Target Spring Try On Haul 2019 | Home Decor

Target Spring Try On Haul 2019 | Home Decor

as a really cute container you're like I don't know yeah what's gonna go in you but like something cute because I need this in my life hey health nuts welcome back to my channel today's video we are doing a haul not a grocery haul although I know you guys love those but we were actually doing a home decor and just summery haul Matt and I went to Target recently and we picked out some things that they had there that were very fresh and summery and springy so I thought I would share with you guys what we got we are obviously still in the process of decorating our home and we are still such a far away to be until we're completed but definitely a target has some really nice trendy budget-friendly home decor things and I mean even if you live in Canada they actually shipped to Canada now which is awesome but I mean if you're in the Toronto area it's like an hour-and-a-half Drive head over to the border pick up some really cute things and you can bring it back home and just pretend that we have target Canada again sad face who misses target in Canada I do like times – alright let's hop right in actually before we do make sure you are subscribed to this channel you can hit that red subscribe button down below it's free I post every Monday and Wednesday and Friday on this channel so lots more videos for you guys to binge watch let's hop right in alright so first thing here actually have this really cute yellow striped beach bag this is actually cashews puppy bag you know how there's like a diaper bag yummy if you saw my 10 things I wish I knew before getting a puppy you know that puppies have like just as many things babies and you need them when you're going places so I thought you know cashews colors yellow so I thought this is super cute it's also just like multifunctional if I just need this for a beach bag it's awesome as well but it has a bunch of things stuffed in here also I'm gonna link all of the items I'm mentioning down below for you guys to check them out because yeah all these should be still available first thing in here is this really cute I think this is like a wicker kind of just canister I just thought this was the cutest thing it has a little like plastic insert in it so we're actually setting up the basement for the health nut shop headquarters which is really exciting so I'm just trying to get some decor stuff from down there so you'll see some things in this haul for downstairs so I thought this would be cute for just like an on the bathroom counter holder maybe I can put like I don't know some cotton swabs or swabs are they cotton no cotton rounds ear swabs I don't know what is going in here you know when you buy something is a really cute container you're like I don't know yet what's gonna go in you but like something cute because I need this in my life so that's what happened here and I mean worst case scenario this could just go on a really cute shelf because I got some decor things for a shelf we don't have yet but you'll see why they're so darn cute so I got that and this came in a set there was like small medium large I may go back for the other sizes I don't know yet then I got some clothing now I always I mean target is like hit hit or miss when it comes to clothes sometimes you find really cute things other times it's just kind of like mmm it's it's not that exciting and I'm really picky now when I buy clothes cuz I just try not to buy things that I'm just gonna wear once and then not wear again I guess it's just wasteful and I'm just trying to avoid that but these are so cute I forget what this is called like this like soft denim material I don't know if it's like chambre I'm not sure but it's these are so cute they look so comfy now that we have a puppy I feel like we're gonna be going to like the beach and just being outdoors more and these are just they're you know great for the summer because they're shorts and they're comfortable I love the fact that they just have like a stretchy waistband and yeah these were $19.99 you can't go wrong and I feel like I don't have that many shorts for this summer so and they have back pockets when you have a puppy uni or dog you have to wear clothes that have pocket so those are really cute speaking of dog yes I'm a crazy dog mom okay just we can get that out of the way Chloe's gonna laugh she hasn't seen this stuff so she is the face on her the look on her face Kate paws paw print great okay this is just like could be pajama wear I'm totally gonna wear this out so I just wanted like a loose relaxed shirt I thought that was really cute and as I was seeing that one I was not looking for dog shirts just so you know they just happened to pop out at me and then look I love my daughter more than my bed but yeah so cute and this is just like this probably is gonna be pajama shirt maybe wear it out as well I don't know you just you can't have too many like just soft snowy t-shirts to wear with shorts that's a cute casual outfit I like and then speaking of clothes I also got I feel like every season I get a new pajama set not every time I buy new pajamas he's like don't you have so many pajamas and I really don't cuz like I don't know I I will have certain ones and I'll just wear them to death and then I have to look a venti get rid of them