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  1. I am normally a very modern look but I love this. I really do. Can you fit a king size in the bedroom? what is the cost for this model with same finishes?

  2. What an absolutely beautiful home! The wood-framed windows, rustic/modern kitchen, built-in washer-dryer combo in the bathroom, and closet and pitched roof in the bedroom attest to the craftsmanship of this home. The layout, spaciousness, and thoughtful touches within (like the pull-out pet dishes and outdoor shower) make this home perfect as a weekend retreat or for full-time living.

  3. Where can you see floor plans? The end of the video shows a different bedroom with a different quilt. Then you look across and see a ladder for the loft that is over the living area with the couch. It is confusing because it looks like you spliced in footage from a different TH.

  4. Brilliant design, the BEST I've seen. It truly has everything; a beautiful aesthetic, fine fixtures, fully functional kitchen & appliances, 2 dining spaces, 2 deck options, full bathtub, laundry, pet feeder, a normal staircase (with storage), a stand-up bedroom with privacy, closet, headboard & under-bed storage, lots of natural light, and 11' ceiling height! What??Honestly, this is stunning. It appears uncramped and entirely livable. Where are we on price?? — A very impressive build, I'd modify/customize only 3 things if possible: 1) Swap the hall-access storage above the washer/dryer combo for a stacking washer/dryer instead. 2) Slimmer living room windows (or spread further apart) to allow a wider TV between them, and a fireplace module beneath. 3) Larger rear deck, perhaps hinge it to double/triple the size and still be foldable. Same thing with the fold down dining table, both indoors and out. This design overall is outstanding. I'd choose this co. to build mine.

  5. Exceptional craftsmanship and the design is chic and superb. I would like to live in one such well thought of abode. It feels like home…warm, welcoming and comforting.

  6. This is an excellent design. I would like to know exactly how much it will cost to duplicate this particular home. You keep saying your homes "start at $44k" we get that – but it would be extremely helpful to know how much THIS MODEL costs. Thanks!

  7. Nice design, but I wouldn't have put the mini-split over the bed.  Not crazy about the outdoor shower. I would have put the shower in the bathroom. Lots of height in the loft, which is great.  Overall, nice design.

  8. Love it! Beautiful design, color scheme and layout. Would only replace end door with a window and put an L shaped sofa there, maybe a pop out door for main bedroom if that was possible. Quite in love with this, nice job! 🙌 …updated to being totally in love with this lol

  9. I am very curious what the price is on this particular model. Also I have to say I've seen a lot of tiny homes designed, and built by many different companies. But without hesitation every single one I've seen by you is absolutely breathtaking. Keep up the good work.

  10. Sure that they will be glad that they used ceramic tin on roof, so it will last long enough to be a blessing to their children's children, or at least keep it's re-sell value.

  11. A walk in tub with a door and shower head would be awesome! Some of these walk in tubs have jets, so you can use it as a whirlpool. Here is a link to one on, to get an idea of what I am talking:,888,892&recidx=2

  12. A walk in tub with a door and a shower head would be awesome! Some of these walk in tubs have jets, so you can use it as a whirlpool. Here is a link to one on, to get an idea of what I am talking:,888,892&recidx=2

  13. I have wondered about these tiny houses with wheels, if they sit in the same place for a long time, do the tires go flat or loose air, which would cause the house to become unlevel? Just wondering!

  14. We lost our home of 22 yrs . That is one of the worst feelings. To lose something that you have worked so hard for. I love the tiny home concept. This home ESPECIALLY. Maybe soon we'll be able to buy it. LOL.

  15. Okay this is going to sound like a crazy question but who composed the music and what's the name of the song that you used in this video? The home is beautiful and definitely a contender in my own personal preferences for tiny home.

  16. If I were alone and single…it would be completely liveable and perfect. Everything hits the mark for me. No stooping over in the bedroom area. Not a fan of the loft bedroom ideas, cause what happens if you hurt your back or worse, how are you going to feel about climbing a ladder and crawling on all fours to get to a bedroom? This tiny home is practical, luxurious and awesome. My favorite of all the tiny homes.

  17. WOW, The craftsmanship was top notch! The only thing that I didn’t like was the first bedroom they showed, the bed was butted up against three walls making it impossible to make the bed.

  18. Not gorgeous what ever comes after that but I would be afraid to drive it around would be perfect for a stationary place though

  19. Beautiful tiny house, thank you so much for sharing.💖 Can you plz tell me the title/artist of the instrumental song that is played on this video? Very nice!

  20. Ok I'll take one !!! Wow this place is so nice I almost subscribed to your channel again ! Its so nice especially that little baby stove, its like the Microwave and the Oven hooked up and had this stove, lol how crazy is that ;:>-0 alrighty till next time my friend

  21. No thanks. Looks very heavy to pull around plus being a mobile trailer resale would be bad. Being as tall as it is, a person would be constantly watching for low hanging wires.

  22. Even though my personal taste is for modern design… this is magnificent. All you need to live well. The wisdom of simplicity and The luxury of efficiency.

  23. I LOVE this one except for one thing , I think that the cabinets in the kitchen, should be the same color as the dark wood, in the rest of the house.

  24. I love everything about this house. The only thing lacking is more storage that is innovative — a closet would be good in the master. What would be a really fantastic addition outside is a fold down picnic table. Just an idea for your next house you build.

  25. Oooh lovely light cream colored kitchen cabinets. Cream color seems to brings light inward. Invites light. 4foot high living room with steps storage underneath be cool. What a Beauty. Classy

  26. It would be much better if your company made live videos and explained the home to the viewers. These pictures zooming in and out, is annoying.

  27. Appareil de cuisson mal placé, sans hotte aspirante pour les odeurs et les graisses de cuisine… c'est certainement un homme qui ne cuisine pas qui a pondu le plan !

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