The BMW M4 Competition Interior – Full Review and Walkthrough

The BMW M4 Competition Interior – Full Review and Walkthrough

Hey Mark here again with Exotic Carr Play Place again. I’m sitting here in the BMW competition M4. I’m pleased to talk about the interior elements and how to operate some of the controls in this competition m4 today. So firstly let’s just start from one side and work our way around. Firstly door panels, this honesty I have to tell you with the stitching that I see everywhere is easily some of the nicest leather interior I’ve seen on a BMW in a long time. You have a very soft finish up top something a little bit more robust I can feel down here it’s a very soft soft feeling leather but it’s got the nice stitching here as well to accent. You’ve got the classy finish trimming here as well standard pewter type handles and if you look we have an awesome Harman Kardon stereo system that just belts out the tunes, that’s part of this package as well. You can see full power seats here we’ve got a couple of presets available as well so you’ve got power seats. Now if you look down here this is gonna the BMW way now they use these handles these hood releases and it got me the first time, you don’t just pull it once and then go to the front of the car. You actually pull it once and twice it says on there two times, so you pull it once twice and that opens the hood here. As well we’ve got the rear trunk release and if you look here your blind spot verification Lane Departure all that fun stuff. Here you can disable some of those safety nannies right here and it actually they become illuminated when you’re driving the car. So if you look at the steering wheel here we have a few controls on here these are kind of generic things, we’ve got stereo controls and whatnot, radios and you know all your channel stations, you can change also your basically your hands-free is on here, your cell phone or cordless phone business, whatever you got here. This is pretty generic, pretty typical you’ve got these awesome little stripes this is mm striping here the old blues 2 blues and I read that awesome stripe goes all the way around that’s pretty typical em just like you have the EM logo down here now over here is where the fun begins. we have cruise control which isn’t not a big deal but what we have is m1 m2 now m1 you hold that button when you have all your modes configured that will set that up so first we’re going to start the car. okay now you’ll notice we’ve got all the warning lights in here pretty typical stuff. there’s your lane departure business it’s gonna tell you it also tells you if you’re tailgating too close it’s that’s another feature here if you’re too close to the car in front of you it’ll tell you warn you on that one let’s go down here this is where the fun happens this is where you can preset your steering speed or your steering response your shocks basically your damper settings as well as your throttle response these are all fully tunable so when we hit the steering response I’ll talk a lot see sport+ Comfort Sport and Sport Plus we’ll leave it on Sport Plus then we go to damper settings hit the damper symbol hit it again Comfort Sport and Sport Plus we’ll leave it there and the same goes with this guy here which is your throttle response let’s hit him Sport Sport+ one more time we’ll toggle them sport+ or it’s on efficient Sport Sport+ we’ll leave it right there and so we’ll walk through how to operate the actual transmission settings in another video that’ll be that actually the next video we’ll leave that for now but that’s your full control you’ve also have your shift points here down on this little button that’s what that’s all about but I’ll include that in the other video as well here is your ID drive controls lots of different features here obviously you’ve got map navigation menu you know your media and all that fun stuff you’ve got the nice ceramic controls beautiful to the touch back in option pretty straightforward stuff but now we also have this wonderful new iDrive system here and that’s all done via our little control down here so let’s just toggle through some of this and see what we’ve got so we’ll hit enter we’ll go back back see now we’ve got different things we can go to the thing that I like the best obviously you need navigation is important so it’s a great little navigation on here very clear very concise and very user friendly and of course up to date but let’s back out of that and of course when we toggle over this is my other favourite section is my vehicle you go in there and it gives you everything so this is where you can set up your vehicle settings you’ve got all these different factors here iDrive settings mobile device it’s all in there but this is also where you set up your M Drive where you can configure how you want your M Drive buttons that’s these little buttons here how they operate that’s going to change how these operate when you toggle and you can actually either do it manually through the the controls down here and then you hold this button here or you can set it up right right here on the iDrive system you can actually toggle that in there and set it up that way so then there’s other things to technology this is another fun one you have EfficientDynamics or sport displays and that’s pretty cool I like that that’s awesome so let’s back out of there let’s go sport displays car has to be running for that believe see cars running now look at that love that feature as well we back out we can go back into their EfficientDynamics and it shows us what exactly the car is doing it’s running sending power to the back here that’s the so this little off button that’s actually to disable your stop start so it’ll turn the car off when you’re sitting at a red light or something that’s to disable that that’s what that’s all about and of course your standard start/stop which you don’t need the key there you basically put the key in the dash or in your pocket and you’re good to go so then on top of all these electronic features here we also have an absolutely amazing tech here look at the leather on here and I mentioned before the leather there the stitching the EM stitching that you find on this car because that’s part of the in package as is the little badge down here but what you also have is in this car we have carbon fiber it’s just it’s such a nice thing to feel it’s such a great deal and a nice texture over here we have the leather covered – with the extra double stitching now because it’s a 20-18 nice features there lots more carbon fiber here and of course little leather accents all over and abound now here’s a couple of cool little trick parts look at that seat ventilated you basically goes right through to the back your friends in the back can tickle you while you’re driving how fun and convenient is that of course we have m4 here and even more trick is this seatbelt look at the M colors on there I love that that is such a nice touch custom for sure but I like that that’s great so the other thing is how do you get into the back seats because it’s a coupe you pull on that handle and then you operate these electric buttons will move the seat forward or back back seat space somewhat plentiful there’s enough room there for two full adults anyway lots of headroom and then of course down in here you don’t have a lot going on there you have a couple of basic heater vents and one DC power supply input there otherwise pretty standard fare stuff in the back here so hope you enjoyed the tour of the interior of the BMW m4 competition and don’t forget again check out my friends at Edmonton BMW who lent me this great car they have a lot of cars like this and a lot of great colors as well in addition to that please make sure you give me a like a thumbs up share the video with your friends and most importantly subscribe to my channel you’re gonna love the BMW content it’s building there’s a lot of great material and there’s a lot more to come mark you’re signing over the exotic car play place we’ll see you real soon bye bye

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