Teni Panosian’s Home Makeover | Overhaul

Teni Panosian’s Home Makeover | Overhaul

– Hey guys, today we’re
gonna overhaul YouTube star, Teni Panosian’s gorgeous
1927 Tudor-style home and transform it into a
medieval modern show-stopper. (light music) – Christiane, welcome!
– Hi how are you? Nice to see you. Oh I’m so excited to see this place, wow. – [Teni] What do you think? – I mean, this is an overhaul. This place is amazing! – Thank you. – This is gonna be so much fun. – Gotta lot of work. (laughs) – The plan is to keep
the historical heritage of the house, while adding some of Teni’s unique personal style and a modern flair. We also wanna give a
special thanks to Amazon for sponsoring and collaborating
with us on this video. All the home furnishings in this video can be found on Amazon.com. Teni is lovingly restoring this house and keeping its heritage in mind. Teni is also thinking about the flow, the space, and how she’ll entertain. – I wanna stay true to the
authentic character of the house. It’s a 1927 Tudor. So it’s got a traditional base. So that’s kinda what I wanna work with, but still weave in my own style and a little bit of modern elements. But, still really keeping true to the traditional vibe of the house. – We’re working hard together to make sure that we capture the function and style that Teni hopes to
have in her gorgeous new home. I love that you didn’t just knock it down and build something gigantic. I love that you’re keeping some of these really beautiful elements like the plaster ceiling
and the original fireplace. And then you’re making
the changes around that that’ll make it feel like it is 2017. Teni really wants to play off the modern medieval theme in her house. But because it’s not
actually a medieval house with dark paneling, stone, ironwork, we really have to tailor it
for a 1920s American Tudor. – I’m all about conversation starters. Seeing something on the wall that just, is so unique and really stands out to you. – The best interiors, the best wardrobes, the best stories are all very personal. Teni has exceptional taste. She’s an absolute pleasure to work with. In this particular project, I’m actually acting as
her design assistant. And all I’m really doing
is helping her pick the perfect pieces for each room that really reflect her personal style. – So my eyes have definitely already gone to certain colors.
– Okay good. – [Teni] I really like
that purpley grey tone. I don’t know why I gravitate to that. – You’re gravitating
towards the deeper tones. I want to design test you and see. Are you feeling lighter things? – I thought I would go for more light, but just that really drew my attention. – We’re gonna nod to Teni’s medieval theme with a muted color palette, wood textures, metals, and unique pieces
with gothic details. I love the choices you’ve made. What a great palette. Let’s just make this happen. – Let’s do it!
– Okay. (light music) – Teni wants the living room to be the most understated room in the house, considering it’s the first room guests see when they walk in. – Yes, this will be
the formal living room. I turned one of the
bedrooms into a family room, so that that’s the casual
space, the hang-out spot. This is where I entertain. Maybe after a dinner party, we sit here. – Our plan is to focus on a few key elements and
build the space around them. One of the main challenges
of Teni’s living room, is that the entryway and the
fireplace are off-center. So we’re going to address this visually by putting together groups of
furniture that trick the eye. So specifically we’re
gonna build a living room around the fireplace so
that we create symmetry that way, with a sofa and two chairs that are perfectly aligned
and center on the fireplace. – (exclaims) I love this room!
– It’s done. – Looks so good, it’s done! – Talk about a change. ‘Cause the last time we were in here, the only thing that was
here was the ceiling. We really wanted to riff
off of Teni’s modern, medieval, glamorous thing. We came up with, sort of,
a central color palette. And it’s things like
deep charcoals or blacks. She has gold accents. We have gold finishes on the coffee table with a mirrored surface. We have side tables
that have gold finishes. We have really beautiful textures. So things like velvets and satins. – You wanna talk about medieval,
those cathedral chairs. – I love the cathedral chair. – [Teni] It looks like it
belongs in a Catholic church. It’s stunning. – Or like a university library, to me.
– Yes, exactly! – Or the throne room. And they have that architectural feeling and I love that they
flank your office doors. And it creates a
statement and it’s kind of an entryway.
– And it still works! It still works with more
of the modern elements. – Also, we have highlighted it with some of these darker elements that
really have a graphic pop. Without it being overwhelming and themey. It’s really sophisticated. Talk about a fearless mix. You’re talking about mixing something that’s kind of glamorous
with like a faux-hide. And then something that has
like a Swedish Gustavian moment. And then you’re pulling it all together with your nod to nature. – I figured this is
sort of the animal room. With those stork legs. (laughs) – The stork legs, I love that table. I love that table. – [Teni] Probably my
number one favorite place in the whole house. – You’re really mixing. It’s not like you’ve chosen two styles. You’ve chosen 10. – Yeah. (laughs) – No, but it works really well together. – It’s medieval, mid-century modern– – Yeah, mid-century modern classic, 1920s. You are fearless when it comes to mixing. – You know what, I’m
getting more bold with that. Like, I feel like I didn’t do that before, but now I’m seeing it come to life. This just looks like some, a place that someone’s already been living for years and years. (light music) – Teni is looking to create a really gorgeous office/library/workspace that flows from her living room. – So this room, I couldn’t
really tell what it was, but it seemed like an extension
