Tesla Model S Aftermarket Center Console Review : Great Addition for Pre-2016 Model S Owners

Tesla Model S Aftermarket Center Console Review : Great Addition for Pre-2016 Model S Owners

– Hey guy, thanks for joining me today. Here I’m going to be looking
at some aftermarket products that I got from EVAnnex
for my Tesla Model S. And if you have an older
model like I do prior to 2016 then it doesn’t come with a center console so I had them ship this
over to take a look and see how it fits and how I like it. So let’s dive in and do
a quick unboxing here. Alright, so here I have a Model 3 book, nice little gift bag here. This is for the cubby, which
I’m gonna be taking a look at a little bit later. So this is, let’s just
take look at it now. Nice little packaging. Easy to open. Thanks for taking a
look at this, yada yada. So this matches my exact
style of the interior. It has a nice little rubber component here which will be good because
it sticks everything. And this essentially attaches
to a magnet in the back there and that magnet is how
it actually stays in. So this will go inside where
there’s an open space now and give you a nice little compartment that isn’t exposed. So you can keep stuff
more private if you want. So that’s a cubby. And here you have the
actual center console. So the center console here is, let’s open this guy up. Get rid of the packaging. Tear it open then here you
have the actual center console. So one thing that’s nice about this is that it just pressure fits in. It just pops right in and
we’ll do this here in a second and you can see that it
matches my exact wood grain that I have on my car. There’s a hole here it looks like for USB so you can see that right
there and that’ll pop out on this other side exactly
where the USB will come through. Kinda take a look inside
of there and see, yep. And let’s see about this. So this piece would be
in the car like that. This piece comes down, nice little finish and a little back plate so things probably don’t
go flying back there. One thing that I’ve been told
that’s really nice about these is that with them there
are these guardrails here and the guardrails keep
things from falling out. So if you have the actual
stock one from Tesla then it doesn’t quite fit that. And I mean this is pretty nice. So it’s kind of this rubber
tight little part on the bottom so it’ll stick nice, it won’t move around. And then this is really good leather. So this might even be same quality if not a little bit better than the one that’s in the car already. So I mean this looks like the
exact thing that I would get from the Tesla themselves. Okay, so there you have it, unboxing. Now we’ll go take a look at the actual car and see how it fits. Alright guys, so here I am in my Model S and I am going to install
the center console and see how it goes. Now the first thing they say
to do is to run your USB cable and I actually have two
because I have an Android phone and my wife has an iPhone. So I’ll run both of those
now if I can find ’em. Okay I’ve got both of those here. It says to first put them
through the bottom here. So we’ll see how easy or
difficult this may be. It does say that there is a provided hook. However, I couldn’t find
it but I may need that. Let me see if I can figure
this out without it. (sped up audio covers distorts dialog) Alright, let’s just try one at a time. This might be the hardest
part of the whole thing. There it goes. (mellow music) Alright, popped something
off, that’s a good sign. Popped this little piece off here. Got the cable through now
we’ll do the next one. Pretty straightforward
without that hook on it, without that cover. You can just stick your finger
in there, pop it through. There is number two, so
I’ve got both through. Now let me put this hook back
on or this little cover here. (sped up audio distorts dialog) Perfect. Now I don’t know if you can see that but essentially they’re
both coming out of there. So this is how you connect your phone in this little phone caddy here. Alright now, now the match. Notice that the wood and
everything matches perfectly so that’s really nice. It’s gonna feel and look very Tesla like. And it says to do this
from the passenger seat; hence, why I’m here and to basically just fit it down in there (sped up audio distorts dialog) There’s a little gap there but
overall that’s pretty sturdy. Now I have a nice center console. I’ve got my cords still
stickin’ out and I’m good to go. So that was the install of
the EVAnnex center console. I think it fits really clean
and nice as you can see and let’s take it for a test drive now. See, I can still move it around but I think it’s supposed
to go right about here. For the cords coming into the phone caddy there’s a little spot here. So this is supposed to go below that. You know I think I’m okay
without using the phone caddy but there you have it installed and that was easy as it was
just basically popping it down. The phone caddy I’m not in love with. That’s something I think
can maybe be improved or really it’s fine how it is I just don’t think it’s necessary
to run the wires through. Alright so what’s goin’ on here is they’re trying to run this through. You can see that little
notch in the bottom by the 12 volt there. And you’re supposed to plug
in the USB through there and then it runs through this little hook inside of the phone charger. But since these are exposed anyways I think I’m just gonna leave it as is and just use that to put my phone in. I don’t necessarily think I
need it running through there. Now I understand that if
you don’t want any wires out or anything like that then
that makes a lot of sense. But for me it’s not that big a deal so I’m just going to go
ahead and pull them out and then run ’em through the top. How do you feel about it in there? – Is this for the video? – Yeah. – I don’t know, I guess I liked the open just because you could put
your purse and things in there. But it is nice having the cup holder because these ones are really hard to use because you put your elbow there. – Right, exactly. – And it’s like that
just doesn’t feel natural to not put your elbow there. So how many times do we put cups here? – Right. – And you can’t put two side by side otherwise we both have
to like drive like this. – Yeah, it’s kinda nice
having it down there. – Yeah, that’s where I
think it comes in handy is having a cup holder down there so you could actually use
the armrest and stuff. You like it? – Yeah, it’s pretty cool. – For your man stuff you could put like your
man stuff in there. – Man stuff. You can put your sunglasses in there. – Sunglasses and– – My sweet, $10 sunglasses. – Yeah. – Oh, it is rush hour. – Rush houry. These ones? – Yeah, let’s show people those ones ’cause those are clearly
the better choice. (background noise covers audio) – Look at this lady’s like– – This lady’s upset. – This is why we don’t go get coffee at four in the afternoon. – Do you have any tea
that is not caffeinated? Iced tea? – [Drive Through Worker] I do, I have an herbal berry iced tea. – [Brunette Woman] Sounds good to me. – There’s a muffin, there’s
some cookies, there’s a brownie. Scones mostly. Okay, so the coffee test or the cup test. It looks good. – [Brunette Woman] They’re
just a little smaller than, it looks like it’s just a
little smaller than this. Actually I think it’s
the same size as that it just has those suction things. – [Man In White Hat] The
little rubber insert? – Yeah. – Gotcha, okay perfect. – This little rubber insert comes out so the small ones– – And then that way yeah,
now it’s kinda really big. – Now you have that room in there. And now it becomes like
you can put your other water bottle in there or can put this– – Your thirst buster. – Down in there. – What are they called Big Gulps? So thanks for checking out my review of the center console insert from EVAnnex. It was fun because I
have wanted one of these for a long time and I was able to get one and review it here and share
that experience with you and so if you have any
questions about that or you have other products
that you’d like me to review go ahead and leave the comment down below and I’ll take a look at those
and we’ll see what we can do. Also, I always have a description
and links to everything like our $1,000 off
referral program for Tesla as well as other referrals and things that help support the
channel in the show notes and the description. So make sure to check those
out if you want a followup or questions or anything. So thanks again and I will
see you back here next time. (pleasant jazzy music)

