“That Relationship Lasted for Two Sexes” – Lara Beitz – Lights Out with David Spade

“That Relationship Lasted for Two Sexes” – Lara Beitz – Lights Out with David Spade

Alright, guys You’re a great crowd and I know We haven’t done this before, but I saw a really funny
comedian the other night, and I asked her to come
be on the show for you guys. I think you’ll like her. Please welcome Lara Beitz. (applause and cheering) All right.
Hell, yeah. Got some hotties
with some bodies in the house tonight. Hell yeah. Looking good,
like what I see. I moved here from the Midwest, so now every guy I see
is the hottest guy I ever saw. (laughter) In my whole entire life. Jesus Christ, holy shit. (laughter) I’ve been dating ’em, too.
I’ve been getting in there. (laughter) I was being boyfriend,
girlfriend with this one guy, and that relationship lasted
for two sexes. (laughter) And then I fell in love
with him. (laughter) And he didn’t fall in love
with me. AUDIENCE:
Aw! Yeah,
I don’t recommend that at all. (laughter) We were breaking up.
I was just like, “So, what do you want?” And he said,
“I just want to be left alone.” (laughter) I was like,
“So if I leave you alone, can we still be boyfriend,
girlfriend?” (laughter) “No? Okay, perfect. “No, I mean,
I drank your cum, but I guess that doesn’t count
for jack shit in this town.” (cheering and applause) fucking unbelievable. (laughter) So I am back out there again. Not that I fucking feel like it,
but I am dating again. (laughter,
cheering and applause) I’m an aggressive dater. I’m not fucking around no more. (laughter,
cheering and applause) I want a husband and a baby. And if you don’t want
to give me that shit, stay the fuck out of my way. Yeah! -(cheering and applause)
-Yeah! Yeah, I mean that. Every guy here is like, “Ooh, I’m just looking
for something casual.” Yeah, I bet you are,
you little bitch. (laughter) Well, I’m fucking not. I’m looking
for something formal. I want someone to rent a tux
and marry me. (laughter and applause) I’m gonna give up. I can’t take this shit no more.
I’m gonna quit. I’m just gonna go
to the sperm bank. fuck it. (laughter) Not even to have a baby. Just, I’ll drink the cum (laughter and applause) Is that what you want? (cheering and applause) Are you happy? It’s just a different path
to the same thing, anyway. (laughter) No, it is. That is true. That is… They don’t tell you that,
but that is true. If all the dates go good, he’s gonna want you
to drink the cum Yeah. Not me. Not anymore. Drink your own cum,
you fucking asshole. (laughter) -Yeah.
-(cheering and applause) I’ll drink my cum
I bought at the bank. (laughter) And then we don’t have to talk about what kind of music
you like, ’cause I don’t give a shit.
How’s that sound? (laughter) Sometimes on dates,
guys will ask me why I think I’m still single,
which… That’s a trap.
Don’t answer that. (laughter) I’m just like, “Honestly, most guys find my pussy
too tight.” (laughter) (cheering and applause) “So that’s why.” (laughter) Which is not true. (laughter) I don’t know,
I think I got a regular one. (laughter) Maybe it’s tight.
I feel like if it was, though, it would have come up
in conversation by now, though. (laughter) One time,
a guy did say it was tight. I was like, “Really?” And he laughed so hard,
his dick went soft. So, probably not
the tightest one of all time. I do know I have a wide cervix, ’cause my doctor told me that,
not that I fucking asked. She was doing the exam.
She was like, “Oh, have you
ever been pregnant?” I was like, “No.” She was like, “Oh, okay. I just asked
’cause you have a wide cervix.” I was like, “I wasn’t gonna
ask you why you asked me that. “I thought you asked everyone
the same questions. I didn’t think you
were just asking me personally ’cause of how big my shit is.” And then, a different time, a guy was giving me
a professional massage. He was like,
“Oh, you have broad shoulders.” I was like,
“You should see my cervix.” Thank you, guys!
I’m Lara Beitz!

100 thoughts on ““That Relationship Lasted for Two Sexes” – Lara Beitz – Lights Out with David Spade

  1. Wow, you can say 'drink your cum' on basic cable. Times have changed…
    (she reminds me of some midwestern actor in drag).

  2. “I’m looking for something formal.” 😂😂😂 Reminds me of the phrase, “I’m not looking to Netflix & chill; I’m looking for Amazon Prime & Commitment.”

  3. This is the funniest show I’ve seen in a looong while and I love that he’s bringing high quality comics up with it. I was dying thru her set 😂

  4. Don't know if I want to see her in a netflix special or a porno

    Penis: So that's why they call it stand up?
    Me: Everyone's a cumedian

  5. I said, You should see my cervix. He said, I did. I've been screwing you for ten minutes. I said, So that's what that is. I thought you left a window open.

  6. She has the voice of all the middle aged white women that’s ever baby-talked one year olds. But she’s funny so it’s all good.

  7. I came here on Joe Rogan's recommendation. She's fucking fantastic!!! If she swings through Pittsburgh or Cleveland, i'll definitely buy tickets!!!

  8. Who TF is Lara Beitz??? This is why I love Joe Rogan for shining light on unknown artists. Whoever this Lara Betiz is boutta blow up thanks to Rogan!!!

  9. Just listened to Lara last night on the Comedy Store Podcast, she’s hilarious. I’m glad she got passed as a paid regular. I think she’s going to have a great career. 👍 Very funny young lady.

  10. Haha, impressive wires are not even visible even on a full size puppet, the hair gave it away but I was almost convinced!

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