Tesla Factory Europe Coming Up! Can German Carmakers Hold Up?

Tesla Factory Europe Coming Up! Can German Carmakers Hold Up?

So the Shanghai Gigafactory is progressing further, on the outside it looks completely finished by now, but even on the inside the assembly lines are slowly starting to take shape. In other news Elon said that Europe will also get its own Gigafactory to be completed already by 2021 Talking of Europe Tesla has managed to more than triple its car sales in Europe in the first half of 2019, as compared to the same time interval one year earlier and this despite a slowing car market in Europe And you know what would be cool? Watching Netflix or Youtube while at the supercharger. Oh wait, this actually will happen, as Elon just recently announced. And we also have some interesting spy shots from ze germans, who are busy testing their upcoming EVs. These news and more after the intro. Do you remember this field from early 2019? A normal field near Shanghai, nothing special
going on. And now, a bit more than half a year later: This is an really impressively fast development, and many have actually doubted that Tesla would be able to pull this off so fast. And just recently we got the first interior
shots of the quite finished looking assembly lines The shots are a bit blurry, Mr. Blurrycam
at his best so to speak, but we can see the quite finished looking assembly lines with lots
of manufacturing robots. Unfortunately we cannot see any details, but we assume that more shots will emerge in the coming weeks. The Gigafactory 3 is estimated to produce
150,000 Model 3s per year by late 2020, and production already starts in November this year. But the Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai will get
a new brother a Gigafactory 4 to be built in Europe by 2021, as Elon said in the recent
Q2 earnings call. now the location where the factory will be built is still to be decided, but apparently Germany is a favored location, as Elon indicated in
a recent tweet. Elon specifically mentioned the French-German border near the Benelux countries, so somewhere in this Area here. I will not do a totally uncalled for and childish joke involving germany’s history no no I won’t no I mean we want to have a serious technology related news channel here and doing something like this would be totally childish and out of place no I have to fight the urge I have to fight the urge… I can’t keep it silent anymore! JAWOHL HERR GENERAL, WIR HABEN SOEBEN DIE NACHRICHT ERHALTEN DASS TESLA DIE NEUE GIGAFABRIK IN DEUTSCHLAND BAUEN WIRD Ok, this was really the last time, I promise okay And speaking of Europe, price question, which one is the only carmaker that is making huge gains in Europe despite a slowing car market which one? BMW? Mercedes? Toyota? Peugeot? Noooo you might have guessed it Tesla so the sales figures for the first half of 2019 are available for Europe and despite a slowing car market where car sales have plummeted by 7.9% as compared to the first half of 2018, Tesla went against this trend and made some huge increases in sales numbers for Europe And not only some gains, but they manage to TRIPLE their sales in the period from January to June 2019 with 44922 sold cars in Europe
compared to only 13426 in the same period in 2018. And as can be seen in this chart here, the Model
3 is by far the best selling EV in Europe in the first half of 2019, the second one being the Renault Zoe with only a bit more than half as many sales And this despite a slowing car market. But apparently only regular gasoline and especially
Diesel cars are declining, electric vehicles in fact saw a 98% growth year over year in Europe. This is some great stuff, and we are just
riding this beautiful logistics S-curve on the way to 100% market penetration for electric cars. This is exactly how disruptive technologies grow, ladies and gentleman. so the last time Jixuan and me were at a supercharger, we were thinking like why can’t we watch YouTube or Netflix this would be super awesome in the 20 30 minutes while the car is charging And suddenly Elon comes along and says that this very feature will be released in the next big V10 software update, and this maybe as soon as by the end of August. In the US of course we Europeans as always have to wait longer now if they would only start working on this Dark Souls 3 update that I was speaking about a few weeks ago but as far as we know games with the unreal engine and the unity engine can both run on the Model 3 which is just awesome But ok, Youtube and Netflix will do for now. Among the other upgrades, we’ll have improvements