of the formal living room. I had this dream of having
a library in my home. Didn’t really work out with
the space because I would need wall to wall, actual–
– And also so many windows. – So many windows. So I figured, why not
combine a mini library with a little bit of an office space. – [Christiane] We’re gonna add some of Teni’s signature fashion flair by putting in floor-to-ceiling, olive chartreuse, metallic curtains. And we’re gonna have a built-in bookcase with really gorgeous deep, dark walls. A lounging sitting area in front
of the three large windows. – The study! – The study, library, office… – Visually, just look
at it, it’s gorgeous. But, just having books
behind me I’m gonna want just pick one out, sit right there. – Bringing in things like furniture with a darker, more traditional finish, some really amazing smoky brown leathers, and some gold accents in her task lamp and other accessories. – Everything about this, to
me, says lawyer. (laughs) – It does, yeah.
– Right? – Lady boss.
– I love it. Again, that was the whole
goal with this house is as much as we’re keeping
it traditional and classic, it’s still 2017 and it still works. (light music) – The dining room is actually one of the most glamorous rooms in the house. – This, I have to say, is
one of my favorite rooms because it does have the sliding doors that opens like dramatic. And so for that reason
I sort of want to keep the drama going and do
a darker vibe in here. – This house sort of
designs itself, and so– – It’s just inspiring. – [Christiane] Teni really wants to create this juxtaposition between these very glamorous dining chairs and this wood, heavy,
textured dining table. Look at this dining room. – This is beautiful! I mean, of all the rooms really, this turned out exactly
the way I’d envisioned it. – Teni chose a really beautiful sideboard with sophisticated marquetry. She’s got a great, low-hanging chandelier. It really is representative
of that glamour, modern, and medieval that she’s going for. – I found this scarf that has
the Armenian alphabet on it. – Oh, how cool. So it’s meaningful to you too. Teni did something really
interesting in the dining room by framing her vintage Hermes
scarf over her sideboard. And so this beautiful,
fuchsia element turned it into a stunning piece of art that we’ve built the room around. Teni also really loves her
pair of antelope busts. But, here’s the thing,
they are made of resin and no animals were hurt in the
making of this video at all. So you can really do this medieval, modern, mid-century, glamor–
– I like it. Somebody get me a shield. I wanna hang up a shield on the wall. (light music) – Teni has some really strong
opinions about her bedroom because it’s where she does her makeup. So Teni spends a lot
of time in this space. – So, the master bedroom! – Wow, so what a great room. You’ve got tonnes of light. This is a wide room, so you can do something overscale in here. She wanted it to feel
glamorous and polished, but still have a little
bit of that medieval flair. – I do want a little bit
of drama in here too. – Okay. – Specifically with the drapes
and maybe the headboard. – Her bed is gonna go
against the back wall and it’s actually flanked by
two really symmetrical windows, which is kind of exceptional. – Master bedroom! – I love how it turned out. We chose a color palette
of mauves and deep purples and silvers to make it
tranquil, but still glamorous. – I really like the soft color palette, save for the headboard. Everything is just really. It’s a bedroom. This is where you retire at the end of the day and you just want it to be really just serene.
– It’s calming. For Teni’s bed, we chose
a plum color, tufted, kind of dramatic, high-backed bed. A little more tufting. It made it upstairs too.
– Yes, I know right. I think I’ve changed my ways. – For her bedside tables, we chose a really beautiful
rose gold mirrored table that has that kind of glamour
that Teni’s looking for. Teni wanted to incorporate some kind of texture into her room. So we put this really great and fun, faux fur bench at the end of Teni’s bed. Teni has a lot of great
space in her bedroom. So we were able to create
a kind of seating area with two really beautiful velvet chairs. In the dresser, we brought in some of the nickel accents that
you can see throughout the house in the sconces and the hardware. And we also gave it that
great, textured wood feeling. – This dresser is probably–
– I love it. – My favorite piece in the room. – I love it. – Because it has that
old Hollywood feel to it. – This has real Hollywood
Regency references. But I also like it because it’s rustic too and it really speaks to
your table downstairs. – Do you notice a little
something on this dresser? – [Christiane] What is that? – This is an Echo Look. This just sits right here and
you get dressed in the closet. You’re all done, you’re ready to go. You want an OOTD, but there’s no one around to take it so… – Very cool. – Just gonna stand about five feet away. Alexa, take a picture. (beeping)
(camera flashes) It goes straight to my phone. It’s gonna go to the Echo Look app. – [Christiane] Amazing. – [Teni] And that’s our latest look. And then if you wanted to,
you could just press crop. – [Christiane] Oh look
how great your bedroom– – And blur out the background.
– Yeah, it looks amazing. – [Teni] I don’t wanna
blur out the background. – Don’t blur it out!
– ‘Cause it looks good. – Looks amazing. (upbeat music) We had a lot of fun
working on Teni’s house. We started with a space that
was stripped back to the studs. And we were able to
transform it into a modern, medieval and glamorous home
that’s really reflective of Teni’s personal style. Now this home really feels like Teni. It’s got the historical
references, but the modern updates. It’s got excellent flow. It’s a place she’s gonna
be very happy living. And again, we wanna thank
Amazon for sponsoring and collaborating with us on this video. Bye!

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