The Demonic Curse of Annabelle the Doll

The Demonic Curse of Annabelle the Doll

so right now we’re in Monroe Connecticut we’re about to go pay Annabel a face-to-face visit I’m gonna dare her to kill us just don’t include me in that and we’re good you could threaten to do whatever you want this is what I said I said us you’ll be fine hey come on buck up your end you’re undefeated everyone’s undefeated until they aren’t oh that’s true this week on a special episode of BuzzFeed unsolved supernatural we investigate Annabelle the doll as part of our ongoing investigation into the question are ghosts real there it is the head nod is back everybody he dusted it off he had it audibly uttered no this guy anyways we are going to be going to the real-life home of the Warrens and we are going to be paying Annabelle a visit in real life you know I don’t necessarily believe that this is a haunted doll it’s a demon that’s fine let’s kill people is that wait really like with a knife I hope not you know it’s in a case right yeah it’s in a case for people’s safety and protection are we allowed to like tap on it yeah sure yeah you could probably tap on make little faces at it yeah sure what are you gonna do it who knows what I’m gonna do in this place you do what you want to do my goal I want to say is for us to have a car crash on the way home it’s correct I’m buggy you better buckle up cuz we’re done for oh my god we’re going on alright let’s get this over with let’s get into it in 1952 Edie and Lorraine Warren established the New England Society for psychic research or an esper to investigate reported hauntings while ed and Lorraine have since passed away neseber is led today by their son-in-law Tony Sparra over the decades nespa has looked into many paranormal events that would later become famous movies including the Perrin family haunting from the conjuring The Haunting in Connecticut and perhaps most famously the horrors of a medieval none of these events however have captured imaginations quite like Anna according to nests / Annabelle’s story begins in 1970 when a 28 year old nursing student named Donna received a Raggedy Ann doll from her mother as a birthday present as mom for her 28 year old daughter normal normal mom gift Oh you’re 28 how about a diaper yeah I haven’t really got any Ninja Turtle action figures from my parents since I was 10 it was a nostalgic thing you know you’re 28 now here’s the doll remember for what you used to like I don’t know she can’t say she’s like you know I pay rent right yeah I live on my own thanks maybe some socks Donna would keep the doll on her bed in the apartment she shared with her roommate Angie shortly after receiving the doll Donna and Angie began to notice it in positions they hadn’t left it in sometimes even finding it in a new room on a few occasions Donna is said to have left the doll on the couch only to later come home and find it on her bed behind the closed bedroom door hypothesis 1 Angie is a little trickster what about that because let me tell you something I got a roommate who has a doll at age 28 I might not like them I might say hey maybe we get rid of the creepy doll counterpoint if you have a roommate who is 28 years old and they’re into dolls yeah maybe you don’t mess with that dog maybe I do counterpoint counter counterpoint no I’m gonna counter counter counter your point that person is probably weirdly attached to that doll probably not the best call to touch it no but the best way to then get rid of that doll that they are very attached to his to make it seem like it’s haunted oh we better throw this doll out it’s got ghosts in it they’re friends Lou had a bad feeling about the doll and told Donna to get rid of it Donna didn’t listen not even after finding pieces of parchment paper which they did not keep in their home with messages such as help us and help ooh scribbled on them in a child’s handwriting one day after noticing drops of what appeared to be blood on the dolls chest and hands Donna and Angie decided to contact a medium the medium conducted a seance which revealed the spirit of a seven-year-old girl named Annabelle Higgins living in the doll stories differ but some say that her body was found in the field where Donna and Angie Zapatas later constructed the medium said Donna and Angie made Annabelle feel loved and that the spirit wanted to stay Donna felt bad for the girl and gave permission for the spirit to live inside the doll what if I go there and I give Annabelle permission you in fine spirits permission to rip your spine out I’m gonna see if I can trap Annabelle in my soul I don’t think that’s a place anybody wants to be I feel bad for Hanna Beth that’s all go trapper their machine prison Lu however was not as accepting of the spirits good intentions one night Lu awoke from a bad dream to a sensation of paralysis he looked down at his legs and saw Annabelle who began to crawl up his body to his chest where the doll started to strangle him Lu eventually passed out in the morning he was convinced the encounter had not been a dream I do think it’s a little hard to kind of wrap my head around how plush hands could like there’s no articulation in her it’s a Raggedy Ann doll it’s like a little paw so how did she she just a hug really Oni have you squeezed like really hard I could take you take your arms like this weird where how is it squeezing take your hands and then squeeze your neck I’m not gonna do that do it no dude I’ll do it no just do it for the science of it now imagine you have a little plush hands now take them and then just kind of squeeze yeah that kind of hurts a little bit no I mean it’s a it’s a doll full of fluff the day after Annabelle allegedly tried to strangle Lu he and Angie were preparing for a road trip when they heard a loud wrestling noise in Donna’s when he went to investigate Lou found no evidence of anyone being in the room though Annabelle appeared to have been tossed on the floor as he approached the dawn Lou suddenly doubled over in pain clutching his chest through his now blood-soaked shirt he opened his shirt to reveal claw scratches in the mark of the beast it said Lou’s chest healed almost immediately and that all signs of the claw marks had disappeared within two days if we’re going with your original is crazy you should have seen it I mean it’s gone now but it was not well they said that the blood came through the shirt in the moment but I don’t understand why the demon would heal it quickly – like dr. Quinn Medicine Woman like why is the demon just doubling back right away and being like yes I’m making you bleed now I’ll put a little triple antibiotic on it neosporin is quick not that I was younger put some neosporin on the back of my head didn’t even need stitches you