The Archie Bunker House – OffBeat Spaces Video

The Archie Bunker House – OffBeat Spaces Video

DAVE SELLERS: So welcome to
the Archie Bunker, a total concrete house. I started building this space
maybe six years ago as a class I was teaching at the SMR school
called “The Joy of Concrete.” So come on in. I wasn’t even sure I was going
to make a house out of it. But we had so much fun taking
these forms that were curved forms which were left over from
another project, poured the concrete over it, and we
took the form work over and said, wow, this is great. It took us another year and a
half, and we made this house. And our office owns it. We rent it out or give
it away to friends. And it’s just a joy. OK, so this is the kitchen– really compact. But look at this. The sink is transparent. You can see right through
the sink. I thought that was
a cool idea. We made this sink ourselves. Dining room table– two big slabs of birch,
and then we built in these light fixtures. It overlooks the rest
of the view, which is in these vaults. OK, so you come down
to the living room. Look at this. This is a bed. And you can get in bed, and then
say, goodnight everybody. Most people leave it open a
little bit when they sleep in it, but some people like to
be totally closed in. Then if you look at this space,
we wanted to have a stairway and the chimney be a
sculptural collage of stuff. So this whole mass in the center
has got a fireplace, has got a stove in it, and
it’s all concrete. So there’s tons and tons
of concrete in there. And in the back bookshelf
is a secret panel. OK, so then here we are
in the master bedroom. We built a concrete post and
beam structure up above so that the columns and beams are
all poured in place concrete. The bed has a big slab of pine
in the back of it with notches in it and light fixtures. So this gives you a sense of
how the building works. Except for this giant window
is on a roller, and it slides away. And right behind it is
the swimming pool. So the whole building
is wide open. And it’s really fun. People just walk in and jump
in the water and so on. This is pretty spectacular. OK, now here’s an optical
illusion we put in. We put this mirror band all
the way around the house. So when the snow comes up in the
winter, it comes up, comes up, comes up. And when it hits right here, the
white plane goes all the way through to infinity. And the concrete house
floats as if it’s floating in mid air. There’s no client for this. We designed it for ourselves. So we tried a lot of things in
it that we would never have been able to sell, like
concrete, for example. All these things were things
that we wanted to do. So we said, OK, we’ll be
our own guinea pig. And it’s great to come back and
see how it works, so we can evaluate whether it was a
good idea or not a good idea. It turns out they’re all good
ideas, and we’re really tickled with it. -Love home and design? Make sure to subscribe to
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88 thoughts on “The Archie Bunker House – OffBeat Spaces Video

  1. Well i hate to point out but the description of your video is wrong. The house is made of concrete, not of cement. I was shocked to see the description …. lol!! Cement is just one of the ingredients to make Concrete.

  2. Simply beautiful! I wonder what the cost was to build it, is it energy efficient and I wonder if this wouldn't be an alternative for areas that get a lot of tornadoes?

  3. First of all, that guy is adorable
    Secondly, the house is adorable!

    I DO wish there were more 'overall' shots. I feel like the whole video consisted of 'detail' shots (which are appreciated though) and didn't get a good idea of the lay out of the house, would've loved to see a bit more 🙂

  4. I second that bed idea. It looks like it's under the stairs, but any raised floor would be a good idea too.

  5. "The joy of concrete"? Now that's a scary idea. Also gives new meaning to the expression, "Go jump in the lake!" As always, a fun video.

  6. My idea of a secondary house is heated concrete that can be wash whit a hose,wide windows,easy leaving.Might get in to it one day.

  7. I don't understand why this is called the Archie Bunker house…….? Doesn't look like the TV show home.
    This place is beautiful and so is the fellow!

  8. I was thinking the same thing. Why didn't they take pictures or video or something and edit it in? Oh bother.

  9. I would have loved to have seen this taken even further i.e.-concrete furniture, concrete doors, beds, etc.; basically everything except maybe the windows and plumbing fixtures.

  10. It's very natural yet artsy and modernistic. Plus it is so awesome with all the huge glass windows all around to look out at an amazing landscape of continuing beautiful God-given nature. I would love to own a place like this. My only problem is that it feels so secluded and I'm used to living in a close tight neighborhood :3

  11. I was smiling like an idiot the whole time. He is so adorable, and the house is beautiful. Would love to live in it!

  12. What an awesome video and he really made me feel happy because he seems
    like such a nice and kind man and the house is simply so awesome it hurts.

  13. Isn't concrete bad for deterioration though? Actually saying that I'm going to buy a laing easi build in the UK which I think is quite literally poured concrete….

  14. It is quite an ugly place.  I have seen concrete buildings that were very beautiful, but this one is not so beautiful.  Unique, yes. 

  15. For those who have asked: It's actually incredibly WARM in winter. One would think of concrete as being cold, true- but this house has radiant floor heat, AND, once the huge fireplace gets going, and the wood stove, the concrete absorbs and reflects the most wonderful heat… it becomes like a person, or a party of friends…The different shapes, materials, and textures in the concrete each have their own, warm personalities- very organic. Interacting with the space becomes like a conversation- and one learns something in every nook and cranny… It is in Warren, VT- and it is available for rent through AirBnB online…

  16. omg that music is fabulous where can i buy the cd! ermmm not, its fucking vile very distracting music hard to concentrate on what this man is telling you about his house.

  17. using all concrete for housing is nothing new. it is used all over the world, especially in third-world countries and harsher areas where using wood is not ideal.

  18. House burned down earlier this year, by the way. Someone rented it on AirBnB, started a fire and went out for dinner. Left their dog in a cage in the living room. Ran in to get it and the whole place exploded because of the rush of oxygen into the house after opening the door to get the dog. Renter and dog escaped with their lives but the house furnishings are kaput. Concrete still standing, though.

  19. so the guy made his class put this home up for him?
    without paying them but instead getting paid for the class?

  20. Why is he acting like concrete is an impossible sell and completely unwanted material?
    It's basically pourable stone and has been used in… almost all apartment and office buildings of any reasonable size for centuries…
    Also, great way to not really show any of the house and how integrated stuff is. Shows house plan "not to scale" then what freaking use is it?

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