hey everyone welcome back to my channel so if you watched my last great grocery haul you would have seen that I also bought some stuff for the house and I said I was going to do a separate video on that so that is what I am doing today I am down in our basement it is almost finished the guys have to just come this week and fill the nail holes in the trim and then hang a couple things in the bathroom like the talib are the mirror and then there's like a couple Nick's in the wall I showed you guys out on the vlog so they need to just kind of touch-up that stuff and that will happen this week but otherwise it's finished we have a new couch I'm not going to show you yet because we're missing one end because the guys brought it on Friday and the one end of the sectional had a like almost a footlong tear in the back of that part of the sectional so they sent that piece back and they're delivering a new one this Friday so I will wait to show you all of that once it's kind of finished we did order a TV stand which is what my camera's sitting on right now I will show you guys that later as well it's kind of like half put together but I really like it it's a lot smaller than I thought it was going to be but it was pretty cheap and affordable and we are going to hang a TV on the wall we haven't bought a TV for down here yet but we're gonna hang the TV on the wall so this TV stand is really just gonna be for like the Nintendo and some movies and stuff like that so anyways let's go through and show you guys what I bought at Target first and I apologize so you can probably hear the kids upstairs we decided to take the door off of the bottom of the basement because it swings open into this hallway and it's just in the way and annoying so the door is off and so you can hear them upstairs but anyways I did buy a few clothing items for the kids case is pretty much grown outgrown all of his pants and I don't want to buy him a ton of pants cuz it's about to be summer but he still needs a few fair a pair of pants for chilly days or nights and stuff like that so I got him just a black pair kind of sweatpants and there the champion brand from Target I need to have him try these on but they look like they're gonna fit him and then I bought the girls some little biker shorts Kyle is kind of a at a hard size because she's in between a medium and a large target but the large just looked so big and her legs are pretty skinny and her waist is pretty skinny so I got her a medium in black and pink and they didn't have Kenley sighs she needs an extra small and the only color they had in her size which I guess I forgot them upstairs but it's like the denim blue kind so that's the only kind of biker shorts that I got Kenley and then I also got Kyla this black skirt and it's actually like sports or whatever it has the shorts underneath which is really nice this I did get in a large because the medium looked like it was gonna be really short and the drawstring does work so hopefully this will fit her she hasn't tried any of it on yet and then I got her this little t-shirt it's just black and white stripes it is also the champion brand and then the back is cute it has a little cutout at the top and then the black down the bottom this is a large she did see this and really likes it she's now starting to like have an opinion on what she wears so she approved that I got this for myself my friend Amanda had it and I am copying her because I thought it was cute I got a large I'm kind of either a medium or large but I kind of wanted this to be oversized and I might even tie it I don't know but I just think that it's cute and I kind of like the vintage tee look and then I got Kyla these shorts I don't know how she's gonna like these these are also a medium so super cute I needed her to try these on for sure and then I got them to go with this which I don't know what these shirts are technically called but it does have the tie in the front and she loves that kind she like squealed when she saw this so I just thought this would be really cute for summer with these shorts sorry but anyways they I needed her to try all of that on so I think that's all for clothes and the rest is kind of random but I got myself another bottle of shampoo I just used the by Lodge I don't know basic can I get the big one and then I have the smaller one that I just refill and then I got some ink for our printer we've been out for a while and then I have some random stuff in here that's all covered in taos oh I forgot to show Kyla beasts I didn't even shower and Kenley's gonna be sad because they didn't have her size but I got kylo these flip flops err size medium 2/3 she's just about to be in a size 2 shoe right she's nice too I think so but anyways these should be good for all summer and like I said they didn't have Kenley size but I would like to get Kenley a pair of flip flops for this summer as well these two things are actually for the bar I just got a couple more um mop heads and we just use these I don't know Libman the tornado mop and then I just wash them and keep reusing them but I wanted to get a couple more remember to take those this is something that I wanted for a while and I finally bought it for myself I haven't gotten Target much at all lately but I have in my kitchen by my sink I have a little marble tray that I got from Target and I keep my dish soap and hand soap and stuff on it and I also have the matching paper towel holder maybe you've seen that in my cleaning videos or whatever but I've been wanting the marble like what is it gold utensil holder and I finally bought it for myself it doesn't ever price I can't remember I think it maybe was 1999 but I'm not sure don't quote me on that but it's really nice quality and I really love it I right now just have like an Ikea little mug or not among a little pitcher with my utensils and it doesn't hold much and I kind of just wanted this instead so that's gonna go on my counter with my kitchen utensils and then I got this for Tyler for Father's Day he drinks coffee on the weekends at home and this is the hearth in hand brand and I just thought it was really cute because it's got black on it which you guys know