didn’t get that check to help no I heal naturally okay again things falling into place the thing is it’s a doll that’s walking around by itself it’s possessed by something I think the laws of physics maybe go out the window when you’re talking about the dog that’s convenient at this point Donna decided enough was enough and contacted a priest another higher ranking priest then contacted Edie and Lorraine Warren the Warrens determined the doll was not actually possessed as according to ness / inanimate objects cannot be possessed instead Annabelle was being manipulated by an inhuman demonic spirit which was using the doll to search for a human host according to the warrens the demon was only a few weeks from completing its infestation which could have resulted in the death of Donna Angie and/or Lou though they didn’t believe the doll was possessed by a girl named Annabelle the doll continues to be referred to by that original name the Warrens asked a priest to perform an exorcist blessing on Donna and Angie’s home and Donna asked the Warrens to remove Annabelle from the apartment and about however would not go without a fight while driving the dog back to their house the Warrens claimed the car would swerve on its own and that the brakes would fail after several near misses had crossed the DA with a vial of holy water which allowed them to finish their trip back at the Warrens home the DA resumed its haunting moving throughout the house on its own and even levitating out of a chair next to Ed’s desk while visiting the Warrens father Jason Bradford a Catholic exorcist reportedly picked up Annabelle from the chair he was sitting in and said quote you’re just a ragdoll Annabelle you can’t hurt anyone end quote then threw it back down into the chair Lorraine instructed father Jason to be extra cautious while driving and to call them when he got home three hours later the Warren’s got a call from father Jason saying his brakes went out as he entered an intersection and at his car what were his exact words there Oh God you’re not going to are you what were his exact words apparently he said you’re just a ragdoll Annabelle you can’t hurt anyone no we’ll commit that to memory I hope you don’t she’s just a rag doll right I’m gonna call you a lift she can’t hurt anyone you’re gonna you’re gonna be in a separate car for me I think would be crazy if I died I mean I know I say that a lot but would be cool to go out from one of the big guns this was not the only car accident allegedly caused by the dog one visitor to the warrens collection reportedly banged on the case that houses Annabelle and taunted it baking the doll to prove it was haunted by scratching him after ed asked the man to leave the man got on his motorcycle with his girlfriend and rode according to Lorraine the girlfriend leader told the Warrens she and the man were laughing about the doll when the man suddenly lost control of the motorcycle crashing into a tree and killing him yes I like that I just like the description that they were laughing what are you doing right now you’re laughing about the dog but I love the idea of them being alike ha ha ha what’s the most disrespectful thing I can do to her I’m not gonna help you workshop our death what if I creep her out and then she’s afraid of me then she gets in a car yeah she drives home she’s gonna get back into your Prius he’s like I don’t like this place fits in her little Malibu Barbie car look I know if she does something crazy that’s probably the series finale sure but boy do I want this one to be real just so I could see you get your ass kicked by a Raggedy Ann doll yeah say me too and I promise gonna help I will not help you I will laughs great please do actually I’ll probably run away yeah I’ll be very funny well we’ve arrived this is Ed and Lorraine Warren home you got the demon jitters yeah this is maybe the most dangerous place we’ve ever entered is it yeah just think of all their best cases and then something from that case that’s all in there behind that red door okay yeah this fit in the bill you got to look in your eyes again yeah I mean this is a lot it does look like a place that would be haunted huh well seeing that it has nothing but haunted artifacts stocked on the shelves yeah I’d say so I know a little bit about some of these things but that’s the shadow doll that’s the shadow doll so apparently you could use this doll to curse somebody and have it do your bidding for you it’ll attack you in your sleep so I could say that’s a hamburger well I’m not gonna tell you how to do it because if I do you’re gonna do it I’ll figure it out I’ll read the instruction manual get back to her that’s a doll from the New England witch trials oh wait really this is like a horrifying episode of Hoarders well it’s very organized though this guy behind me was used in a satanic cult and Edie parently believe that it harm Laraine has retaliation it’s got a funny little things it does have a funny little face don’t looks like you I was gonna say it looks like you with the elongated limbs yeah but it’s got those little those like scared eyes you know like well this is what you look like when you see a deal like a little something you think as evidence oh wow this is really a regular Shop of Horrors here real scare by the way we do have our back turn to the most dangerous doll on earth that’s fine okay well I guess there’s no more getting around it we could take one step at a time if that makes you feel good what okay well you’re just gonna go then okay hey lady okay you good go for it that’s her do like that they have this out here as a nice reminder they actually don’t know why that’s there apparently had stapled that to this box which was specially constructed to make her contained apparently the wood is soaked in holy water well that’s good if there’s something in here that’s manipulating this doll and the doll being Annabelle can you show us your presence can you maybe manipulate this device that’s in my hand can you make the temperature drop any any of the above really can you move something in here could you move the doll or one of us [Music] can you jump into my body you could think of this guy as a very big doll I’m gonna lock you up inside my body like a little canary damn you stuck inside my ribcage forever are you thinking ahead Annabelle it is weird to make direct eye contact yeah I don’t like it a man who stared into her eyes before crashed into a tree and died so yeah you can imagine waking up in the middle of the night and seeing that little face but we got a spike when we talked about did you hear that huh hear what the knock in the wood no that was the Osmo making a creak there was no knock on the did you hear that there was it was clear as a bell it was like