Texture, Visual element of design /textures for graphic design/How to draw textures with pencils.

Texture, Visual element of design /textures for graphic design/How to draw textures with pencils.

Namaste, hello friends. Today I am doing another element of design that is textures. So let us begin Textures stimulates our sense of feeling. For example, we hear music We feel some emotion. We eat something nice. We feel some emotion then we smell something again an Emotion is evoked in our mind same in texture drawing we draw something and A feeling has to be evoked, visually. So here no words written or spoken Just through the medium of art, One has to sense. What surface is being drawn That is called textures. So this requires lot of practice and it is a skill. So when you’re making this art portfolio. Do insert texture drawings. Take your time master this art then you create your own art. I am posting a link below of one of my composition of textures. It’s a pen drawing. So do have a look at it We have come to an end of this tutorial. I will Be posting more videos on textures, Until then. Bye.

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  1. Great drawing and tutorial!!! Keep it up 🙂 -Best of luck on your art and your channel, and much support from one artist to another. Liked and subbed.

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  3. Outstanding video! I am glad I came across your channel! I've never seen someone create such magnificent work! Very impressive! I can't wait to
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  4. I've just started a new path on my journey with zen-doodles… I didn't think I would be able to get my hands to cooperate, but I am finding that it's not that difficult 😊 thank you for generously sharing your skill set and beautiful kindness 🙏 I just found you and I am a New Subbie and instant fan 💗 blessings to you and your family 🙏❣️ Ange 🤗

  5. 21st like. Beautiful drawing of textures. Lovely tutorial and enjoyed learning new thing today. Thanks for sharing. Stay connected and have a lovely week ahead👌👌👍👍🙏🙏

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  11. I like your idea of putting a different texture in each square. Textures and variations in texture are so important in art. looking forward to watching more of your videos 🙂

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