21 thoughts on “Tesla Model S Aftermarket Center Console Review : Great Addition for Pre-2016 Model S Owners

  1. You never showed the tray once installed… Especially how well it fits, how it slides and how well the magnet holds. (I need something like that… My sunglasses always fly out of that shelf when I punch it πŸ˜‰

  2. At first i didnt see the kid but once i did i was thinking thats one badass. Why we may never know maybe it was the car

  3. Hey just wanted to express my support to your channel, I think you are doing an amazing job. Thumbs up!
    Btw, am I the only subscriber from Barcelona?

  4. 5:43 "Cords sticking out…" Gosh! It's 21-st century and we still have no el. cars WITH Qi-enabled pads OEM installed into the center console ! Bravo !!! ;-/

  5. Not sure about your outfit hahaha. Red/ grey / and the colorful shoes… did you end up going to better buzz coffee?

  6. I don't know why everybody says these things are great! Trust me that thing is far from what you would get from Tesla. I bought that exact one and thought it was junk so I paid the return shipping and got my money back (Never been happier to lose $100 worth of shipping). I was patient and waited until I found one of Teslas older premium drop in center console's used on eBay for $650 and haven't looked back. That thing is junk in comparison to the older version of teslas console that I have. Trust me I've had them both and you will be much happier with Teslas! Now Tesla also makes the newer integrated center console But it is like $1300 installed and I wasn't willing to pay that. But I am completely happy with mine. If you keep your eyes out on Tesla motor club they pop up at least a couple times a week.

  7. Ben – I've been watching your channel for a couple weeks now. I love the content and I've learned so much from you and your data sources. I knew you were legit but wearing Cardinal Red just reassures I'm watching greatness. Haha. Keep up the good work and Go Cards!!!!

  8. We were looking into getting one, they are pretty cool… I dont know if they are $500 cool tho. The wife asks… what's a Tezla?

  9. It looks horrible. I know they are the sponsors of yours. But I would not want you to put your great reputation online for such a bad product πŸ˜‰

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