Tesla Model 3 White Center Console Wrap & White Interior!

Tesla Model 3 White Center Console Wrap & White Interior!

– If you’ve been researching
the Tesla Model 3, and keeping tabs on the tiered releases that have been going on, then you probably know that Tesla recently
released a white interior for the Model 3, specifically on the all wheel drive version, and now that white interior is available to any buyer, whether you
get all wheel drive or not. However, one thing that changed from the original announcement to now is that the center
console remains piano black, even if you get the white interior. When the Model 3 was first announced, the white interior had
a white center console, which looked pretty
clean, but it turned out that that somehow got
canceled along the way. So today, I am going to try and turn my center console from piano black into carbon fiber white
using this simple vinyl wrap that I picked up on Amazon. What is going on, tech squad? Andru Edwards, here, editor
in chief for gearlive.com. If you’re curious why the video looks this way, it doesn’t look like
the typical videos that I do, it’s because I am testing
out the new GoPro HERO7. That’s what I’m using
right now to film this. So if you’re wondering
why I sound different, or sound weird, or basically
don’t sound as good, it’s because I’m not using my
more professional microphone. So you’re like, hey, Andru, why do you sound so stupid on you latest vid? Well, it’s not because
I’m actually stupid, it’s because the microphone on the GoPro HERO7 Black is likely stupid. Actually, what they’re saying is the microphone is a lot better on the HERO7 Black than it was on the HERO6, so we’re testing that out. Either way, that doesn’t matter. We’re here to find out about if I can be successful at changing my central console on the Tesla
Model 3 from black to white. I’ve got a white interior on
my Model 3 Performance version, but I wanted that white
central console, as well. So like I said, I picked
up this vinyl wrap. It’s basically like a phone wrap, it’s basically like a dbrand skin, which, if you follow me on Twitter or other social media, you know I’m not a big fan of skins on smartphones. I don’t wanna put stickers on my phone, and quite honestly, I
don’t wanna put a sticker on my car, either, but I do wanna have that all-white look on the inside. So again, we’re testing on
the GoPro HERO7 right now, so if you’re curious about this camera, this is gonna show you
the quality of the camera, the quality of the video,
the quality of the audio. You’re seeing it all right now. So let’s head over, let’s
jump into the Model 3 and see how well I can do
at installing this skin. Let’s go. (trap music) All right, so here we are. This is the inside of my Tesla
Model 3 Performance version, and as you can see, again, white seats, front and back, obviously front and back. Got the white trim up front
instead of the wood trim, but then the central console, right there, this was supposed to
be, at least according to Tesla, back when they
announced the Model 3, this was all supposed
to be white, as well. That piano black finish, right there, that would all be white. And I think that would look cool to have a white center console like that. Now, as you can see, maybe you can’t see, but this thing picks up fingerprints like crazy, it picks up dust like crazy. You have to wipe it down almost every time you get in the car if you want it to remain looking good,
and I don’t wanna do that. I don’t like it. I don’t want fingerprints everywhere, I don’t want dust everywhere, so let’s see if we can make the switch. By the way, I know a lot
of you guys liked the other Model 3 I have, here. This one is not a
Performance model, though, but this one has the red seats, as you can see there, and
the black center console with the red seats, with the wood trim. I think that looks good. It’s a good combo, but when
you have an all-white seat, I like the white center console. And actually, this center console is also piano black, so it’s also kind of annoying when it comes to fingerprints, so even a satin black in
here would be a little more appreciated, at least
in my personal opinion. All right, first thing that needs to be done is to wipe this guy down, so I’m just wiping everything off, so we have a clean working surface. (trap music) Now we should be able to start applying. Now, I looked at the instructions, and by the way, if you wanna pick this up for yourself, I’ll leave a link down in the description below. This is what I bought, again, from Amazon. The company is EVamped. All right, so this is the
first piece, right here. This piece is going to cover this area. I need to line up the
bottom with the bottom of this, and then
everything else should fall into place, so that’s what I’m gonna do, and see if it’s as easy as
the company says it should be. I’m pretty horrible at
this, that’s why I’m doing it on video, because there’s a high chance that I might fail. Let’s go for it. (trap music) That is the first piece of
carbon fiber white vinyl. Didn’t take too long. It maybe took me five minutes, and I had to re-set it twice. So I put it on there, I
realized it was kinda crooked, took it off, put it on again, and realized there was an air bubble that
I couldn’t get out of there, so I peeled it off one more time, put it back on, and it’s, there it is. It’s sticking, I curved it around the side to keep it nice and crisp,
and yeah, looks good. So that’s step one. I’m not really seeing, I see
a tiny air bubble right here, but that’s gonna go away. But yeah, that was step one, not too bad. And this, by the way, this is the NOMAD wireless charging pad for the Tesla Model 3,
so if the car was on and I put my phone here, it would start wirelessly charging, and
it charges two sides, by the way, so you
could have a phone here, a phone there, wireless charging. But anyway, that piece also has this. You can have your phone
in there, charging, and cover it up so you’re
not distracted while driving. More piano black, more fingerprints. Let’s get that wrapped, as well. (trap music) All right, so I’m all done
installing the center console white carbon fiber wrap
on the Tesla Model 3, and it took me maybe, in
total, 25 or 30 minutes. The most difficult part
was definitely the strip at the top, and getting that flush, because you kind of have
to take a sticky strip of vinyl, and push it up into something without it sticking to what’s around it. That was the most difficult part. All done. I’m not sure that it’s
my favorite look, though. On paper, (chuckles) the white carbon fiber
looked pretty decent. On paper it looked good. And when I say “on paper”
I don’t mean the details, I mean literally on the
peel-able sheet of paper, but after actually peeling it off and installing it on the Model 3, I think it goes back to how I feel about things like dbrand skins, and skinning your phone,
Slickwraps, et cetera. I just don’t know that
stickers look nice on hardware, and I will show you
what I mean, right here. So there it is. That is the center console. It’s got the white carbon fiber on it. I don’t know that this
looks all that great. It looks like a sticker. I think what I actually needed to get was a more white satin look. White satin would look
more like a plastic, like a semi-shiny plastic, and
I think that’s what I need. I think that’s what I’m
actually gonna do next. I think I’m gonna remove this,
and try the white satin look, and see how that plays out. If I don’t like that, I’m
just gonna peel it off and just go back to the piano black. Obviously I like the car. The black is fine. It’s not that I think it’s the best look, obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t
be trying to cover it up, I just think a white center
console will look better with the white seats that are in the car. White, white, you got the contrast, here, on the armrest, but that’s about it. I don’t need anymore black than that. We got the black steering wheel, you’ve got the black bezel, up here, aside from all that 3M paper that I peeled everything off of. You got the black front, there, you’ve got the black behind the mirror, so I figured a little more white would just make the car look
a little bit better. We got white, here, on the doors, as you can see, there, white and black, so I just wanted a little
more white, right here. I wanted a little more white. I’m not sure that I’m feeling the white carbon fiber, though. If you’re into white carbon fiber, though, I will leave a link in
the description below, to where you can buy this on Amazon, and I’ll also leave links to
the other colors, as well. If you want black carbon fiber, if you want the white satin,
the black satin, et cetera. Any questions you have, drop
’em in the comments below. I’ll meet you there
for further discussion. Don’t forget, you can click or tap on my face at the bottom of the screen, in order to subscribe
for free to the channel, so you don’t miss any future videos. I have a follow-up video on this. I’ve got more Tesla Model 3 videos coming, and of course, other tech, as well, that I cover here regularly. (trap music) All right, as you just
saw, I just removed it. It’s all right here. I couldn’t enjoy the
white carbon fiber look, so maybe I’ll go satin,
maybe I’ll keep piano black. Maybe I’ve learned my lesson. I don’t know. (rock music)