because they're falling apart but these are so cute like I love the olive green and floral print I like the tank top I don't have one no way I do have one that's tank top but I have another tank top now and I just love sets pajama sets you know they're so cozy and comfortable you'll probably see this in a morning routine that's what inspires them like oh I need this for a video yeah it's probably not a good thing but you know I love those and then would also have here a random wooden ball this is a very random haul by the way so this is madness like what is this exactly I'm like you know it's a wooden sphere like it's for a shelf I don't know I if you know me in real life you might know I love like when it comes to design stuff I always tell people like I love circles and I don't know why circles make me really happy circles and like honeycomb and like natural shapes I don't know if circles are natural no they are very circles are natural it would orb this is not a toy this is not a toy cashew she's passed out this is so cute so when we eventually do have shelves in the living room and dining room and stuff I think these would be really cute for decor stuff and I got some other things that I think are they in here no missing another bag but we'll find it okay so next I have we did get some things for cashew because I'm a sucker and like like really I don't want it is their squeaker oh my the pit is a squeaker I don't want to do it cuz cashew you don't even know how awesome these toys are yet so it's kind of like a corduroy in the back it has a bit of that like I don't Archy taper noise and then I'm guessing oh yeah that's a squeaker yeah she's passed out so darn cute and in the food trend we also got a little mushroom little shrew me and an acorn I don't know why they have so many tags on them I don't have to riff all these out but how cute are these it's just so many toys I don't know how people restrain themselves from buying more dog toys it's kind of like mugs like you can't have too many mugs you just can't have to mean the dog toys are so cute and they really are selling themselves to the pet owner like cow she doesn't know if she's chewing on an avocado or a monkey so you know instead it oh I just got a cheap pair of sunglasses because last year we went to Laura Gorge which is this beautiful spot Chloe's already laughing beautiful Gorge Quarry area in Guelph in Ontario it's so beautiful and I had some they were also cheap sunglasses but Chloe's boyfriend Javon lost them including my hat actually the Hat just went in the water anyway so we had a little little incident my sunglasses got lost in the sea and still there I feel like every summer you need you're just like your cheap plastic throw on throw off pair of sunglasses or Sony's if you're from Australia and yeah I really really like these there was two pairs I was contemplating on Matt said this one was cute so I went with his opinion I think that's everything in here okay I have to find there's another wicker basket maybe we left it in the car we'll check but we'll go and we'll go through the other things while we're looking for that speaking of downstairs and our health nut shop headquarters makeover we got a bathroom mirror so if like downstairs has like the bathroom can you see yourself [Laughter] hi Chloe what's up so we got this beautiful wooden circle mirror once again say I like round things I don't know they're very aesthetically pleasing to me so we got this mirror because downstairs in the bathroom we've repainted it it was just like really dark olive green it was a little dark for a basement bathroom we've painted it a light fresh color yeah but the mirror right now that's there is just one of those like standard square ones the thin ones and I thought why don't we get rid of that one and then place this one we'll just putt you the holes and we'll put this one and make it look way more health nutty I love natural textures and materials into a space it just brings like the outdoors in and it's very calming and Chloe what do you think of our new bathroom mirror office bathroom mirror so I think that's really really cute for upstairs we got this really heavy light which I'll put in b-roll shots of it set up because Matt said he's gonna set that up this weekend so we'll put a shot of it done it looks so beautiful I saw it displayed at Target and this is it here it's beautiful it was a pretty good price considering it looks like something you would buy at West Elm I feel like Target gets a lot of inspo from us town but it's way cheaper so this was 129 which may seem expensive but at West Elm you're looking at like even four there was a ceiling light I liked on sale it was like 450 so lighting can be really expensive and this is beautiful it has like a gold brushed finish the base of it is a faux marble and I just love the look of it and you know we're having to spend a lot of money in our place so if I can save some money in some areas I'm gonna do that we'll set this up hopefully it looks good in the space we're gonna put it like sink like right behind me here or maybe in that corner if we do a chair I don't we might move things around but I really like this and I'm excited to set it up so matt has a weekend project so now that the summer weather is around the corner I thought it'd be really good to buy a cooler I've never