I love so it just says love you dad that's gonna focus here we go so just super cute I think he'll like that definitely didn't need it but we can give it to him for Father's Day and then I think the rest of this stuff is for the bathroom down here in the basement so I got this shower curtain and it is the threshold brand and it is black and white stripes and then it kind of has like little arrow looking things I don't know I will show you guys once I get it hung up and I do still plan on doing a full house tour once we get this basement all set up and finished so I will show you this once it's hung up and then I got a rod for it to go on super basic and then I ended up getting actually two of the shower curtain liners because we need a new one for our shower curtain up in our master this is the fabric ones I prefer the fabric ones over like the super cheap feeling plastic ones that's what we have right now so I got one for down here in one for our master shower and speaking of our master shower I am going to be getting a new shower curtain for that one because I can't stand the shower curtain that I picked out I don't know why I picked it but I hate it I almost bought a new one today but I decided get the basement bathroom set up first and then replace the upstairs one that later so then I decided to go with black for the um bathroom down here the other bathrooms are mostly white like white shower curtains white towels everything but I don't know why I decided to go to with black I may regret it because it might show everything but I got this rug for the bathroom which has a little bit of a design in there which you can't really see too much this is the Nate Berkus project 62 brand so just a pretty simple black rug for the bathroom and then I got the same Nate Berkus project sixty two bath towels these probably won't get you as much honestly the shower probably won't get used I don't know if I ever get used down here but these will just kind of be more of a decoration but I'll hang two up down here so I got two bath towels just plain black and then I got the same style in a hand towel and I got two just to have a backup when I'm washing the other one and hopefully that all looks and looks good in there I love black I'm not sure about a black bathroom but we'll see the walls are the same color as everything else in our house which I get a lot of questions about that is it is Sherwin Williams repost gray and then the cabinets are white and the mirror trim is white and there's like a little bit of blacks buckles in the countertop so I'm hoping it'll look good I got this black garbage can from Target this was it's kind of a cheaper one but for a facebook bathroom I had a different one picked out that was cuter it was like it was round and it just was sturdier but it was 1999 and this one was $9.99 and for a $10 difference for a garbage can in a basement I just figured I can save $10 on that so that's that oh I forgot I got these hooks for the shower curtain so they are the I guess just the Target brand I don't know but just matte black finish shell um shower curtain hooks and then I got a couple things for the kids little like under the stairs play area um I think I've shown it on the vlog and on my Instagram so under the stairs is like a super small closet but that's gonna be their little hideout their little play area and then they'll have the whole other play room as well but I got this black pillow to go in the little closet so that they can sit and read books or just I don't know lay in there and be comfy and then I also got oh this little basket just to like set some books on there so we're not gonna bring a ton of stuff into that closet but I just wanted them to have a little thing to put some books to read in there and I think hopefully I'm not gonna change my mind but I kind of want to do like a black in turquoise theme in there so that's why I got this color I also have the turquoise IKEA rolling cart which probably won't go in that closet I'll probably go in the playroom but I might tie in like purple or something too but for now it is gonna be like black and turquoise so I got that for that little closet and then the last thing was just three storage tubs and I think I forgot the lids upstairs but we're gonna be hopefully organizing our garage a little bit better and these were all on sale at Target so it just basic tubs I want to right now we have two shelving units in our garage that just are filled with stuff and I want to start putting that stuff into tubs and then on the shelves and I got the clear ones so we can clearly see what is in each tub if we need to find something so that is it and I forgot about these they were out in my garage I picked these up from Target as well so they are just planters for outsides I don't get some flowers to plant so I got one big one and two small ones and these are kind of expensive I think this one I don't know if it's on here I think this one was 30 and the small ones were 25 each but they're pretty good quality and sturdy and something that I can obviously use every year because I don't have any planters yet and I want to put some flowers out front of our house but yeah I will hopefully be showing you the finished basement and the rest of the house very soon like I said it should all be done this week we might even today start cleaning some stuff from the storage and putting it into the playroom and stuff everything needs to be cleaned and dusted just from all the drywall and dust and everything flying around back here we have a huge black bean bag that the kids love we took the cover off and it's actually in the washer right now so yeah hopefully this basement will all be set up soon I thought I would just share you with you a few things that I bought for it so thank you so much for watching and make sure to give us the thumbs up if you enjoyed it and I'll see you guys very soon bye


  1. Can’t wait to see your whole house tour. I love black as well, especially with greys and white.

  2. I can't wait to see your flowers and i have the black and white in my Bathroom and i love it!! See you next time..

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