The Best One Ton Truck Camper | EXD by EarthCruiser Overland Vehicles

The Best One Ton Truck Camper | EXD by EarthCruiser Overland Vehicles

We are in Scottsdale, Arizona at the
Barrett-Jackson auto auction. This is the EarthCruiser EXD. We first saw this at Overland Expo East and have been dying to take a deeper look at it. The EXD is a self-contained unit that goes on top of a one-ton 4×4 pickup. You can either put it on a flatbed or like this one mount it directly to the frame. Now this is a 4×4 expedition vehicle that you can take pretty much anywhere. The shell of the camper is made out of molded fiberglass. It is 10 feet long, 81 inches wide. The interior height with the roof up is 82 inches and with the roof down it is 62 inches. This has a 30 amp shore power connection. Solar and lithium batteries are standard, but you can upgrade with more batteries or more solar panels and then the brains of the whole operation is right in here. All of the electrical bits are right in here so they’re easily accessible and this whole tray pulls out if you need to access something or work on it. Behind here there is pass-through storage and an opening on the other side of the EXD. While we’re doing this I think the auction is starting so there gonna be a lot of cars going back and forth I apologize for the noise. On the back end is a diesel tank for the Webasto hot water heater and furnace and in the spare tire carrier.
Let’s go check out the other side. On the passenger side is another storage bay. This pass-through goes over to where the brains are on the other side and in here there is an onboard air compressor. This is a four-season camper which means when the weather is nice you can take a shower outside with their optional exterior shower. I’m really excited to see what the inside is like so let’s go inside and take a look. This is the bedroom section of the EXD. The bed is about the size of a full-size bed. There is plenty of room for Kait and me to sleep next to each other. I’m 5’11” and I have more than enough room to lay down Stretch out. If we needed to bring the roof down for any reason there’s still enough room to sleep on the bed you just couldn’t sit up. In this particular EXD, there are windows on either side of the bed. Now we’ve heard in future versions these windows are going away. I don’t know if they’re going to put other windows in here but you really don’t need them because you have this 360 view. All of these go up and down as you can see I put this one up. There’s a bug screen that you can unzip and then an outer plastic layer that provides insulation. You can also open so you have air flow
coming in. There are a couple reading lights back here. Behind this section here 110 outlets, USB outlets and a 12-volt outlet. One thing I love to do is sit in bed and watch a movie. So it’s perfect to sit back here put a pillow
behind my back. You can set up an iPad or TV right here. Sit back here have your popcorn and watch TV. It’s perfect. Since this is a pre-owned unit, the previous owners installed this webbing up here so you could just toss stuff. There’s all sorts of little clips. To give you an idea of how this roof space can actually be utilized for a bit of storage. In terms of lighting, with the 360 degree view here you get a lot of natural light that comes into the EXD. At night, EarthCruiser has done away with these small LED lights in favor of an LED strip light that goes
all around the inside of the EXD. Now, the inside of the EXD is a really small space. It’s only about 10 feet long inside. So you have to make the most of all the space that’s in here. That’s why this bed also converts
into a small dinette. Let me show you. In order to convert the bed into the
dinette. The bed actually is actuated by a pneumatic arm. That’s all controlled here on the Czone along with a lot of other features within the camper. So for example, you can connect this to your smartphone and as you’re driving down the road if you’re going camping in a cold area you can turn on the heat inside the camper to be nice and warm by the time you arrive. Now in order to get the bed actuated up Just hit the forward button. And up it goes. Future versions of this will have a manually operated conversion for the bed. So this is the bed converted. You have your little dinette area. This could be a working area or when you’re camping out in the middle of nature you have this 360 degree view. Grab a drink grab a bowl of popcorn or something set it right here and you can see everything around you. What about storage? This is an expedition
vehicle you can take this around the world. So where do I put all of my stuff? Now what they have done here is under both sides of the bed there is a large storage cabinet. This goes completely under the bed. There is plenty of room for longer items. and it gives you quick access to things you might need while you’re in the camper. I also like the fact that you can lock the storage cabinets. I always get in trouble in our van when I don’t make the bed. So let me make this one. Easy. Just ahead of the bed there is more
storage on both sides of the camper. These all have latches. Storage area. Some of these are drawers. Another larger cabinet at the bottom that actually goes behind at the cassette toilet. Now in any camper we look at the kitchen area is always Kait’s favorite. Small stainless steel sink in here. Filtered water and then standard water just coming out of your tank. This holds 40 gallons of water in the freshwater tanks. Those forty gallons are broken up between two tanks on either side for balance. There is more storage on the kitchen side. Three small drawers. An isotherm drawer style refrigerator. The nice thing about the drawer style refrigerator is you can get stuff out of it from either side of the camper. If you’re leaning over from bed and you want that you know little ice cream or something while you’re laying there. Just reach in and grab it or you can grab stuff from this side. There are five more drawers further on in the kitchen and then behind this panel there is access to a lot of different
components in here including the water pump. So if you need to access it it is easily accessible in a small little And a small little trash can. Here are the controls for the Webatsto dual furnace and hot water heater. It has a 2.9 in gallon capacity for the
hot water. Speaking of hot water, let me show you how the shower works. Now the entryway is also dual purpose because I am now standing in the shower. There are curtains that can come across here. This pulls out and you can either hold it to shower off or find a way to mount that up above you. The nice thing about this is your entryway can also become your mudroom. Let’s say you’ve been hiking all day you’re been through the mud Come in here rinse off and then you walk into the camper. So you’re not dragging the mud all through your house. For the shower in both sinks there is a 12 gallon gray water tank. The drain for the shower is right below me. So now everyone’s question. You’ve got a shower, but what about a toilet? Well, that’s right here too. Just bring this down and there is a cassette toilet that pulls forward. It’s right here. You can also substitute for a composting toilet. Kait and I actually have a very similar cassette toilet to this. We love it and we did a full review of it. So if you’re looking for more information
about a cassette toilet check it out. But this also comes with an option for a
composting toilet. Starting price for the EXD is around $110,000. If you want it mounted directly onto the frame of your truck add another $25,000 and in any options on top of that. They’re actually selling this complete unit here at the show for a $185,000. I think this is an awesome option for those of you looking to go around the world and do expedition trips. Or just go out into the wild where you need 4×4 and something that’s really gonna get you out there and be comfortable when you arrive Now there is a lot of Technology and thought that goes behind constructing these EarthCruiser vehicles. I don’t know everything that there is but we did interview Lance with EarthCruiser. You can check that video out as well. Thank you guys so much for watching. If you want to learn more, head over to where we have a lot more content and you can learn more about us. Thank you for watching. Bye!