this Annabelle I’m gonna turn on something that may help you speak to us you think this is how they defeat her in the movie with a spirit box I don’t think that’s how they defeat her no it’s too annoying I’m gonna go back to hell now just to chill out for a bit and destress we’ve turned to on a device that will help you speak to us please use the energy of it to communicate with us can you say our names back to us to let us know you’re here that you would like to communicate we’re not here to hurt you Oh lovely my name is Ryan my name’s Shane police say our names back to us if you would like to communicate can you knock on something can you replicate this lovely she’s really treating us to some lovely classical music all right Annabelle I’m turning the spirit box off because you obviously don’t like it I don’t know if you could speak but if there’s anything you’d like to say to us maybe something you want to communicate to not just us but the world at large now would be the time to do so I’m gonna give you some silence for you to do whatever you look like you’re just a doll I tried to give you silence that’s not the guy said to her oh god why did you say that man come on what’s wrong with you I’m just you know I’m trying to be very thorough here or stupid we want a response I’m really at a crossroads here because as much as I would like to catch some evidence here I frankly don’t want to catch anything at all and I know that’s to the detriment of all you watching out there but uh frankly in this moment I don’t really care no no oh god you almost gave me a heart attack that’s what kills me just the fright alone well Annabelle the next time you see us it’s gonna be just us alone and I would like to say why everyone’s in the room here that I respect you and I don’t want anything to happen in fact if you were to say nothing to me that would be great all right Annabelle it’s you and me now now there’s no hidin just you and the Shane stirrer what I gathered from reading about her was basically just respect her I will say I do not respect you people have gone in there plenty of times and nothing has happened but the people who have chosen to mess with her didn’t end that well for them again I’m checking this meter all over we’ll go up by the cross we get a little reading maybe that’s our pal JC I don’t know if he just hangs out in every cross in the world there are things split among them like a Horcrux but good to see him that feels like some positive energy is he gonna show up in the conjuring Cinematic Universe at some point to fight you I have holy water though right there if anything happens I guess I’ll just like um ah like that back off come on out fly around the room make my bones burn and I don’t know what demons do singe my flesh scratch me up make me bleed can you make me go blind oh look I’m seeing some action on the the flashlight over here was that you that was you why don’t you turn it off for me oh now you’re trying this one on oh my god I just realized whatever Shane’s doing right now I’m gonna walk in like he’s like the guy whacking away at the tree with the axe I’m gonna walk in when the tree falls down on me okay so we’re getting double flashlights action that’s always a joy to see if you are going to kill me turn the right one off okay I’m pretty pretty resolute on that if you’re gonna kill Ryan Stephen Bergara in the next week turn that left flashlight off it’s slicker it’s getting there and he’s dead I don’t even want to know what he’s doing right now frankly when I watched this edit later I’m gonna be pissed off my biggest fear from this actually is not that something is going to happen in the room my biggest fear is that something is going to happen after the room like say the drive home or the flight home it is your turn I gotta say and I said it to her face she’s weak sauce bro have fun in here I’m glad you set the stage so delicately alright [Music] I’m alone in the Warrens house surrounded by the world’s most haunted items my name is Ryan if you would like to speak to me show me a sign you can move some you can move something in here you could say something you could make the temperature drop manipulate the energy of the room I’ll catch it on this device here I don’t want to get close to her I’m sure Ryan’s in there right now pooping himself sort of the duality of us that’s how we work I go in yuk it up Ryan goes in and almost blacks out Annabelle there is a flashlight on your right and there’s a flashlight on your left when I count to five turn off the flashlight on your right and turn on the flashlight on your left this will let me know you want me to talk to you here we go one two three four hi he did seem to be more alarmed than he has been in a while why did you pretend to be a little girl named Annabelle god those eyes are just so empty it’s just like a like a void you could fill with anything you want right your time’s up did you not expect me well the flashlight turned on and then you will then the door open and I thought something was rustling around this is just me Annabelle this has been I don’t know funds the word I’d use but it’s been fun it has been fun you’re a wonderful host thank you for having us I appreciate the hospitality I appreciate you not doing anything to me now or in the future and I bid you adieu and just a reminder Los Angeles doesn’t have the best public transport in the world so we are in vehicles quite a bit everyday always travelling between me and you he’s free reign so well that will that incriminate me in court if something happens depends probably fine all right well take it easy when a mother purchased an innocent-looking Raggedy Ann doll in 1970 she was simply hoping to give her daughter a cute birthday present there was no way she could have known the horrifying stories and cinematic blockbusters that would result from the gift whether Annabel is done tormenting the people she comes in contact with or if she still has more nightmares to inflict on those who cross her path remains unsolved well we did it we did it we’re here and now well actually we didn’t do it because now this is the part where people have often got hurt and seeing as you did all the things yet you shouldn’t have why are you so angry you can’t even speak I can’t believe you did what you did in there and now we’re in the same car you realize the amount of danger that you put everybody in think of this so think of what a gift it will be if you survive the next couple weeks no no accidents no nothing you can put her on your little checklist of ghouls no I think I’m just gonna always I’m just gonna forget this happened I’ll remind you as often as possible I’m gonna be so pissed off if we die let’s get home yeah I guess I our best Oh [Music] [Music]

