The 2019 Porsche Panamera Turbo S FULL Review Interior Exterior Infotainment

The 2019 Porsche Panamera Turbo S FULL Review Interior Exterior Infotainment

680 horsepower what a beautiful machine this is it has every possible feature on it I really like the Burmaster sound system I like their sport response button this is the second generation as you know it has massage seats heated ventilated seats there’s the beautiful entertainment system at the back just 360 degrees cameras in this video I will show every possible detail the price for this car let’s take a look at that this is the Panamera Turbo S e-hybrid expletive it comes standard with a sports chrono package PD CC sport tote factor and plus ceramic composite brakes 21 inch to Ruben’s 256,000 37 years and this sulky looks like this is the Pocono gray color of the car the Panamera Turbo S Hybrid produces 680 horsepower and 850 Newton meters of torque it’s a four-wheel-drive car with four-wheel steering 0 to 62 in just 3.5 seconds the top speed is 310 km/h it has an 8-speed automatic transmission the engine is a 4 liter v8 now let’s take a closer look at the front you can see the special more aggressive front bumper for the turbo S it has the matrix LED headlights with the new shape daytime running lights looks beautiful it has corner lights automatic I beam it has the adaptive cruise control night vision beautiful looking car it has a carbon ceramic brake discs it has 21 inch turbo design views and the yellow brake caliper special to the turbo s looks fantastic the a hybrid logo at the site what a stunning looking car this is looks awesome in every angle I really like the spoiler myself you have the cameras 360 degrees camera system you have the panoramic sunroof which is for the first time you have the quad exhaust with a great sound you can drive 44 kilometers on the hybrid mode without using fuel there’s the 3d LED taillights great design the brake lights are four dots that the fuser looks nice and clean what a lovely looking car the car is 2385 kilograms the trunk space is 405 liters when you fold the receipts down its thousand three hundred and ninety five liters you can open the trunk with your foot with your key or with the button on the trunk it matches the interior color the carpets are in the same color there’s folding rear seats now let’s take a look at the interior beautiful entertainment system privacy shades bond erotic songs also in the black LED lights we have the reclining rear seats with the leg extensions of course there’s also memoir seats in the back what a gorgeous interior Blind Spot Assist PDC see these screens are fully automatic touchscreen as well sound settings car settings we have tire pressure g-force car status trip apps Wi-Fi connectivity then you have the navigation the settings languages beautiful system looks fantastic you can also take this and use it in your hand storage area this detail is amazing this in the color of the car for Conor gray then you have the cooled seats heated seats you have the rear sunshade which is also automatic there are the climate control settings and this is made out of gloss it has a high quality fuel to it automatic mode of course then you have this with this you can control the air vent you can control the Sun shades the climate control with this you can control the sunshade at top for the first time it is available with the panoramic song instead of a normal sunroof LED lights in the interior [Music] and we are now in the interior of this Panamera Turbo S Hybrid lovely looking steering you Sport response button you have chrome chef’s pedals you have the TFT screens at the sides this analog clock we have the stopwatch the twelve point three inch touchscreen multimedia system here you have the storage area with the wireless charging for the first time USB aux power outlets you have cup holders beautiful Panamera logo this is the color of the car looks fantastic you know the electron can’t break this for park can also share for yourself with this or with the gear levers and steering view then you have the suspension settings normal Sport Sport+ in video mode these are the different modes then you have the booth heated seats also for the passenger looks and feels fantastic then you have the climate control settings fan speed automatic modes then you have the multimedia system the different settings navigation destination settings traffic information does the Blind Spot Assist the media system phone Bluetooth connectivity car settings this for the rest boiler the chrono package clamp control settings this for the air vents comfort it has the ionization feature drive then you have the safety systems which is a lot on this Panamera you have the Porsche active safe turn it on you have the link Keeping Assist turn on lane change assist it’s also on the safety assistant on this is for heavy traffic it can accelerate and brake for you then you have the parking sensors with 360 degrees camera system and the cameras are a high quality sytze rear front panorama front panorama rear then you have the sound settings for the bird master sound tone adjustments volume presets 3d surround intensive and then you have settings car settings safety systems system settings language these are the languages available for the Panamera Turbo S hybrid hybrid mode and go 44 kilometers in total with the hybrid mode which is really good then this is the homepage let’s look at the drivers view you have 7-inch TFT screens with different views possible lap timer GeForce boost tire pressure and this is the important one you can check every level and this is the support response button Sport Plus sports hybrids modes on the steering wheel you can control these screens you can answer the phone volume adjustments and on the Left can control the adaptive cruise control it’s a brand new car you have traffic sign assess everything is automatically done and you have the light settings these are buttons now looks perfect memory seats Blind Spot Assist here you have the trunk and the fuel cap falling mirrors eat a standard looks fantastic and it feels nice area of the LED lights and the panoramic sunroof control that’s for the sunshade parking sense on or off this for the garage the room link

100 thoughts on “The 2019 Porsche Panamera Turbo S FULL Review Interior Exterior Infotainment

  1. Outstanding show that’s what I’ll say excellent machine plenty of speed oh yes wow my favorite is the 911 Turbo S my personal favorite machine. Magnificent show 🎼🎶🎶🎼🎶🎼🎶🎼🎶🎶

  2. Sao nước ngoài họ toàn cho ra xe đẹp mê lòng người thế nhỉ.còn VN mình cho ra toàn gsts víp không à.nhất là cải cách chữ…buồn thiệt chứ.

  3. Since my 2015 Cayenne has been at the Porsche dealership for 4 weeks now waiting on a part from Germany, I’ve had the pleasure of driving a 2018 Panamera loaner. The operation of the old infotainment is way easier and less distracting from attention to the road. The newer system is certainly cooler. However adjusting the air vents is a distracting 2 menu horror when trying to drive! Then after you turn the car off the vents go back to pre adjusted settings. Very frustrating! The volume knob and circular knob location in front of the gear shift is unusable unless your dorsal flex your wrist. Porsche why not place a large usable knob to control the large central screen in front of, or to side of the gear shift like Mercedes/BMW have figured years ago?.?
    People are comfortable with mouse operation. I love the look of the new infotainment but these little things drive me crazy.

  4. Beautiful car! Unfortunately not dog friendly! My dog would damage that middle back seat computer thing in 1 day! Ugh! BTW: your car reviews are great!

  5. The level of quality is amazing my dream car.
    It's better than the new M-B C63 AMG in my opinion because of the high quality and price.

  6. damn hard to choose between a 911 turbo s or this one! The interior of the panamera is in one word AMAZING! great vid! Thanks m8!

  7. Damn like this car. 😎 The interior design and materials + the color is worth the price. Perfect exterior design matched w/ the interior Color.

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