con JPG y no funciona para mí. No te olvides de volver a muestrear la textura del vidrio o obtendrías un bonito diseño de mosaico. Tnx para el informe.

  8. Nice.. you just have to select a transparent img .. if the obj that has been exported doesn't become transparent.. then change it with a transparent glass image. (Y)

  9. i did all what you said in video but no transparent of wall, also i did the steps recommended by other but also no transparent appeared, maybe you have special version of software..
    please explain to us …

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