purchased a cooler before I feel like an official adults because I've always just borrowed one from my parents or a friend but I am official we have our own cooler how health nutty is this it's a true poise or like aqua green I don't know it's it's definitely beautiful and this one is just like a little one and I like it it's perfect for I don't know why it has like things to close it like maybe twist ties maybe to prevent bears I don't know but like no one's who's gonna steal our our sandwiches from the beach so this is a great size if you're just doing a day trip maybe you're just like going to the park or going to the beach for a little bit with your puppy and or just like having a little romantic date that would be a good one and then we thought okay well like what if we're doing an all-day trip then you need for a weekend then you need the mama sighs this is the daddy sighs I don't know maybe that wasn't was the mom so this is just a massive one like look how much it's gonna fit cash you could fit in there she'll be nice and cool if she gets hot and I think there's like a there's a little handle Rolly and we're ready for the beach so I really love this matching set they had other colors there was a blue one I don't know if there was others red I don't know if there was yellow if there was yellow I probably would have gotten that one as well but these are really cute and I think they're gonna be really functional for this summer I'm gonna go find that the other missing items because I know they're somewhere BRB so we found the missing item so this matches the other little wicker cannister that's gonna go in the bathroom downstairs and then this is going to go on the toilet so the back of the toilet I think this will be a really cute storage area and the perfect size and then inside cashews like wondering what this is we got some more decorative stuff for a shelf so they had the cutest little this is actually a candle but guess what it looks like my corn which is obviously the health nut logo and it's just so cute so I don't think I'm actually gonna burn it tomorrow just like for decor and oh it smells nice huh whoo so it's really good it is a soy candle so I think I can burn it without it bothering me yeah I kinda wanna get more colors it's so cute it's a nice soft matte texture and then get a lot of this this is so cute so it's really heavy people the cashier was like what is this I was like it's an artichoke she's like I know but what is it it's it's a decor item I don't know so this I love the colors very neutral and soft and love the texture obviously I love that it's food I think this is gonna be really cute in our future shelf for the dining room so like this maybe this may be the wooden orb I think those are all like be really cute together right cache you should give cash to her her toy look look that's for you do you like it oh oh do you like it she's like I'm trying to get it and off it goes oh and last but not least we also got a beautiful welcome mat that's outside right now it's pretty large and it kind of makes a mess like you don't want to bring it in the house it has I don't know what the material is it's like burlap or something but it sheds like crazy so keeping it outside but we'll do a little shot of what it looks like it's really beautiful and I'm just excited to finally have some new pieces we can slowly decorate our home like we or it's really mean that's decorating the home let's be honest my mom has the shelf that she's been trying to give to us and we just have to repaint it and she last night went there for dinner and she's like all back come see the shelf see if you want it and he goes let's be honest I have no say in the decorations for the place which isn't true he does but when it comes to like colors and a design I not that I'm professional but he really just trusts and relies on me to do it which is totally fine cuz I don't mind doing it so that is everything I picked up from tarjay hopefully you guys enjoyed it I would love to know if you guys have any ideas of things I should pick up from there for the new house leave me a comment down below as I mentioned I'm gonna have all the links to the products I mentioned in this video in the info box down below so you guys can check that out and if you guys want to subscribe make sure you click that red subscribe button down below I post every Monday Wednesday and Friday and I hope to see you guys back here for another video oh you're not supposed to be on the couch guys chef K should be on the couch or not I don't know we're trying to be those like parents that dogs can't be on the bed and couch but like maybe the couch is okay I don't know she's just like I know how close like she's like loves the couch and I'm sick of sitting on the floor hey we just won't tell daddy how about during the day you can be on the couch with Mummy yes and then at night know hey it's just like the sweetest thing okay I'm sorry for all the cash you been alright guys have a fabulous day and I will see you guys in my next video bye

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  1. I got the same yellow n white strips bag but the bagpack one❤ i just loved how it looked n so in for spring n summer🤗 i love target❤ n will be missing it when I move to Toronto this year end😭😭😭

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