The 350sq ft un-luxury graffiti apartment  – Tiny Eclectic Amazing Spaces video

The 350sq ft un-luxury graffiti apartment – Tiny Eclectic Amazing Spaces video

BRETT DAVID: I don’t see myself
as a doorman building kind of guy. While those luxuries are nice,
I’d rather have some charm. If you’re with some brand new,
cookie cutter new appliances, and stainless steel fridge–
and remember, the floor is angled. There’s 30 years of paint
on the walls. Things are chipping off. I don’t have a cookie cutter
apartment, because I’m not a cookie cutter kind of guy. My name is Brett David. I have a 350 square foot
apartment in the best neighborhood in New York,
the Lower East Side. So I was living uptown on
the Upper West Side. The apartment I had uptown was
700 square feet, big one bedroom, walk-in closet,
1,000 square foot backyard, great place. That being said, it was
on 106th Street. It’s good to be back downtown. Six years way up on
the Upper West– it was tough. This apartment is basically
three rooms– really two. You have your bedroom, living
room area over here. You have a kitchen, dining
area a little bit. Those are my fur coats,
by the way. And then the third room, there’s
no door, but it leads to the bathroom. You think it’d be
kind of funny. You’re over here and another
person is peeing, and you can reach over and wave at them. And I find the awkwardness
kind of fun. When people walk into this
apartment, what I hope they say is, yeah, Brett
lives here. I consider myself much more
stylish than most of my male or female friends,
gay or straight. Just gut to the chase. Creatively, I’m able to do
things, shop them around, source them for an affordable
price, rather than just paying some arbitrary designer $50,000
to outfit a 300 square foot apartment, which
they will do. You’ll get nice things, but
you’ll look the same as the other guys across the street. A big part of my style is using
decorative bottles that are just washed and cleaned. In this apartment, jeez, I
must have well over 300. Over here on the wall where it
says “lie to me and tell me you love me,” I could have
put some big tapestry. I could have put a
ton of frames. But I’ve always been interested in graffiti culture. I’m good, but I’m
not this good. So I called up my buddy, Doug. He said, yeah, I’d be
happy to do it. Everything you see is my vision,
his actual handiwork. Books are a lot of fun,
especially because we’re in the age of the Kindle
and the iPad. No one reads books anymore. But they’re really great to
admire, to hold onto. It’s funny how things
don’t change except when they’re gone. This apartment is conducive
for a small dog. I would love to have a
big German Shepherd, which I had as a kid. I mean, that would be amazing. I’d trade this little
guy in a heartbeat. I’m not going to lie. But it’s not conducive for it. I’ve had a few ex-girlfriends
walk into this apartment, come to him and say, what
have you seen? What’s going on? But I pay him enough kibble
and belly rubs to keep his mouth shut. The rack that I have in the back
is functional because I don’t have a closet space. The blessing in disguise,
though, is that it’s right next to my shower. So when the heat’s on, it
presses all my clothes. I have a lot of collages
in the apartment. I have a couple on the walls. I have one on my coffee table. A lot of them are risque, but
not in a tacky, cheesy way. I’m looking at a more classic
woman, going back to the ’70s, early ’80s, from “Playboy” and
“Penthouse” magazines. I’ve put together some really
fun collages that, once again, show my individuality. The apartments I’ve had
over the years– 15 years now in New York– have all had my creative
influence in a lot of ways. I don’t mind having
a small apartment. It’s creativity. It’s being able to work with
what you have to accomplish what you want. It’s a goal. I could’ve paid $2,200. But why? I’ve done a lot with it. I’ve put a lot of really big,
fun things in a smaller space. And trust me, I’m used
to fitting big things in tight spaces. FEMALE SPEAKER: Are you a
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  2. I love this place! From the art, the wax from all those candles dripping, the colors, the silver chair… The only thing I would change is the sofa, but I even like that. Nice work! and cool mustache

  3. I don't understand the hate this guy is getting. I mean, no one here is living with him – let the guy live however he wants in his private home, he's not bothering anyone else. Good on him.

