100 thoughts on “The Coolest Houses In The World

  1. My favorite one was the one over the sea tat looked like it was actually floating n my second was the flintstone house

  2. All look pretty impressive. I fell in love with the waterfall house many years ago and still looks awesome. So witch one for me? I take any of these beautiful buildings if it's given to my sorry ass. 😆

  3. the hobbit house creator stated it cost £10,000 to make,
    so with the current rate of conversions, it would be $12,708.01 making it more than double what you just said in your video!

  4. i hate glass houses heres 3 reasons why 1.ur child might get lost .2.people might stalk u.3.u might fall thrure the windows

  5. I'm discontent that the bubble house wasn't listed. But I'm in awe w the others. I've always favored the Nautilus house, #18.

  6. After i watched this videos , i came up with this …

  7. I love the Flinstone House, I would love to find a nice cave in the montians and turn it into home, A big rock as a door that no one would ever think that it's a home.
    Store My food in a huge pantry not having to shop for months, and have 2 cabin's near it for a guest one my cabin , the other for family .
    With all the modren convinces .
    When I want to get away just go back to my cave home with a lake by it .
    I'm just dreaming and could never afford it but I would really love to see a cave made into a home , with a older type of setting's , Like a wood stove , Fire place, very tranquil away from the city .

  8. I would consider these "homes", interesting, … but not "coolest in the world". Except for "Falling Water", as it is a fantastic piece of architecture.

  9. Waterfall House is a nightmare to own and maintain from the previous owners in history. Astronomical costs to keep it up.

  10. Which one would i live in. If it was free and i had to live there and couldn't sell it. I would choose the last one because its famous and its surrounded by nature. That billion dollar home is too much but i also love the hobbit home for around 5000 to make it looks great and cozy.

  11. 10 years from now they will be tearing down all those shipping container homes and saying "what the fuck were we thinking"?

  12. Very interesting collection, but while I enjoyed the tours, I don't know if there would be many I'd actually want to live in.

  13. when will these britts learn to speak english , they make gutteral sounds that are similar to english words!!

  14. The designer's of these stupid homes are not really smart these houses are so retarded looking and need to be burnt down

  15. What supports the mirror house? I couldn't see any legs, supports, or guide wires. I'm stumped. Anybody see what the magic trick is? Let me know.

  16. Am I the only person who thinks the falling waters house is waaaaaaaay overrated? Take out the waterfall and it just looks like a tacky dark 70's interior buried in a dense forest.

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