Tank interieur (#90)

Tank interieur (#90)

Hoho hey hello people. And great that you are watching a new workshop vlog. If i’m right, goods were delivered by INDI. So we are going to check the safe right away. Well, at least the safe is still here… The safe is there. Look there are some pipes. Small bars. Yeah, I think we need more of those. Did you ordered the ones that are too short? No, no they are 3 meters. just hurry up, I need to pee OOOoooohhhh I told you to do that first! Nooo nooo noo Aah here. Stuff! *random groaning* Look at that! There really are a lot of boxes! We did our best. Look at this. Right, I will record you carrying it inside. Lets open it inside That looks like a great plan, its quite a lot. And its pretty cold. Yeah thats right. This is almost like the mail vlog… We got all fan mail (sarcastic). That’s the reason I got the mailvlog knife. Be careful… Don’t stab yourself in the back. (sarcastic) Being careful not to stab myself in the back…. That’s the M10x1 thread tap. *random words that doesn’t make any sense* This will speak for itself. That is something you wont need to open. The hose. This is for the fuel. This will be the 8MM tube. yes it is. Look at this That will be for the carpenter. That’s correct, this is for the carpenter. Tim from Weekendbuilders will soon going futher with the bar.He will be crafting some more. He asked me to order some chains, so i did. No it’s Zinc spray. Look at this. Oh yeah….. its for the brackets off course. Blue?! If right the will be normal zinc color. Try it. I hope its not blue. No its the right one. That’s great. look, This is beautiful. Your seeing this? Emile: your see this color? Dirk: He, 2005 mouse gray. It’s the same color as this. We got a lot of paint left over. From Hempel. But sometimes for patching up small spots this is very useful. Open the can, do some blurblurb with a brush… plarpplarp. White. And red. That’s for that one. Hey that’s the right color right? But there is more. There is more 10MM clamps. There are for these. Because look at this one…. This is faded glory. This one we won’t put back one We using a nice new one for this. And even better, these are 15mm. I didn’t see the 16mm ones, the weren’t there. But 15mm instead 16mm will work just fine. This will be the 8 probably. eight (confirming) Next one… That’s a lot of bolts. M10x1x30. This are our fine metrical bolts. and we are at the last one. He look at this. A new tap wrench. And more taps. A M12x1 and this must be the M8x1 Nice dude. So we can carry on the work! Ours is broken. That’s a big one. That’s a serious big one. Seriously, I think we’ve already got one like this… Yeah, but look how big this hole is That’s big. But you can make it smaller, look. that makes a difference We already got this one lying around. We already have one. It smells good. It looks good. It’s a thick slush I got here the manual for the T55. Because I’d like to make the plumbing straight from the fire extinguisher But I found this, this small part. We placed this back yesterday… Did we record that? Yea… I don’t know.
-Its the small switch. Its placed inside the turret ring. I thought it was used to know which way the canon is facing. And there were some lights of which we didn’t know where they’d belong. This part is placed in the turret ring. There a probably some cams on the turret itself. They will go through it. Click click its will be shift…. It can be switched to different positions. Here is written down that it’s meant to tell if the canon is sticking out of the tank. So the driver can see when he is driving that the canon is pointing sideways. So when the canon is sticking out of the tank…. it would be a shame if you’d pass a house or tree and you jam the canon into it. There a warning lights. When its green you can drive pedal to the metal and nothing is sticking out. And when the warning light is showing, he will know that the canon is sticking out. So he can watch how he is driving. That’s where it’s meant for. That is a clever idea. So simple. I told so…… Watch this here. You see? That is a clever invention. Yes And… That means, these ‘gentlemen’… – will probably be the lights for it. Yeah probably these I think. Watch this. Strange. This must belong somewhere near the driver. Not strange but logical actually. You’ll have a bad day when you actually hit a tree with that! It is even better then we thought. It even shows on which side it’s sticking out. There are two lights… When the lights are off everything is fine. When green is showing, it is sticking out one side and the red one is for the other side. At least, I think it is green and red, if remember correctly Then we must be sure the lights are mounted on the correct side. This is a function that is vital for us to. Despite the fact that it will never shoot again the barrel can still hit something. That would be a bad thing to happen. I’m not sure where it will break then.
What will give way? The turret drive line I guess? I think so. Or there is a safety. That it keep on turning? I don’t know for sure, probably the gearing not. Would it have a slip protection?
-Then it must be in the engine. In the drive itself probably. But i don’t know for sure. We will see when it is here. I think there is no protection because there is this system for. I think your are just clumsy, it is the same as when you hit something with a other kind of machinery. Okay, I’ll carry on looking for that fire extinguishing plumbing. Goodmorning!
-I’m here again. Yes for sure. I just started recording Dirk who is starting to paint. I was checking my painting… oooeeh. Nice ey? But it’s not as nice, spray painting was easier.
-Yes of course, but you can spray this too if you like…. If you say so… Maybe we should use the roller. And he is opening the door. No Loeka, No No Nooo. Your staying outside Snoeksie.(nickname) You can come in and out on your own as soon as you won’t collect everything you find anymore. Playful puppy… That’ll cost a lot of stuff being nashed to bits.
So we keep her inside or outside so she can’t shop around inside to demolish it outside. That is a problem indeed. Yeah, we got a some things we attached to and want to keep in one piece. I hand over the camera to Bas.
-I think that’s a good idea. Nice dude. Its even still recording. I’m busy bending the copper tubing back in place. The need paint of course, but I will first bending them in position. Because when we paint them first and bend them after painting, the paint will fall off. The copper will bend but of course the paint won’t. So I’ll put them in. It’s a bit of a jigsaw