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  2. Joe, In the last video, you were having health issues. You appear to be OK in this one. I am hoping you got over your ill health without protracted heavy duty medication or extensive antibiotics. I have been watching your channel for news that you are OK ever since. Just as important is, were you able to keep it to yourself without sharing it with Kait. These are more important questions than any RV you might be touring!

  3. To me is is kind of disingenuous for the company to call a pop top four seasons. Maybe the plumbing is protected but if it is cold enough for the plumbing to need protecting you are going to be spending your diesel cash to send heat right out that tent top.

  4. I have had a similar idea for using the side entry way of my van as a shower that also doubles as the toilet stall. I like the fold-down cover. I've been trying to figure out how to get everything I want in my van and this could help with that.

  5. Get it right! That is a one ton chassis F-350 not a superduty F-350. See it has a flaired front wheel for a tighter turn than a normal F-350. It has a 14K GVWR. It has 11 springs and 1 over spring vs. 3 springs and 1 over spring for the normal F-350. Know you vehicles!

  6. I agree with Steve Kunz below, i will stick with my truck camper. I can detach. I have 4×4 and ground clearance you dont have. U can go anywhere my truck can go and best of all I have more space and storage than you. Not being mean, just stating facts. You should trade the van for an Eagle Cap 1160 on a F-450 or Ram 4500 chassis cab upfitted with a 8' long bed. That would fut your style perfectly. If not I suggest the Artic Fox 1140 on the same truck.

  7. HUGE FLAW in 1:15: The bow from Mastervolt is mounted in the wrong directrion, as far as i can see. That means, the passive cooler on the back can not work. I do not understand, how a professional company like EarthCruiser can do such mistakes.

  8. Just discovered the Russos. Your videos are both informative and entertaining. You are a great couple to spend some time with.

  9. Great item for the outback and overland expeditions. Thank you for the demo. The pricing is not bad compared to other units in this space

  10. Two mid-vid ads and one being nearly 4 minutes long?!!!! Really?! You know I love you guys and want you to get the ad money so I sat and watched all 6 minutes of ads mid-video (really wanted to skip…LOL). First world problems…I know, I know. Loved the video guys!

  11. Not bad, but it's WAY too expensive for how basic it is. To me, it'd make a helluva lot more sense to just buy a 1 ton truck and a really nice slide-in camper for it. You'll have essentially the same rig (maybe a much nicer one), but you'll save $1000s.

  12. Be careful buying truck camper style Rv’s including expeditions. I am discovering that most RV resorts do not allow truck campers.

  13. Looks great. I thought I just heard you say $185K??? Must be something wrong with my speaker as I know that I can get a nice loaded F350 with an overhead camper for a lot less; and I get a truck to use other times! Nice nonetheless.

  14. so where is the stove? And you can "find a way to mount the shower head " find a way are you freaking kidding me? The way is to not buy this camper.

  15. I'm not that crazy about the design inside. I saw the coolest landcruiser a year or so back that was for sale for around $15K, it had a bulletproof diesel engine as well as the a very capable 4×4 setup and it had a very clean professionally built cell on the back that was designed in Nigeria. It hadaround 6 feet of bed space, a perfect design inside with tons of storage. It had the sink, heater, fridge, wifi antenna, solar panels. I loved that truck, it was perfect for what I would want. It was an older Landcruiser ofcourse, a mid 80's I believe, but it had a half million miles on it and was still running very strong.

  16. I don't get why these "overlanding" type campers are so rediculously expensive compared to a normal rv, I understand they're built strong to handle rough conditions but it just seems way overpriced, jmtcw

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