36 thoughts on “Tesla Model 3 White Center Console Wrap & White Interior!

  1. Hey TechSquad! How do you feel about vinyl skins on your electronics? I think they look better in images than they do in real life – perfect example here on this Tesla Model 3 white center console wrap!

  2. The original concept also had a white arm rest, looked clean. Wonder why they decided not to go with it.

  3. Personally I'm not a fan of Tesla having white seats cuz no matter how clean you have them they'll get dirty quickly

  4. Hey man, wish we could of struck deal for your silver 3. Wound up with a white model 3 and wrapped my console satin black. I think satin white would look better on yours than that carbon fiber.

  5. You should totally get it wrapped instead. Wrap shops do these all the time!! Don’t do it yourself. Just let a Pro use Pro vinyl and install it. Trust me 😉

  6. I completely agree with you Andru. Piano black surfaces are the worst thing ever, they are dust & fingerprint magnets, & when you try to clean them off the develop micro scratches in the surface instantly. I wish all manufactures would start using matte or satin finishes instead of this hell finish. The only thing that should be piano black is a piano.

  7. I have a White on White P3D, and I did the console wrap myself with Abstract Ocean products. Also got their HD screen protector and both came out flawlessly….except the middle door, whivh I will reorder. With the console wrap, they allow for you to reorder another piece for free because us DIY'ers can mess it up. Abstract Ocean has video to guide you through.

    Who has gotten their carbon fiber spoiler yet?

  8. I've seen so many videos about the black center console.  If everyone complains about it, why does Tesla continue to put it in the cars?   Should have the option to have different styles.  Great video!

  9. Hi Andru, my order date closes in and I am seriously puzzled about the materials with the white dash element and the white door inlets. Seems nobody ever showed it off and discussed differences to the black interior!

    Could you compose something alike with some close up shots of the white elements? Any help for a new member to the Tesla family would be super appreciated!

    BTW for the center console I'll guess a custom cut will yield better results than stickers. Its harder to install but the fit and finish should be great.

  10. Just what I needed to watch. I've been in two minds, either white satin or white carbon. I did think carbon might look a bit tacky and your video has made up my mind, white satin it is.

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