Tesla model x review interior, outside and all the GADGETS  🔋🔌🚗

Tesla model x review interior, outside and all the GADGETS 🔋🔌🚗

welcome to this week’s video this week’s
video I’ve sold my Zoe and I’ve suddenly won the lottery and bought Model X Only joking what I’m actually done is
I’ve had Dean come up and see me today Dean’s a guy I speak to speak to a lot
regarding my youtube channel he’s one of my subscribers really really nice bloke
he was up towards my end of town today in his Model X and asked me if he could
pop in for a brew so graciously accepted as long as I could film inside
his car model x start with the doors
I’m obviously driver passenger chauffeur style doors on all of them we can shut
that quickly it’s raining obviously we can control both falcon wing doors that gives you a little demo
there on them of the doors opening shows you in real time what each doors doing
and see how it’s got the the arc that it follows there as well with a hinge on
the top unhinge there so that it could still open and close in a tight space you can’t beat how cool that is the only problem is when you open the Falcon
doors first thing you saw out the left side was an old Dirty land rover defender (laughs) oh dear so Dean just told me quite a cool feature on the Tesla released on oh well he
believes all Tesla’s which is camping mode which you can set an internal
temperature for the car so it remains it now most people won’t camp in the Tesla
but they might leave the kids in or they might leave the dog in so while I’m here
there’s bio-weapon defence mode so you hit that button
and here all the vents change in that now filtering medical grade air into the
cabin and no virus is no bacteria no Russian chemicals or anything at all in
the car right so you can drive right through Salisbury with this right now
you’d be fine yeah yeah yeah but the main thing you realize even when you don’t
have that on obviously it’s still using I believe is still using these filters
because you don’t smell anything anymore you know you get behind another car and
you can smell the clutch or you yeah diesel fumes or something you probably
never noticed if you not smelt it you kind of you notice it when you go back
into a normal car you start smelling things again but you just can’t smell
anything when you’re in this car I presume that if you’re beyond a diesel
truck it filters all the diesel so you don’t get any even without the bio
defense or you won’t get any diesel fumes you need down you can’t you can’t
you can’t smell I’ve never smelled anything I assume it filters everything
but you open the windows and you can smell the diesel fumes that straight is
not quite noticeable yeah you see that’s one of those things you don’t notice
until it’s not there yeah that the problem is most when you in a electric
car it’s great because you’re saving the environment but if you stuck behind someone who’s got diesel car and it’s sucking it for you ventilation vents and
essentially still choke “Dean- Quiet smug yeah
not breathing diesel – yes the size of the rear trunk is actually quite
impressively some very very very deep it’s also got a front trunk which is
also impressively big so the local features on here let’s keep this
beautiful big windscreen obviously you need you sometimes it it’s tinted it’s
98 percent down percent in down to here yeah
but when the Sun is low in the sky and it’s lower than the tint line
oviously these just come out they’ve got a
magnetic clip on here yeah so that magneticly sticks onto there and no Sun
behind you from this point it doesn’t blind you from that point we can’t
really tell on here and it’s not not a sunny day today but that’s really well
tinted and that’s obviously bring us down and then you’ve got the vanity mirror
illuminated vanity mirror in there as well yeah clips away in the Model X with
the lovely gull wing doors loving little portholes here to look out of very very
premium build quality this is all like I said a lovely cloth the cars
brilliant it just looks brilliant I mean just show you Dean’s key as well even
the keys beautiful so he has actually got like a plastic cover over this to
keep the key looking better but it’s basically the car ace picture of the car
fact he’s got spare key I’ll show you the spare so this is Dean’s uncovered
piece of key so it’s just a just a black shiny glossy key and what you told me
which was quite cool is the buttons on the key correspond to which part of the
car it will open so pushing on the side here will open the gold wing doors
pushing on here will open the trunk that’s just standard lock button and
then pushing on the back here will open the rear boot this is a well thought out
piece of design so just why I’m starting the back will open the gold wing doors okay just why I’m in the back we’ll open
the Goldwing doors and we’ll open the other side and then they also shut in the same way just cool now a suspension this is quite cool you
can obviously you can adjust it for getting in and out easier the default is
low which is the most efficient at high speed but you can also if you set it to
high it comes up with the auto raising location so if you’re going down the
road where this speed bumps or there’s potholes and everything you set high on
there and it remembers on the GPS for next time and automatically put you see
you in high suspension mode choice so it softens that she’s going down like a un made Road and you always put it on very high when you go down that road
yeah you’ll have to do it once it remembers if you don’t want it to do
that you just press that cross there I’m just gonna go wash Dean’s car he’s lent me his car might as well give it a
wash now according to the camera system I’m gonna
miss that it’s not my car I’m not taking that risk driving a Tesla I am driving at Tesla
it’s not mine sadly I’m only driving it round the back
of the garage to give it a wash but I am still driving a Tesla Dean you made all my dreams come true thank
you very much I’ve got to sit play and drive a Tesla I can say this is the best day of my
life because I’ve not got married yet and I probably still say after I’ve got
married time to give it a wash one other little thing I like about Tesla they
don’t take themselves too seriously little Easter egg press and hold the T
access code 007 okay you get the lotus from the bond film it got the
update that gave it I think it was from six seconds to 60 to 4.9 so it
actually got faster by software update and then I did another update gave you
the chill mode acceleration so it just says chill above the above the speed dial
on there yes so even though you’ve already bought the car you’ve already
paid for it Tesla keep giving you new car every time
to give you an update basically yeah now the chill mode I’ll
leave it in chill mode most of the time although it can do 0-60 four
point nine and prefer it’s just like I think you know like the Mercedes has got
a really soft accelerator pedal like that basically so it’s nice and
smooth because its got that much torque you just touch the throttle if you’ve
got kids or car full of passengers your giving him whiplash every two seconds
because every time you touch the throttle if he just catch the throttle
bit hard it lurches forwards so that’s that softens all that and it reduces you
0 to 60 down to eight seconds which is still more than adequate for 95% of
the time “yeah” different steering modes quite common on a lot of cars you can
adjust the regen I always have that one standard range mode that give you it
reduces the power to the aircon and optimizes the motors a little bit to
give you a little bit more efficiency is this the two-wheel drive motor version or
the four-wheel they’ve only ever done the four-wheel drive in the X in the
X that’s Dean he’s a runner of a charge installer they do zappi and EO
minis if you’re after an install please give me a contact on my about page and I
will link you up with Dean I’ve got a very good contact with him I get along
with him really well he’s a subscriber very Pro eco he’s got a obviously he’s
got Tesla he’s a Zoe in the past why you notice there’s ZE bag in the back with
the type two cable so please get in contact with me I’ll put you in contact
with Dean if you are after an install as always thanks very much for watching my
video if you haven’t already please click this
subscribe button on the bottom and if you haven’t seen some of my videos check
out some of my other videos down the side thanks very much for watching and
I’ll see you again next week

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  1. Great video Nick. I know I would be just as excited as you were, if I got a drive in a Tesla Model X !!!!!!

  2. Thanks to Dean tor letting me film in his model x also to to Leo and Glenn my 2 patrons, if you enjoyed this video leave a comment let me know what you like and what you'd like to see more of next time i see Dean in his Tesla

  3. this is the first time watching diferents colors on…. you know. In the other hand thats the best car ever…

  4. woah the filter for the viruses, bacteria, diesle, smells etc. 😮 NEED!!! just wants this so bad. That key !! 😍

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