puzzle but we’ll get there. It’s mostly done already… The jigsaw puzzle is coming together nicely.
Just a few more…. I remove the pipes again, so we can paint them. Then we can put them back for good. New fuel tanks. Chique, right? I ‘tank’ that’s it! Now our tank has got a tank. Maybe we need to talk to the manufacturer about this. This is not okay of course. Would the warranty still be valid? This is a manufacturing fault!
-No I think this is the reason the battle tank is burned down. IT’S NOT BURNED DOWN!
-ooh. This is not the way it should be. You can see that the pipe is flattened here. During the assembly they put it together crooked and then just tightened it. It’s not correct, it’s not sealed of course. When used it will be leaking. But for the functionality it doesn’t really matter. Most will exit at the nozzles By the smell I know this is great paint. You should not stay above it too long though… Now we wait. Till it is dry so I can get it there. It is an exiting operation. Good morning gentlemen. Who is there? Here we are again. How is it going? This is Tim from Weekend-Builders. He is here today to do some stuff in the bar. Isn’t it? We gonna start with the lights made of rims. We can show what we are going to do with it. Nice. I’m still busy with painting. I need to finish this and then I will join you. We’ll see you in a minute. That is actually Dirks old spare wheel. What are we going to do. We gonna remove some rims from the wheel, Tim wants to use some rims for crafting some kind of lamps to use in the bar. That is a great machine. Yes it works fine. The idea. The last time we made that wall. Now we do the wheels, actually crafting the rims into lamps. We are going hang the lamps with the chains. We gonna ad some lamp fittings underneath. And we gonna hang these up there. I found it actually funny. Because i had the assumption that they would hang like this. But actually it’s like this. Right? yeah or a little of both. I would say, Tim go for it. No problem. I’m curious, but it fits in the style. But the bar is still not finished. We got a lot still to do. We want to make a same wall here just like this. Here you wanted another kind of lamp isn’t it? Yes with some kind of plumping style. We can fit it in style of the existing piping, so it looks functional. So we can make a span and putting it together. Yeah Bas, you going to get a nice office. that’s making me happy. And you will be happier, the coming next week for a wood stove. It’s very cold here (sarcastic). Men o men, it’s not bad right now. But it will be worse. In the mean time I was looking at this. These are on the floor. There will be some kind of rolls sitting on it. The floor of the turret will be turning on it. But we’re missing some of the needles. There are needle bearings around it. There are actually bushing around it. There are lying down here. There is sitting a bolt inside because we didn’t want to damage the bearing surface with paint or blasting material. This must come together later on. And here are needles around. And there is grease inside for turning. These ones. One of the rollers was lying on the floor and all the needles fell out of it. So we lost them all. So we need new ones later on. Look Still looking fine. Little bit of cleaning. This is still fine. And we got all of the bolts so we can put it together. So nice. Here we’ve got the best reactions on the last video “kabelboom monteren” (reassemble wire harness) Jasper NL is asking How do you ever want to clear/free the caterpillar tracks? That is a question we’ve heard before. That’s a good question… We don’t know yet. We got some ideas we want to test. We want to start soon with it. But for now we are busy with putting this all together. After this we go further with the caterpillar tracks. But it’s a good thing that this is the most manufactured kind of tank in the world. Maybe we get some other tracks. Yes maybe we find another solution. But for now we don’t have them so we continue with working on these. I think one of our viewers has a set lying around. On the attic maybe? Haha, a set of winter caterpillar tracks maybe? Marijn Westerveld, is saying. I’m getting jealous of that tractor. Nice International. I would like to see how you all fix this. Are we going to do that next week? Yes we must. This week is a little bit broken up because tomorrow you aren’t here. I don’t know if there is a “werkplaatsvlog”. We are flying tomorrow with the drone for testing. Maybe it’s fun to share it, but it depends on how much exiting things happening. I need to do some paperwork. Maybe we can tell if there will be a “werkplaatsvlog” on instagram. Felix Ruys says: How is it going with the skirts of the tank? That are those things hanging on the side. Those we need to fix. True. Those are lying outside on a pallet. They don’t look so good, we are going to make some new ones. But not for know, we have plenty to do. And at some point they need to be painted. We might need to ask rasco clemco if we can use the spray painter again. And we don’t have the turret yet. So I’m thinking when we finish the turret we need to have the skirts finished as well. so we can paint them all together. So that was it again? Yes it is, so lets go to work again. Oh, so now I have to tell? Tim was going home. So go now dude! Houdoe (Local dialect for goodbye) till the next time. I was meanwhile working here. I think it’s already used. Or maybe they drained it. Is it empty? Probably. I don’t know how it works. I think it’s empty. I imagine that there is something in front of it that blocks it. That the are puting power on it.. That just drops. This came out of it. On every extinguisher there are two connections. For every extinguisher you can choose which valve opens. I think it can only happens once. because when its empty its empty. It blows itself empty when you put power on it. The extinguishing agent goes by the pipes. You can choose between a fire in the engine compartment of battle compartment. You can use the system 3 times. This starts looking chic again. Men o Men. Looking fine he? Looking brutal. Butttt We came to the end of this “werkplaatsvlog” Dirk, somebody asked if you wanted to do the ending of this “werkplaatsvlog” Do it quickly then! Thank you for watching and till next time!

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    @Emile, ik weet niet hoe de acceptatie werkt maar misschien kan jij eens kijken wat je moet doen om het werkend te krijgen. Ik ga maar eens slapen want dit heeft lang genoeg geduurd haha.

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