Target Apartment Makeover | At Home With P. Allen Smith

Target Apartment Makeover | At Home With P. Allen Smith

I’m Lorraine Owens, and my daughter just moved
into her first apartment. It needs help. It needs some decoration really bad. And, unfortunately,
I’m not a decorator. So I called P. Allen Smith, and he has agreed today to come here
and help me, thankfully, to make this apartment Jessica’s first dream apartment, hopefully.
Hi, Lorraine. Hey, Allen. So good to see you. Good to see you too. What do you have up your
sleeve here? Oh, I need your help. I think we can surprise her, and it will be beautiful,
and she’ll love it. Well, do your magic. Alright, let’s have a look. So, Allen, this is it.
Nice size room, Lorraine. It is. It has a nice feel to it. Good bones. I really wanna
do something nice for her. What about her color preferences? What does she like? I know
she likes, well, I was looking over here — she loves aqua. She loves blue. She loves her
little lamp that she purchased herself. So she obviously likes things that are related
to the ocean or nautical themes. She does. That kinda thing? She does. So, Lorraine,
do you have some sort of budget in mind for this? Yes, I do, actually. Maybe, nothing
over $1,000. If you can get even a little under that, even better. Right, right, maybe
the $700 – $800 range? That would be perfect. Okay, great. I know. What a difference, huh?
Oh my gosh — this so amazing! I know it, I know it. I can’t believe it either. I love
it. Thank you so much! Oh my god. I love it, too, honey, but I didn’t do it myself. What?
No, I had some help. Definitely had some help. Surprise! Hi, how are you? So good to see
you. And you too. Hey, Lorraine. Thank you so much. Ooh, you like? It looks fantastic.
And, Lorraine, the good news is that we were able to do it within our budget. Great, that’s
the best part of it, god. But, you know, how we’re you able to do that with all of this,
Allen? Well, you know, we had to be very thrifty. We found some cool stuff at Target. We also
hit some secondhand stores and got creative on some things. Yeah, so I think it’s worked
out really well. I’m really happy with it. So why don’t I give you a little tour of your
new space. Great! But if you look over here on this wall, I mean, you know, you remember
there wasn’t a whole lot going on over here. Now it just seemed to me that, you know, if
you could have your television over there and we could use this mantle piece as a focal
point because I really like those blue tiles. Your mom said you really liked them and that
you loved vintage, so we kinda tried to go with that theme and mix it up with some modern
things. I grouped four mirrors, one slightly blue in color. The other, slightly sort of
okra in color. So that helped with our theme. And then we found these two little stools.
It seemed like if you have people over, you needed a little more seating. Sofa’s nice,
but you needed a little extra. Then over here, you really needed another piece of furniture.
And you don’t have a lot of space so we built this console just out of some 2x4s and some
extra wood that we had, covered it with a piece of fabric. I think it looks pretty good.
The color works great. And then for the wall hanging, hey, we got one of your books. We
wanted to personalize it. Your mom said you really loved Through the Woods. I can’t believe
you remembered. I know, isn’t that great. We just had that blown up. You know, it was
a tiny picture, but we had it blown up with the color of the room with the blue. So it
worked out really well. Now as you recall, here, there was absolutely nothing on this
wall, but it just seemed to make sense that a wall shelf like this really works because
you don’t have a lot space to walk. Now the little touch of red and gold, I think, helps
pop. And then you can put all kinds of natural objects and things on it just like a sort
of an old fashioned eterges. Yeah. I love it. And some shells. You’re mom told me that
you love anything from the ocean. Absolutely. Great. And here’s a little bird nest. And,
of course, you gotta have some house plants, right? Of course. Yeah. Well, let’s step over
here. I just wanna show you this wall because this is the widest wall in the room. What
we did is we started with the window treatment. Really felt like you needed something a little
lighter and airier. And by using a light fabric, it makes the room feel much larger. We wanted
the room to feel bigger and so that really helps a lot. The sofa: Well, we kept the sofa,
obviously, but we went to Target and we found a slip cover. Look how great it looks. Oh
my god. And we found those throw pillows at Target as well. So I think they all really
resonate with the colors here. And then the lamps on either side — well, thanks to your
mom, she made that contribution from the house. So, thank you for letting us use those here.
No problem, they look better here. I do think they look very good. So that helped save the
day. And then, of course, we used some platters. You can see over here, three platters on either
side, vintage platters. Again, that sort of cream color. And then the coffee table — you
had no top for it. Oh no. I think it was time for a top. So I had some extra boards at the
farm, and so what we did is we just had them put together like this. I think it’s gonna
make a great top. It’s larger now so you can play games. And the other thing that’s cool
is under here for storage for you DVDs and CDs. You have four of these baskets under
here for storage. So, hey, in a small space, you need storage ideas. Absolutely. Yeah.
And then, decided that the Oriental rug didn’t really fit where we were going here. You needed
something a little more modern and the color needed to work. So we found this really cool
rug at Target. So I think it all comes together really well. Allen, thank you so much. Oh,
you’re welcome, sweetie. It’s beautiful. You deserve it. Thank you so much. Yeah, it was
a lot of fun. And thanks for the opportunity, Lorraine. Thank you, Allen. It’s better than
I could’ve ever expected. Hey, we need to do another one. Hey, if you’ve got makeovers
that you’ve done, we’d love to see the before and afters. Make sure you subscribe to eHow
Home. Hey, we even have fresh apples for you.

40 thoughts on “Target Apartment Makeover | At Home With P. Allen Smith

  1. Went I first looked at the fireplace and colour I didn't like it at all. I love the way you hv added decorative items that compliment it and u really made it stand out. N it looks unique and it really brings out the blue. It's perfect now.

  2. This is terrible for $1k! What she needed was to trash that ratchet a$$ couch and she needed a proper TV stand or mount much more than a birds nest, Really? How in the hell did you manage to spend $1k shopping at Goodwill and Target? Especially since half that crap was scraps and hand me downs? Seems like someone got taken for a ride. I'm disgusted with this particular "makeover" and it looks like garbage, BTW. 

  3. This was not worth $700-$800. This is like an anti-target advertisement. That money did not get him far there. He could have at least found her futon instead of throwing that cover over that old couch.

  4. I love this room! Very put together and perfect for a young lady. Utterly charming! I dont get the negative comments. And for everyone saying "he spent 1000 on this??" Its NOT 1000 didnt you watch the video?

  5. I don't see any nautical or marine related decorations other than those cheap looking sea shells. Major fail.

  6. Well…that was disappointing, wasn't it? P.Allan can create really lovely interiors, but this one…well…I like the lamps and the rug he threw out…

  7. Terrible worse design ever I thought it designed for the daughter in mind look like it's for the mom!! Epic fail

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