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    Shane: Can you kill us in the next week please? Preferably by travel.

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  8. And don't remember where I saw it, but my fav theory is the one where Shane ISN'T a demon, but since he's "claimed" a bunch of demon territory, he's technically more powerful than certain demons and some are just confused why a human has so much power in the demon hierarchy.

  9. Am I crazy or Lorraine Warren was in one of their videos? Please someone tell me that she was. I remember her giving some information about something. I'm asking because I don't remember watching the video hearing that Ed and Lorraine Warren have passed away, it's actually freaking me out.

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  12. sister;mom the doll moved
    brother hears sisters weird convo with mom
    next following day
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    mom;realizes doll mouth is open (bt how its drawn in)

  13. T҉h҉e҉ ҉D҉a҉w҉n҉ ҉R҉i҉g҉h҉t҉ ҉B҉e҉f҉o҉r҉e҉ ҉ T҉h҉e҉ ҉S҉u҉n҉-҉R҉i҉s҉e҉ ҉I҉s҉ ҉T҉h҉e҉ ҉D҉a҉r҉k҉e҉s҉t҉ says:

    It's quite a common thing to have dolls, plushies, action figures, etc, for your room decor, even as an adult. Just choose them based on the over all theme/vibe of your room decor and no, it won't come off as weird UNLESS u were bad at decorating rooms, in general.

    Just two things, one, if a doll looks like a demonic spawn then just yeet it out and two, don't place them at weird/random spots, make sure they look blended along with other room decor choices.

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    Also me: tries it Holy crap, it does.
    Don't worry, I didn't do it to the point that I would hurt myself, just enough that I could tell it was working

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    Donna: Enough is enough
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