  4. Random conversation with a girl.
    She: Cute dog
    Him: thanks,i realy love dogs and oher animals
    She: so cute
    Him: want to come over and play with my dog
    She: Sure , look at this pile of honey
    Him: Ahhhh
    She: harder
    Him: ahhh
    Dog: you dont pay me enough for this amount of pussy dam it.

  5. talk about being 'individual' and 'creative' in the least individual and creative way possible. omg street art indoors and nudes. how edgy and provocative 🙄

  6. I ran into this same dude riding a fixie, he was shouting:: 'Bicycle rights, bicycle rights, bicycle rights, bicycle, I’m on a bike, I’m on a bike. Hi I’m on a bike, you’re going to turn, you got to tell me. Watch out, bike, bike, bike, bike, bike, cars, man. Why? I don’t have a driver’s license. I don’t need it. I got a bike lane here. Hey, I get this whole lane. Ten-feet rule. . Hey birds, you guys have little bikes? What are you looking at?'

  7. What. A. Douche. Those candles and that blatantly obvious dick comment at the end. Eugh.

  8. I haven't seen this much Keith Haring outside of the 80s, but somehow he's original/unique. Whatever.

    My bedroom and those of many of my friends looked very similar to this, but then we moved out of our parents' house/basement, became adults and continued dating people our own age. I see amber alerts for teenagers leading back to this guys place in the near future if it hasn't happened already

  9. Did you really hide only the caucasian model's naked breast picture? What about the second model's picture shown?I am surprised that nobody noticed nor commented on that.

  10. lol im pretty sure this is a parody sketch right? not a real person… the only girls he will be getting is teenagers who ran from home. he belongs on that show portlandia.

  11. Yo this dude is arrogant but I like his confidence! Like so sassy but so braggy. Whatever you do you boo! Great apartment.

  12. " No one read books anymore." Uh, he may not but I sure as hell do. That statement only proves HE doesn't read period.

  13. First time I've ever disliked a YouTube video. Dude, you let hot wax drip on those beautiful books. My heart just hurts looking at that 😕

  14. Your connection with that precious dog, appears to be, the only beautiful part of you… When you openly admitted, that you'd toss him, for a larger dog… Honestly, I vomited in my mouth, a little.

  15. He is a bad ass. His silver arm chair is lit. He is confident ,funny ,stylish and sexy. When people read this I hope they don't say yeah Bret wrote that.

  16. A mural that says The World is Filled with Pimps and Hoes…. hmmmm…. how.. inspiring…… That poor dog seems to wish it was dead.

  17. so turning your everyday trash is a vision of art? to whom, bums? just bcuz you live in dump doesn't mean youre original and artistic. you could've lived I a nicer place but why would you? bcuz people want to achieve the best not be lazy. this guy is so annoying in so many ways. you're just a bum who doesn't care about bettering himself so he tried to fool others by trying to make us believe he's got his own style and taste. it's called being brine and you don't give a shit dude. get over yourself. not impressed and now I need to go take a shower just to wash away his filthy style off me. gross

  18. I am not being rude but candle wax everywhere, empty bottles, graffiti on the walls, fur coats in the kitchen, collages & his personality = awkward. I hated the statement, "Trust me, I'm used to fitting large things in small spaces!" 😷

  19. People go through phases, as one ages, those material things become less and less important. His Parents probably forbade him to put a lot of "stuff" in his room, or there was no money to squander on junky nonsense. Parents want their kids to be practical and get away from "kid" nonsense. So that's all some people want when they get out on their own, stuff, and lot's of it.

  20. “I could pay someone 50 grand.” No sugar, you clearly couldn’t. I’ve never seen such insecurity so vividly displayed. Bless his heart.

  21. I really like this space!😊
    My studio is about 335 sq feet, sitting area/bedroom, kitchen, 3 pc washroom (nice rounded shower, biffy and sink) with a little hallway that connects the areas. I’m a knicky knacky person with a doll collection and a big dog, yet we have lots of room. It’s cozy and comfy.

  22. For a tiny apartment it looks even smaller bc of all the stuff. Just watching the video got my OCD in overdrive. 😱😱 Lol

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