Tata Buzzard SUV Walkaround | Harrier’s BIGGER 7-seater Cousin For India | ZigWheels.com

Tata Buzzard SUV Walkaround | Harrier’s BIGGER 7-seater Cousin For India | ZigWheels.com

Looks familiar doesn’t it well it should
that is the buzzard well you know it as the harrier this part of it but when you
look at it from here you’ll start noticing the differences and I haven’t
introduced myself hi I’m Karthik and I’m at the Geneva
Motor Show with Tata Motors i’m at the stall right now and with the Buzzard which is
basically this 87 X which we’ve known as the car in its concept form which is
the 7 seater version of the Harrier and this is the angle that you need to look
at it from to understand where the change really is because up to the
c-pillar they’re pretty much the same but there is a difference I’ll get to
that later what you can see is that it’s extended in terms of length over here we
can’t give you the exact specifications because last minute Tata motors
have decided to change the name for the buzzard for the Indian market here
because Harrier is a name that’s owned by Toyota and that can’t be used outside
of India so the Harrier itself which is standing over there in the corner you
can see it over there he’s badged as the Buzzard sport I’m going to run over
there quickly so you can take a look at that so this is being called the Buzzard
sport you’re outside of India and which is why when it comes to the 7 seater
that 87 X it is being called as the Buzzard which is the longer version but
for India it will be called something else because the feedback for this
turned out to be quite well not very positive in terms of the name so which
is why we have in terms of the front seats you can see
that steering wheel etc looks the same as the Harrier and if you look at the
back you can see the third row back there and it is well you can see it has
quite a bit of room there which we can show you from here to right the third
rows fold it down right now over there this is another angle from which you can
see it the seats flip down well yeah there you go that’s the 87 X
the Buzzard that you can see over here and lot of of people looking in at it very
similar and the one area where it is different quite distinctly is up here as well if you look at it you see roof kind of box up that create head room over here and as you can see now over here that has opened up Headroom here the roof has just a lot more Headroom because of that and you can see it can run all the way in the second row down to the third row right so I’m gonna hop back in so the
Buzzard as it is know here in India and it will come to India next year so it’s called financial year 20 is which time it’ll come but in term pricing we’re not sure exactly where to set a slight premium over the harrier of course what remains to be seen is when
we get the automatics we discuss more updates on that will come through and
we’ll let you know here on zig wheels as soon as we get to know more details
about the Harriers automatic or for the buzzard as well all right guys thank you
for watching let us know what you want to know more we’re here for another day
we’ll get back to you with whatever we can ciao

100 thoughts on “Tata Buzzard SUV Walkaround | Harrier’s BIGGER 7-seater Cousin For India | ZigWheels.com

  1. Looking good. I feel that Kartikeya Singhee should start using a better camera and ZW should change their logo. It looks so 90s.

  2. Hi Mr.Kartik, I'm confused what colour of Harrier should I choose! Golden Brown or Orange?
    Plz suggest

  3. Hormazd sorabjee is in background of almost all ur Geneva videos ….seams u guys are shooting together….thanks for the update cars look great 😁

  4. I just absolutely love the rear design,,,better than harrier,,,,people who love cars will surely consider this👌

  5. Probably they'd give indian name as Harrier +
    The vehicle is too good and massive. New taste from Tata definitely a must welcome ❤️

  6. Why Tata is not offering sunroof ??… Is the reason for safety ?? … Does sunroof makes crash test rating less ?… #kartikeyasinghee u SHLD answer this ….

  7. They did a blunder with Altroz, instead of giving our eyes a feast, they gave us a nut. Glad to see this though.

  8. Thanks for this short review. Really appreciated. I would like to know how spacious the third row is.

  9. Tata is going in a wrong way but stopping the production of the hexa. Let's see what happens with the buzzard 🤔🤔

  10. 1.Last row is for people without knees.
    2.front is curvy and rear is edgy .
    3.Wheels look proportionately smaller than the body.

  11. We got too many great cars now, but there is still no good highway to make our ride enjoyable, especially in Kerala.🙁😕

  12. I like how tata is not baiting people into buying their cars for unnecessary features……4wd is not given because nobody in india really drives in true off-road terrain. I think Tata is up to something because the ride quality that harrier had was something that u would see in a land rover.Also, they didn't advertise on a large scale, though a number of good advertisement videos were made by them.

  13. I love this Indian tata company motor so good look his car I love you tata Motor Indian 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  14. टाटा ने भारत में सभी कंपनियों के लिए आतंक मचा रखा है 😂😂 हो बी क्यो ना मेक इन भारत मेड इन भारत

  15. Good alloys on the Harrier…
    Wonder why the goofed it in India!
    Tata, please wake up, it is like 5star food served on a local plastic plate🙁

  16. Buzzard looking like land rover discovery sport nd better than harrier .. I think it would sell more in numbers as is more practical with seven seats for Indian market ..

  17. Great SUV. But that Tata badge is a big letdown. Lot of Indians will talk about nationalism and patriotism but would not buy Indian. Given a chance they would opt for foreign brands. Tata should have tactically branded it a land rover

  18. Actually the problem arise for those who hasn't appealed to the Buzzard is that we have seen Harrier 5 seater prior to the Buzzard launch. Harrier design language has invaded our likes. If Buzzard launched earlier to Harrier with its front design alone could have attracted many. When Tata anounced they would launch 7 seater Harrier what we may have really anticipated is that with Harrier 5 seater design + 3rd row. But it came out with other rear design. I think that's what disappointed many. NB colour with which buzzard showcased at geneva along with nameplate buzzard may not appeal to all. #tatabuzzard

  19. Anyway Tata is going to discontinue Safari so why not name it" Harrier Safari "for the 7 seater. Both Harrier and safari names are retained.its sad to see Safari being discontinued.

  20. Not very impressive.. This is Harrier 7 seater. This car exterior shares everything in common with Harrier the DRLs, the Honeycomb grill the wheel arches etc and even the torque is same. Only the Power is 30 Ps more. As a 7 seater it falls way behind in road presence. Is shorter than its own MUV brother Hexa by 128mm- looks timid to be easily walloped even by its brother Storme, and of course the Fortuners, Endeavors and Alturus. They all will look giant by it side- a big issue of road presence for a 7 seater. This the first 7 seater SUV after long from TATAs other than the SAFARI genre, something as big and butch competing with the full grown SUVs should have come- this is not a real SUV , the beast Safari still is.

  21. be careful bro… There was HomazSorabji from AutocarIndia, in your video… You know what I'm telling about…

  22. Video bombing at 1:04 by Siddharth Vinayak Patankar & at 1:45 haramzada sorabjee or hormazj or. ….. Whatever …lol

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