in Autopilot behavior on highways as well as better stop sign and traffic light recognition, and also Smart Summon. So, quite amazing updates are coming for all Teslas. And now more news from ze germans, all major german car manufacturers have at least one EV in their pipeline and we can already get a glimpse of how they will look with these interesting spy shots. Mercedes is testing their upcoming EQS, their
top of the line Sedan of their all-electric EQ series of cars. We have to say we really like the design,
this could become an elegant looking EV. We have no words on specs yet, but hopefully this time, they will manage to beat the first generation Model S which already came out 7 years ago. Being on par with the 1st generation Model S would already be quite a win because no other carmaker has been able to do it yet Anyway, this is how the finished car will
probably look like, a pretty sleek design, and we’ll certainly keep an eye on this at the same time VW is busy testing its upcoming ID.3, which we can see with very little camouflage already in this shot here It’s nice to see that for a change it actually does look quite similar to the concept car version. and there were also some leaked images of the interior which actually doesn’t look so bad. now we could get a clearer glimpse of the interior from the sibling of the ID.3 the Seat El-Born and here we have to say the interior looks quite nice now not as nice and minimalistic as the Model 3 but hey some like it more minimalistic some like more screens and stuff anyways We’ll be at the IAA in Frankfurt on September 12th when the production version of the ID.3 will be revealed And VW is already testing the SUV version
of their ID.3, the ID. crozz. It could be seen for the first time with production
body, but still under heavy camouflage. But the design already looks remarkably similar to the concept car version, which is very cool indeed! And BMW of course cannot be missing so here are some spy shots of its upcoming iNext SUV. But we have to say we are a bit disappointed with this one. We can already see what the legacy car makers always love to do namely show us a super cool and futuristic looking concept car and then a brutally boring production version and we can already guess that this might be the case with this car here show us a cool car which we then can actually buy like this you know like Tesla does for example Tesla Tesla shows us a prototype and the real production version is 99% identical okay that’s how it’s done learn legacy car makers learn But okay we hope that we get proven wrong and that the production version will look super nice and awesome who knows there still a bit of hope but of course we have to wait because the car will be unveiled only in 2020 with the production start in 2021 So I’m really excited about this ze german gigafabrik you mean ze deutsche gigafabrik! yes and if they really build it here I will go there and make some amazing spy shots for you we can do some drone flights then also all the time yes basically yeah and what do you think about Netflix and YouTube at the Supercharger I mean that’s awesome right absolutely I probably won’t leave the supercharger anymore for toilet or eating no no let’s be honest you have to go 10 times to the toilet while we’re there at the supercharger and we can watch our own videos or what what we only watch our own videos so be sure to subscribe because we’ll keep coming about the newest news about electric cars and also generally about transportation technology such as the hyperloop or the boring company exactly auf wiedersehen ze deutsche gigafabrik wird gewinnen Blitz Krieg

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  1. Thanks a lot for checking out the video 🙂 So what do you think about ze german Gigafabrik? Will it happen?!? And can the german carmakers counter, or will it be too late for them?

  2. Guten morgen, well almost 7 pm but its my morning! I cant state enough how awesome Elons EV movement is, but i have to say Sebastian i hope your dreams are shattered and those cars that look like someone in San Fransisco had a wet dream, burn in car hell lol! They are like putting camouflage on women, the complex and line breaking design destroys every curve, shape and subtlety that makes a womans body so incredible. Im fine with some cars being art style like that but not production, Ich werde nicht dafur eintreten!!

  3. So it is actually happening? That switch to EV? Can you imagine all the workers that are going to be either re-trained or laid off by major car manufacturers. Or factories that will have to be re-configured to accommodate the assembly of EVs. I'm curious to see what the auto industry will look like in the next 5yrs or so.

  4. Do you really think Saint Elon is that stupid to build a factory in Europe? Shanghai has the ultimate advantage over all other locations: cheap labor! When it's up and running he even can scale back Fremont…

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